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The full moon eclipse and your truth

?Would you rather Listen? ?

Check your thoughts.

Make sure they’re in alignment with what you’re really about. This is the beginning of the first eclipse of two, and you’ll be seeing some new truths and extra intensity around each of them.

This Sagittarius Full Moon is encouraging you to be philosophical. To form new opinions about the ways things work & the way they’ve been… up till now. You have to connect to a way to move forward with your values and integrity intact too.

Every bit of your focus is high holy work. It counts. What codes have been seeded, activated, and unlocked with the intel you’ve gathered? What can you do with the knowledge you’ve gained from all your experiences and lifetimes?

athena and isis by klimt at the kunsthistorisches museum in Vienna
Athena and Isis by Klimt at the KUNSTHISTORISCHES MUSEUM, Vienna

Stay open to fresh inspiration and ideas though.

Being receptive to an untried, new way could be just what you need. What we all need. Remember, synthesizing the concepts that show up for you will require more focus. (which you can access during this Full Moon Window.)

Innovation’s just around the corner.

Eclipses typically reveal something that’s been hidden, even in plain sight. Pay attention. Sagittarius is a whole lotta action and fire…and encourages your versatility and expansiveness. Take stock of the inner prompts you’re getting and make a move for your own well being.

The Gemini Sun is urging you to be open to new inputs and truths. You can clear out thought patterns that confuse you or disrupt your energy. Replace them with more empowering habits or ideas that are more in line with what you really want. Is it time to say goodbye to a toxic person, thought, or belief?


  • blunt miscommunication of all kinds, & saying the ‘wrong’ thing
  • being scattered & unfocused
  • taking reckless chances or risks
  • superficiality
  • being preachy or holier-than-thou
  • negative gossip (or garbage self-talk) that runs on and on….
  • arguments that don’t make sense or solve anything

Get your power back , right here in the present moment. You can do this. Truth is, you have to. We need your magic, your unique light your message.

Self love, self care and support are key.

7 sacred ways to relieve stress here

A collection of practical magic for calm & peace whenever you need it, totally helps. An online temple where you can beautify and/or fortify your body is here for you. Sacred space to invite the muses makes your highest creative priorities easier to manage. A portal where you could learn sacred dance, time-bending, and other practices that help you be more effective with less effort. A sanctuary to receive energetic transmissions for deep healing and turning your cosmic connection back on.

You’re invited to regroup and dedicate some time to your self care during this Full moon. Be brave, expand. Feel supported, nurtured and fortified in your growth. This is perfect timing to get a handle on all of it.