Trying out some self actualization experiments with Aquarius

To understand Aquarius you’ll need a new point of reference. I can’t tell you exactly what that’ll look like in your world, but the new way will feature experiments of some sort. Something non-conformist, maybe even a little odd.

That makes this timing wonderful for a do-over. Did you have lofty ideas and ideals for the new year that kinda fizzled out? If your plans were made with good intentions in the last cycle (they were, right?) then your new habits & practices can be revisited now, with a little curiosity. 

 Aquarius energy offers you an opportunity to rethink your strategy. Ask yourself:

  • Where do you I want more flexibility or free reign?
  • What’s an unusual solution? Can I let things get weird, creative, and imaginative?
  • Am I finally ready to stop deflecting my anger? 
  • How can I help, contribute to humanity, what good can I do in the world?
  • Am I done being compliant?
  • How can I use the power of my words? Creative writing & choosing meaningful songs can help too. Mercury, the planet of communication is also in Aquarius right now until February 2nd, and can be helpful when your try to express yourself emotionally.
  • How can technology help me right now?

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The new moon will emphasize all the good qualities of the Aquarian genius stuff and you can enhance it by :

  • Working with the element of Air; The four winds, incense,  wands & lazer pointers, transformational breath, heavy breathing, pranayama, exaggerated sighs, aromatherapy
  • Expanding your vision with your guides, angels, bird messengers and etheric winged allies
  • Uplifting your vibration..or change your vibration entirely.
“Everything in Life is Vibration” – Albert Einstein Click To Tweet
  • Being very intentional with your thoughts, adjust your inner dialogue if it doesn’t support who you want to be
  • Trying automatic writing ..mediumship..telepathy!
  • Creating a quirky new way of doing some mundane things
  • Being Meditative: Deep Meditation, zen meditation, transcendental mediation, tantric meditation, guided meditation..whatever your favorite practice is..or you can invent your own unusual mindful practice . (plenty of ideas for you in the sanctuary)

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