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Strategic self care under the strawberry full moon


Totally enjoying the beauty all around? I hope so. This is some of the best weather of the year. As I’m submerged up to my neck in the pool I’m also chillin’ with my pollinator plants that grow around the oasis at ground level. Face to face with bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies.

Sometimes I like to sit on the hot cement on my sidewalk and just soak up the full sun. You also might find me relaxing under the tree with my dog while I open up the mail. Motorcycle riding through the fragrant green mountains is one of my favorite ways to enjoy nature. Nothing like hydrotherapy on a hot day or a wafting nose full of honeysuckle at high speed for me.

Your favorite outdoor self care spot is waiting for you too.

There’s a softer touch, during this transit, even if you’re typically kinda tough.. a little sweeter, affectionate and sympathetic now…The full strawberry moon happens during the nurturing sign of Cancer…. It’s encouraging more self-care through sustenance and well-being. How you take care of yourself can evolve into a kinder, more caring way to engage with the whole world

Strawberries ripen
Elegant roses blooming
summertime is here.

Emotional fluctuations are likely.

If you’re a water sign, (Cancer, Pisces, or Scorpio) you’ll feel this more, but this transit will cross over your chart one way or another, and if it doesn’t hit you hard, it’ll probably affect someone else in your sphere. So try not to let emotional upsets or outbursts ruin your mood Your relationships may get challenged with all the flux, but trust me, this is an opportunity to get closer.

Cancer is an intuitive water sign.

Your emotions can be a barometer. They’re a message and a signal from your soul, and can lead you to information that’s important. Honoring your emotions in this way is an actual intuitive power that can be tapped into now.

The preservation aspect and nature of the Cancer Sun combines for a few days with the responsible no-nonsense approach of Capricorn Full Moon. You can create reliable changes that last. You could uplevel your standards and gift yourself the self care you deserve.

If you’ve got unmet goals, Capricorn is one of the most determined energies out there. You can tap into the hard-working aspect of yourself that really wants you to make the disciplined changes that are for your own good, in a self-honoring way, of course.

This is an opportunity to stop clinging to routines that don’t work or serve your highest good. To stop grasping for validation of others and trust the protectiveness and safety of your own feelings in a grounded way. You’ll need some new nourishing practices, and a large dose of compassion and wisdom. Luckily these are the very gifts that this timing offers.

Understand your needs and get a better idea of what’s really required for your self care with this assessment.