Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships
Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships

The Illuminating dreamy Sensitivity Of The Last Full Moon Of Winter

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The end of winter is near. The returning sunlight has a new position, making angles of light from the crystal prisms in my widows.

Like mini refracted reminders of enchantment.

I’ ‘ll be contorting myself into odd cat-like poses to catch them.

Photonic Blessing
Gifts of scattered rainbow light 
Healing, uplifting.

“To me, the rainbow was a profoundly hopeful symbol, separating the the white light of appearances into its multiple spectrum and revealing a hidden dimension. It reminded me of my belief that it was the mission of science to pierce through the layers of everyday reality and penetrate to the truth.” – Candace B. Pert, Molecules of Emotion: The science behind mind-body medicine

Pisces season awakens the dreamy, mystic that resides within us all.

The spiritual, selfless, imaginative side of this existence.

Be aware that the same Piscean archetype represents the melancholy mystic-void at the same time.

Pisces is very psychic and fueled by a technicolor imagination.

If you’d like to enhance your intuitive power, try this precognition exercise.

The Sun’s in the water sign of Pisces until March 20th.

It’s an emotional sign, making it sooo easy to get disturbed and overly sensitive right now. You can expect to see people indulging in extreme moodiness or numbing out too.

Remember, even though critical self talk is heightened during this transit, it rarely gets your psyche motivated to be better. It’s better to be mindful and do the contemplative work that uncovers your true needs.

Full chaste moon in Virgo is February 23-27

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Your pure intentions met with clear action- that’s the higher purpose of this full moon. 

An opportunity to balance the creative, imaginal right brain (Pisces) with the systematic, logical left brain (Virgo) for powerful results. 

You might surprise yourself, and create the breakthrough that you need before this winter is even over.

This is the energy that carries us through until the spring in late March.

Prioritize identifying, preparing for, and eliminating stress triggers

We must acknowledge that the spiritual, imaginative side of existence is integral to our individual and collective evolution.

The Pisces season encourages the merging of humanity with the divine elements of creation. So taking time out to dream up a vision of a peaceful, better life for you and everyone in your world is an important first step.

You can make this tremendously easier if you anticipate those particular sources of stress and prioritize the uplifting practices that make you feel delighted and alive. Then you can share your best self, your most inspired work, your healing love.. I share a framework on exactly how to do this in the “Beat the winter blues” workshop. Learn more here.

i am an island by agnes cecile winter blues workshop
Art by Agnes Cecile

Pay attention to your sensitivities.

They can affect your health. Now our immune systems need us to step up more than ever. Noticing which foods and supplements are nourishing, and what type of exercise gives you that hit of endorphins that makes you happier and hotter are totally worth exploring. I was amazed at the difference I was able to create in my health with a few tweaks to my diet.

I been practicing and teaching gentle yoga, functional stretching and sacred dance since 2008 and take frequent fitness breaks throughout my day for more flexibility and focus.

You can too.

You’d be amazed at how a mini workout (or try the winter sacred dance of power) can change your whole day, and you’ll love the way a regular exercise routine makes it real easy to stay inspired and stress free.

You could access my favorite mini-workouts, seasonal practices, time-bending workshops and healing experiences whenever you want. I’ve created a seasonally inspired temple dedicated to your well-being where you can practice with me .

Take charge of your focus, intuition and health in the Sanctuary.