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Structuring your master plan to get what you want

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In a world where things seem out of control, know that there is a divine order. If there’s no cloud-cover, the night sky will be dazzling you with a view of Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn (all in Aquarius BTW). If you’re an early bird you can see Venus too. Here’s how to spot them.

Although we have a bunch of planets in Aquarius, we’ve still got some lessons to learn from another, more serious stellium…in Capricorn: Venus, Sun, Moon, and Pluto.

They’ve got some messages for all of us before we go all ‘age of Aquarius’.

  • You must remain constructive, determined in your mission of love
  • Disciplined to the ways that generate more health, and love for ourselves and others
  • Response-Ability for what you’ve committed to: the land, a project, your art, children etc.
  • Be aware of your unshakable sense of purpose
  • Remain willing, hardworking, tenacious, with a patient attitude
  • Stay practical and organized
  • Be aware of your expectations, standards, and rights
  • It’s Ok to be strict and all ‘no-nonsense’ about stuff and yet still maintain a sense of humor
  • Be faithful and reliable
  • Be assertive of your self worth and sovereignty

Capricorn is a bit status-conscious and brings your attention to the things that just aren’t good enough for you anymore. This isn’t egotistical. Worthiness comes before desire. There may be things that need a specific elevated, upgraded version to be most effective for you- so you can operate on a higher level. It’s different for everyone. (where’s Capricorn in your astrology chart?)

Revisit your desires, wishes and most recent manifestations. It’s good to take stock now that we’re at the start of a new year.  Pay special attention to the things that haven’t come into physical form yet. Are they still important? If last year’s unmet resolutions have you beating yourself up for not meeting your expectations…you gotta stop that right now. This year was ridiculous.

Capricorn’s activating your high expectations and ambition. And also discerning & judging what’s good, respectable, and responsible. It’s a lot of adulting energy. I know. But Capricorn has a good sense of humor (so do you) and can be surprisingly playful. So try to take it from that angle, OK? It just feels better.

The structures we set up now will be a helpful framework as we move into free-thinking, rebel rousing and out-of-the-box solutions that are headed our way soon.

While you’re at it, Stargazer… it would be wonderful to set an intention, consciously, about making what matters to you most, a priority.

The new moon energy is always awesome for starting new things, venturing towards your goals, and installing new habits. So you’ve got some extra cosmic Oomph for that now….

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Spend a little time checking in with your heart and figure out what it actually is that you want from life. Your rational mind wants to compare everything you think you want to what it already “knows for sure” and ”how it’s always been done” (which is only a perception BTW). Your primitive mind wants to help you make the choices it thinks will help you survive. Which is important, of course, but might not connect you to those new results you want.

The kind of primitive logic I’m talking about says something like, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll survive. I’m sure of it, because you haven’t died yet! “ Then it says, “If you try this new thing, you might fail, lose respect, be ousted from the tribe, or die!” Dramatic, I know. But it’s a very real stress response, and no one’s immune to it. Especially in these times of propagandized-news-terrorism and cancel culture. Don’t succumb to it.

Check in with your heart and spirit, for your real soul-lead desires. (Need help with this? take the quiz) Put that brilliant mind of yours back to work on the logistics and the planning instead during the Capricorn season. It’s a way better use of your energy.

  • Get organized
  • Identify your own resistance to change
  • honor your inner authority
  • get a higher perspective on your work/art, then climb…advance!
  • learn to love the self-loving discipline that’s required for you to really be free
  • get your real estate, home and finances in order
  • Make a commitment to take care of your body with better food and sacred movement
  • Plan out 2021 like the goddess creator that you are. Include all the events, projects and people that light you up, & turn you on.

You are awesome, and deserve all the things.

*The Sanctuary*