Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships
Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships

Summer super moon widens your vision of success

This particular timing is about you breaking free from old perspectives that make you feel sad, or disempowered..

There’s so much pressure to evolve, and so many interpretations of what that actually looks like.

It’s totally possible that some unconventional rebellious behavior…or just a spectacular entrance, or a more dramatic pause will boost your confidence and feelings of freedom.

This kind of experimenting is more fun and actually more appropriate during this timing.

If you’re settling for someone else’s version of ‘evolution’, (or luxury, or success, etc.) you’re going to be disappointed …even if you actually do succeed.  

And that’s a big waste of your time.

The Leo season makes leadership roles more important.

This full moon is priming you for the gifts and awarenesses that you’ve got to share for the collective good. 

This way, you hold yourself to a higher standard. 

It’s good, knowing and trusting yourself.. and your place in the world is important, and you can’t let lack of confidence stop the innovation that your brilliance can provide.

Leo timing will bolster your courage ..big time.

Full Moon August 2023
Full Moon August 1-3

Connecting to the current cosmic forces as a natural rhythm is soothing.

There’s a hint of certainty there. We can predict the moon’s phases, the tides, sunset and sunrise. The orbit of Earth and all the other planets in our solar system too.

The Aquarius SuperMoon gives you access to a bigger personal vision, and higher perspective…and you already know from that powerful vantage point – we are all one.

Firstly, just decide to get clarity on what would truly make you feel fulfilled.

Here’s a hint’s probably something weird.. and exactly perfect for you.

Are you following a path, dream or opinion that’s unique to your preferences and strengths?

Connect with your heart and double check.

In the COSMIC SANCTUARY there’s multiple ways to get clarity, so that you’re feeling empowered, and excited. Aligned. You can choose quick and intuitive or deep and calming. whatever suits you in the moment.

Next, retrain your brain to feel safe enough….to commit.

You’ve got to eliminate the other possibilities that aren’t in alignment. I know it’s scary for those of us that like to keep options open…

But this whole Leo season makes your leadership qualities come to the forefront, and it’d be silly to let the opportunity for your advancement go by.  

You might even commit an act of bravery…even…

Do something courageous.

The path may be new, unpaved, untried….and your brave heart is urging you forward anyway. 

Remember, it’s Ok to trust your intuition. Your heart-song that starts singing everytime you think of the thing that lights you up.. you can trust yourself.

It’s possible to make it all work out brilliantly without burnout.  Sounds good, right?

hand holding a ball for perspective

Finally, widen your vision

This full moon within the Lion’s Gate gives you access to an even bigger personal vision.

You already know that from a powerful higher vantage point, you’ll end up re-discovering self-love.

  • Especially when you get visibility and traction on a collaborative project that’s meaningful to you. Because your projects are important. There’s creative expression that needs to come through you, and it’s part of your well-being, and the world needs it.
  • Especially when you’re enjoying being in relationship This is an important key to a drama-free life. + As a result, you’re way more effective, happy and healthy when you’re getting the love you want!
  • Especially when you use your big, loving heart and send some loving healing energy to the edges of the universe..or just to your partner. They need it too!

This philosophy adds positive energy to any collaborative effort – and to all the humanitarians acting alone out there too. We see you.

You’re an infinite being with cosmic perspective. We are all related.


Embrace the new ideas that come into your field as you tune in to find out that you are the visionary leader that the world needs now.

XO Jessamina


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