Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships
Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships

This spring Full Moon highlights power and partnership

Full Moon in Libra April 5-7

Spring is truly sprung.… More life for all. Walking, driving or motorcycle riding in your neck of the woods will reveal the beginning of ‘the greening’. Our respect for plant life and trees as part of our reverence for sustained nourishment and survival is a reverent practice.

Connecting with nature and seeing what’s blooming can be an act of self care.

Get some windy-fresh air for an invigorating experience of the sprightly version of yourself.


Self care requires discipline to stay high-vibing.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to see what you’re made of.

Even if you’re not sure of yourself. Even if you make a mistake…

When you go in the general direction of your new desires you’re connecting to your authentic power.


The moon is full, round and beautiful in Libra, which is ruled by Venus. Goddess of Love.

This timing invites you to connect more deeply with your lover, and find that passion you thought you lost.

Venus is also a creation goddess that loves beauty. The kind you radiate, create and appreciate!

It’s all holy and good.

Aries is the hot and sexy god of war and together they’re beautiful aspects of the archetypal masculine and feminine. The divine masculine and the divine feminine.

Balancing these two forces and honoring their individual powers can create new life!

However, you’re also called to do some self-discovery.

Cosmic alignments can be catalysts for great change and illumination. I use astrology in all my coaching & programs to fast track ways to help you discover what’s truly wonderful about you and/or your partner.

Loving kindness strategies I share in the Relationship Magic program can be implemented right now for amazing passion and intimacy. Even if love’s been dormant awhile. Even if there’s been lotsa fighting and resentment. Especially then.

Balance and fairness is possible with some strategic planning and focus. Especially right now during this transit.

You can have what you want. Your truth matters. Your latent talents matter. Your quickest paths to true happiness connect with the cosmic frequencies of the season of the Aries archetype for self- renewal and growth.

Self care is a powerful investment that yields great returns.

Manage your stress – and love yourself better. It’s time.

Self care made easy

Create your life with the rhythmic nature of the cosmos

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