Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships
Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships

Structuring your game plan to be practical and successful

In a world where things seem out of control, know that there is a divine order. I’ll share practical steps for your success and also what to watch out for.

But first, if there’s no cloud-cover, the after-midnight night sky will be dazzling you with a view of the Ursid and Geminid meteors. You don’t need to look in a single direction – or locate the Geminid’s radient point – to have fun watching, the meteors will appear all over the sky.

Then, find the dipper to spot the Ursid Meteors. Best to adjust your eyes to at least 20 minutes of darkness to train your optical powers to locate them.

Image from EarthSky

Apparently we’ve still got some lessons to learn from this other cosmic stellium… Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto are ALL in the sign of Capricorn and on the New moon timing Dec22-26 the moon is as well.

These planets speak to us of the ways we can channel the archetypal energies of Capricorn..

The rhythmic cycles of the seasons coincide with the solar and lunar patterns that link up to our very own psychological archetypes. Here’s the game plan to link up with the Capricorn archetype.

Game plan for your relationships

For success in relationships during this timing you must remain constructive not DEstructive. Especially when stress strikes, it’s tempting to resort to judgmental criticism and sarcasm.

With an intimate partner, it’s not always easy to stay determined in your mission of unwavering love. Right now, it’s totally possible to make it more loving than ever before. Think it’s not possible for you two? I lay it all out here so you can have the type of love that others only dream of.

Even though this may sound boring, demonstrations of reliability and strength can be an exemplification of your faithfulness and affection. Especially if you (or your significant other) have prominent Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) in the astrological makeup. Everyone is truly different, but everyone also wants to be treated and loved ‘right’ by their partner/friend/family.

Do you know how you want to be loved?

The game plan for your goals

Capricorn timing will help you stay disciplined to the ways you can connect to your unshakable sense of purpose while moving forward on your meaningful goals —as well as your deliciously ‘superficial’ ones.

Is there something better? More worthy of your energy? (The answer is always yes. Do your quarterly planning with me to create meaningful intentions + self honoring ways to go for them.)

The new year is a great time to revisit your desires, wishes and most recent manifestations.  If last year’s unmet goals didn’t meet your expectations… check in with your heart and gut, are they still important?

Always be acutely aware of the response-ability for what you’ve already committed to. Your priorities are likely to shift with circumstances and your own energy levels.

Capricorn season brings the gift of willingness, hardworking heroics, and tenacious efforts. All that + your patient attitude will bring you wins.

Strategies for your victory here

When planning- watch out for:

Your expectations. Are you being unreasonable, stubborn, unflexing?

Capricorn’s activating your high expectations and ambition. And also judging what’s good, respectable, and responsible. This may sound like a lot of adulting energy. That’s because it IS. But Capricorn can be remarkably playful. You can too. Especially now.

Your standards. Are you tolerating shabby surroundings or unscrupulous people? Are you chronically unsatisfied with anything?

Being too strict and all ‘no-nonsense’ about stuff. SO important to maintain a sense of humor. (yep said it again)

Capricorn is somewhere in your natal astrology chart. It’s where you’re a bit status-conscious. Maybe even a snob (gasp!), but likely just bringing your attention to the things that just aren’t good enough for you. This awareness actually isn’t egotistical at all.

Your worthiness comes before your desire.

This can be a tough lesson. Because if you don’t feel you deserve it you won’t even try to have it. You might not get to desire it or plan towards it either. I know there may be things in your life that need a specific elevated, upgraded version to be most effective for you- so you can operate on a higher level. It’s different for everyone.

You are awesome, and deserve all the things.

For best results during this transit…

Uplevel your daily routine with self loving discipline. Make it fun and easy. Why work against the cosmic forces of nature, when you can work with them?

The self-soothing practices in the sanctuary help you do exactly that…and lots more.

If you want customized-to-you strategies and support go here.

A goal without a plan is just a wish. -Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

XO Jessamina