The Great Thaw and the Winds of Change

The soft contemplative winter energy is nice… really.

Poking the fire, reading books into the long starry nights….

But then, those brisk winds of ‘early-early’ spring arrive….

Haiku jessamina goddess motorcycle jacket
The ground begins to yield to the warmth of the returning sun. The snow melts, the wind shifts and exposes bits of debris left over from last year….

Uncovered, are the new desires.
Uncovered, are the old wounds…stuff we didn’t deal with over the winter.
Uncovered, a new patch of fertile soil…and a forgotten, unfinished project.

Breathe it in. It’s perfect. Just where you are now. It’s all good.

Connect to this season, the new energy,  the cosmos, with a simple practice…

My fun, little  tradition to connect with the spring-earth energy: I bolt out to get the mail barefoot in the wet, soggy spring.

Whoooosh, the new winds are rushing into my lungs, my heart beats faster.

I sprint to the mailbox, grab the contents and
Whoooosh I run back in the house, with “bright feeling” feet.
I highly recommend it.
It takes no planning whatsoever!
Invigoration right outside your doorstep.


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