Virgo Super Moon

February has the least amount of days and seems to last an infinity.
It may be cold and bleak, but the light has slowly begun to return. I have a prism hanging in my kitchen window that faces the southeast and when the winter begins to wane, at Imbolc, the rainbows join us at dinnertime again.

The scattered rainbows are magic gifts of light. Mini refracted reminders of enchantment. With a brush of the curtain, the crystal sways and it looks like rainbow dancing fairies partying in the summertime. It makes me ponder the holographic nature of everything and everyone. I need this in the wintertime. In the past I felt challenged to get through the winter without a bout of depression and winter blues. Now I do it different and prioritize my self care with sweet practices that make me feel delighted and alive, instead of dead inside. Identifying and preparing for all those inevitable stress triggers helps tremendously, so does the what I share in the workshop on Seasonal Affective Disorder in the Sanctuary.

The Sun is now in the water sign of Pisces

It’s an emotional sign, and it’s easy to get disturbed and sensitive. Pisces is the dreamy, mystic that resides within us all. The spiritual, selfless, imaginative side of this existence. This is the energy that carries us through until the spring in late March.

last full moon of winter

The Big Chaste Moon.

The word “chaste” has a synonymous relationship with the words “virgin and virginal”… and Virgo! I imagine I’m one of the vestal virgins as I keep the hearth burning through the night and day. The Earth sign of Virgo will be with us for the next few days. Look for the Virgo symbol (the one that looks like an ‘M’ below) in your astrological chart to see which ‘houses’ will be activated while the moonlight bathes us in her silvery light. This will give you some personal insights on how to best activate these energies in your personal life for this full moon cycle. No chart? No worries… We all get activated in different degrees, some more than others. For sanity’s sake, be aware of the negative tendencies that can crop up right now for you and the people around you.

watch out for escapism, addictions, perfectionism full moon virgo

Indulging extreme moodiness is likely for everyone until we get to Spring, but especially now! Don’t fall down the rabbit hole of critical self talk either, it rarely gets you motivated to do that ‘thing‘, or strive to be better.

Pure intentions met with clear action (for the good of all concerned) is the higher purpose of this moon. You also have an opportunity to balance the creative, imaginal right brain with the systematic, logical left brain for some powerful results. You might surprise yourself, and create the breakthrough that you need before this winter is even over.

Here are some ideas for your own personal full moon revelry:
dreaming dream journal godess sleeping

Designate a dream journal, & date your entries. Keep recording your night dreams and daydreams all the way up to the next full moon cycle and see what wants to manifest through your subconscious mind. See if you can track any emerging patterns and capture the insights from your deep psyche that’s trying to come through during this lunar phase.

Organize your creative supplies. Cleaning out your sewing box, or discarding dried up paint and markers sparks inspiration. Just sharpening your colored pencils can be therapeutic too. Gather your paint & brushes in a way that’s appealing and easier to play with…and when inspiration strikes… It will all be waiting for you.

If you’re already inspired, then use your Creativity!!! All art is creating form out of the formless, and is a perfect activity for right now. Incorporate some kind of sign, magical symbol or word from your dreams into your creations and see what happens.

Can’t do it today?

Plan a creative effort. Sound counter-intuitive? it’s not. Put it on your calendar and you’ll have your playtime scheduled. You need to create time for creative and practice time. Daydreaming about your future project will bring joy and illumination to the cold, austere winter..even if it all has to wait until spring.

Art by Cicely Mary Barker & seed packets by

Dream up a game plan for your bee-fairy butterfly garden..Research local organic suppliers, order seed catalogs and check out perennial plant species for your geographic area that the bees, butterflies and fairies like to visit….or maybe just look out the window and designate a drab corner for some wildflowers this year. You could even start scoping out some wild patch of dirt on your daily walk that could use a little flowering-up. Ordering seeds for spring renews hope, and gives you something to look forward to.

Feeling great whenever you want, every day, is easy with access to the potent practices, sacred dances and healing experiences in The Goddess Sanctuary. A seasonally inspired temple dedicated to your well-being. Membership is for 3 lunar cycles, which will carry you right through to the middle of spring! Check it out here. 

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