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Warnings and Gifts of the Full Frost Moon

Stepped out onto the frost bitten grass at dawn yesterday, and knew it to be true. We are heading into the cold months here in the Mountains. Time for drawing your energy within to connect to the wisdom that you just couldn’t access before. Fiery Sagittarius season (now through the Solstice December 21) is prompting you to finally be free of something. It’s blazing fire is fanned by an air sign during the eclipsing full moon in Gemini . Warming the coldest hearts…..

Full moon November 29- December 2nd / maximum Eclipse Nov 30 4:40am EST

If you can convince your inner-know-it-all to be open to a wider range of possibilities…you can discover the truth of something big. You might even be able to find the lighthearted side of a heavy situation that’s been really hurting your brain, or making your relationships hard. Shake things up a bit with these three essential expansion exercises.

Clear out confining patterns. 

Start by admitting you’re so done with doing things the same way, and be open and receptive to an untried new way…Now you’re on the right track for a breakthrough…Check your thoughts, see if they are in alignment with what you’re really after, and where you want to be going. Hush up that inner voice that says you can’t have it. I’ve created an intention clarifier that puts you in touch with your heart’s burning desires, when you feel disconnected. When your motivation is clear, you can see the higher goal and know what to do next.

Spiritual growth is a gift you give yourself.

Use your voice and creativity:

  • Singing loudly, chanting quietly, humming, or conscious breathing as cathartic meditation that brings awarenesses that are fresh and feel good.
  • Getting into lively enlightening conversation with some new people. Be aware there’ll be shocking stuff that people (and you!) just blurt out during this timing though.
  • Reaching out. Short texts, gifs & funny memes are great…but talking’s fun, and it’s a good way to make deeper connections, even if the conversation’s light or silly.
  • Expressing yourself with interesting or fun foreign words, flourishing poetry, written letters and cheeky notes. Keeps ya sharp.

Sneak in some moments of self care

You’ll have to create a few minutes of down-time… I know it can get ‘busy’ with all the holiday noise. This  timing asks for a few more gratitude entries in that journal, an extra breath in your favorite yoga pose, or a long languid catlike stretch after doom-scrolling. Don’t get skimpy with your self-care…even if it’s just perfecting your look with an extra step in your grooming routine. It’s not superficial. When you look good, you feel good.  


Please don’t listen to that rude, closed minded person that likes to derail your good intentions and ideas. And don’t get into it with that other yahoo who starts arguments that don’t solve anything. Definitely don’t listen to any of your old trashy, negative, self talk that runs on and on….here are some other things to watch out for during this transit:

  • gossipy tactless talk
  • taking unnecessary chances
  • indecisiveness and mood swings
  • annoying superficiality
  • depression – Seasonal affective disorder begins with this timing
  • invalidating your intuition with logic
  • overexplaining
  • saying what you think they want to hear.
  • stubborn opinionated zealots- just them them be- and follow your own truth
  • compulsive eating or working

Gifts of this timing:

But this full moon is a blessing, especially if you’ve been frustrated in your relationships .Even if only you initiate the shifting you can enjoy even more love and assurance, and way less confusion and aggravation, as you move towards each other in new ways that feel great. If it’s more physical or daily life that’s in need of adjustments, interesting insights with a dose of honest-to-goodness logic… totally possible right now. Which means you can objectively & intuitively come to new realizations that make it easier to hear those inner intuitive prompts you’re getting and deciding how you want to prioritize and move forward. (You can get clarity in the sanctuary.)