Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships
Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships

Truth, discernment and lightness of being during Libra season

The Autumn harvest is here. Pumpkin Spice and everything nice.

But besides that, there’s the ancient art of astrology and the sign of Libra.

Personified by Maat and her scales of truth

Ma’at’s the Egyptian Goddess of Truth and Justice.
The ancient ones believe that at the time of death, a human soul comes to her (and Anubis) in the underworld, with their heart out of their bodies and…… in a jar.
They’ll both weigh said heart against a feather.
The feather of truth.

The Libra energy is all about Balance..(and beauty..and truth)

Back to the story: If the heart is not proved to be as light as said feather..The deceased is completely devoured by the demon Ammit …but the heart is to remain forever restless..instead of finding peace and rebirth.

Awful right?

Forever Restless is how we feel when we’re all out of balance.

Find Libra in your horoscope chart. (Learn to read your Astrology chart here)
That’s the place that will be really activated at this time.

If you don’t care to learn more about reading Astrology charts for fun and profit, just know that there are places within your psyche where you can bring balance and fairness. You’re probably intuiting something important right now.

These are the same places where you can use your discernment.

Do you need to DO SOMETHING to get the love you want, the results you want, the dream your chasing?

It’s time to prioritize it.

Your heart being as light as a feather is important.

It’s why you’re here on this planet, at this time in space.

Another attribute you’ll want to consider is beauty.

How to find it, create it, and appreciate it…

Because what you find beautiful reveals a feather of truth about you.

A high, holy, light in your heart.

Right now There is a powerful timing to work with..

Create an intentional plan to share more or receive more beauty, truth and balance…whatever is appropriate.

Here’s one of my favorite practices for making it happen while I’m still alive, with a warm beating heart, still in my body. It’s simple and painless.

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