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Solstice Sun Power

The halfway point in the year, the Summer Solstice is here. The Longest day, the shortest night. The roses bloom, the strawberries darken, the peaches ripen.  The honeysuckle scented nighttime air brings romantic impulses that makes everyone swoon. Stonehenge comes to life and the fairy festivals are in full swing (with or without you). Venturing out at the twilight times can put you in touch with the silky sensuality of the magic that’s everywhere…

When you need the extra sunpower for:

  •  healing energy
  • a vitality boost for the strength of spirit for the tough stuff life’s throwing at you
  • moxie, nerve and courage 
  • get-up-and-go stamina
  • sexual potency, virility
  • radiance & bright beauty

Get some stress-relieving time in the sun to feel it’s heightened power now.  You can store it up in your skin as vitamin D, or in a crystal kinda like a battery for whenever you need it (like in the wintertime) or for energizing your own meaningful intention…

Go out into the sunshine over the next few days at high noon, play with prisms, charge some crystals, and be with the flora and fauna right in your own yard…

An enchanted hour was filched from the hereafter and tossed into the lap of the present, as a foretaste of what is to come……. A mystic world, into which we step as soon as we cross the threshold of the porch.”   – Ethelind Fearon

I have another fun and playful way to celebrate..I say this invocation outside to the bees over my plants and then I say it again while I hula hoop in the sunshine. An earth science teacher that I love, told me that the sun has a type of rotation that’s a bit like the gyroscopic movement of a hula hoop, and I’ve been telling myself that Hula-hooping is a sacred practice ever since.

Here what I say:

“Bright star gifting  nourishing light,  

sparkle and shimmer, glaring-gleam.

Conquering shadows and the night,

baptize with your radiant beam.

Flowing with luminous power,

radiate blessings from above

The bees, our earth , every flower

and me! Enfold us with your love.”

-Summer Solstice invocation by jessamina

Go have fun! Be light… Bright Blessings!

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