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The illuminating sensitivity of the last winter full moon

The Sun’s in the water sign of Pisces. It’s an emotional sign, making it sooo easy to get disturbed and overly sensitive right now. Pisces is psychic and fueled by a technicolor imagination. However, it represents the melancholy mystic void that resides within us all too. Coping with winter blues, cold weather and lockdowns aren’t helping with the low moods you usually see this time of year.

But spring is on the way. The returning light has a new position. The Sun’s higher in the sky now and the light’s making perfect angles of splayed rainbows from the crystal prisms in my widows.

Scattered rainbows are magic gifts of light.

“To me, the rainbow was a profoundly hopeful symbol, separating the the white light of appearances into its multiple spectrum and revealing a hidden dimension. It reminded me of my belief that it was the mission of science to pierce through the layers of everyday reality and penetrate to the truth.” – Candace B. Pert, Molecules of Emotion: The science behind mind-body medicine

Rainbows are like mini refracted reminders of enchantment. It makes me wonder at the holographic nature of everything and everyone. University of London physicist David Bohm, said that our objective reality doesn’t exist. Despite its apparent solid form, the universe is a beautifully detailed hologram.

Each bit connects to and is represented by the whole. Just like you.

Question everything. Stay curious.

Karl Pribram’s a professor of psychology, psychiatry and board-certified as a neurosurgeon. He says your memories are encoded in patterns of nerve impulses that encompass the entire brain. So our thinking process is instantly cross- correlated with every other piece of that hologram we were just talking about.

Your brain’s able to translate an immense avalanche of frequencies it receives through your senses and translates them into the concrete world of your perceptions.

Depressed or stressed out?So if you’re nerves are frayed, and you’re stressed to the max… Your perception and reality will reflect that. The truth is, it’s tough to get through the winter without a bout of the winter blues or depression.

Art; Agnes Cecile

Now our immune systems need us to step up more than ever. Prioritizing your self care with nourishing practices that make you feel delighted and alive, instead of dead inside- so you can get a hit of endorphins which makes you happier, hotter and healthier.

Identifying, preparing for, and eliminating stress triggers helps tremendously.

First, acknowledge that the spiritual, imaginative side of existence is integral to our evolution. Then temper it with the knowledge that nothing physical lasts forever in it’s current form…These will serve as constant reminders that growth and change are inevitable.

It’s tempting to stick your head in the sand…but you gotta eliminate as much negativity as possible so you can transmit what you’re here to share with the world clearly. This last year, what did you learn?

Full moon Virgo 2/26 – 3/1

The Super Chaste Moon.

The word “chaste” has a synonymous relationship with the words “virgin and virginal”… and Virgo. I’ve been keeping the wood burning stove going all day and night like the vestal virgin. Goddess Hestia. Keeper of the flame.. We burned through three cords of wood this winter. I need the fire. I like it hot.

Also, you can expect to see lots of people indulging in extreme moodiness or numbing out during this transit. Critical self talk is heightened right now too, but remember, it rarely gets your psyche motivated to be better.

Your pure intentions met with clear action- is the higher purpose of this moon. 

An opportunity to balance the creative, imaginal right brain (Pisces) with the systematic, logical left brain (Virgo) for powerful results. Then you can create the breakthrough that you need before the winter’s even over.

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