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The 7 sacred practices to connect to your inner love God/dess

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Taurus season is the lushest part of spring. Trees are showing off that electric green color that I love. The Earthy power of fertility and abundance of life wakes everyone up a little differently …depending on their astrological makeup. Here are 7 ways to access the wisdom and power of Taurus no matter what your Sun sign is.

1.Get back to Nature.

In the natural world, it’s planting time. Your healthy soil is working it’s magic on germinating seeds. The perennials are popping up and reminding you of the inevitable return of life. It’s time to work the Earth.   Choosing a spot, however big or small, for your veggies,  bee haven or fairy garden, even if it’s just a flowerpot.

Don’t like to garden? Go for a walk, see what you can find. Seek out the delicious scent of rain on the black fertile soil, or the sweet faint smell of the daffodil. Plan a trip to someone else’s garden you know is amazing, an arboretum, or park. My favorite Taurus-time treat??? Listening to the bees, hovering over the blossoms ..Remind me every year that when I can slow down a bit to indulge my senses I’m rewarded with the calm sense of everlasting life, and my connection to all life’s beauty is renewed. Instantly.

2. Be Sensual.

As an Earth sign, Taurus has a strong connection to the body. Sensual things and people that,  feel good, smell good and taste good.. A massage from your lover..or…just take a minute right now and rub your own neck with the perfect amount of pressure to enjoy a good sensual stroking. (Taurus rules the neck). Plan an elaborate bathing ritual…Use sacred aromatherapy candles , luscious body lotion or oil, you know..the good stuff.

Slip into something comfortable.. Something beautiful and comfortable is best. Wear some jewelry, experiment with makeup, your hair.. even if you intend to stay in your silk pajamas or well-worn soft shirt today. Attending to the senses is a practice that leads you right to the core of your being, fast.

3. Move.

It’s important to move your body and get re-energized. If you want to feel the warmth of your blood pumping in your veins…Expressing easily the hot and holy desires you’ve been incubating (or sitting on) and really make some movement with them, you can do it now. Join me for any of my programs or classes or in the Sanctuary. Get moving. It’s all low impact stuff that makes you feel good and strong and sexy ..It’s great for your body, your circulatory system, immune function and stress response..making you better at everything..

4. Slow Down.

Feeling embodied is a precursor to tantra, as a great lover knows how to please themselves first. It’s also a necessary part of a balanced spiritual life. Feeling alive, and present in the moment . It’s a luxury you have access to all the time. Taurus timing is all about treating yourself luxuriously. Even if that’s just an indulgent pause. A heaving sigh. French perfume or the slippery warm cream.  A decadent treat. Gifting yourself some lavish attention on your real needs. Above all, all that sensual stuff that pleases you, it’ll please you even more now. Get right with your lover over here.

5. Get clear on what you want.

There’s been a ton of distraction on the internet and news and it’s super easy to forget that you have personal goals and good things you are working towards. Please allow the urgings of your passions, your delights and the things that you must create flow through you in some way. Do it now. Get support if you need it.

The new moon On May 10-13 encourages renewal. It’s an opportunity to release something to make room for more of what you want. If wishing isn’t working, I’d love to help you! Try this.

Intentions are kind of like empowered seeds that you put forth in the world of spirit, the ether… in the form of your words, your writings, your daily actions. Wake up, smell the fresh air.  It’s a new day. You’ve got your passion, your work, your art, your meaningful projects waiting for you to recommit… Remember, time for yourself must be claimed.  Imagine yourself powerfully moving forward, Dig your heels in, don’t give up now.  Stubbornness can be a good thing.  When you’re ready, you can charge right at it, or get the extra stamina and self-discipline you need to keep going.

6. Read your Astrology Chart.

Because the planetary cycles and the rhythmic moves of the moon and Earth around the the sun affect us all subtly, it’s helpful to know what house Taurus is in – in your natal chart. That’s where all the action is right now. Also, Do you have any planets in Taurus? Wanna learn how to read astrology charts for your friends and clients? go here.

7. Get with the Goddess.

Before Taurus was the Bull..It was the sacred Egyptian cow-Goddess, Hathor..In addition, Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, similarly known as the Goddess of Love.

Art: Maria Szantho- Oil on canvas / Gold Headpiece 12th dynasty Egypt / Vintage 1930s Brass Hathor earrings /

For instance, both of these Goddesses govern over :

Therefore you may really enjoy empowering and activate your inner Love Goddess now during this transit.

In conclusion, you could activate the Taurus influence for anything you are inspired to want with these simple rituals. … or get more ways to relieve stress in springtime below.. 7 MORE sacred practices!