Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships
Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships

Warnings, gifts and goodies under the full Cold Moon


Relax if you can.

December has some of the darkest days of the year to contend with. The full moon is a beacon and a reminder of oppositional torque and power.

The moon’s light brings awareness to the shadowy parts of our self as well. Working with these forces can be illuminating and liberating.

These energetic “warnings” give clues and insights into the adventure of your psyche experienced as the shadow sides of Sagittarius and Gemini.

See which ones get you in the guts first, so you can get on with the good stuff. Here goes:


  • gossipy tactless talk that doesn’t solve anything
  • taking unnecessary chances
  • indecisiveness and mood swings
  • annoying superficiality
  • compulsive eating or compulsive working can also be a default behavior right now
  • invalidating your intuition with logic (sounds counter-intuitive, right?!)
  • stubborn opinionated zealots- just let them be- and follow your own truth
  • overexplaining (maybe I should stop here?)
  • saying what you think others want to hear…and being wrong. Gaaa! lol.
  • depression tendency – Seasonal affective disorder begins with this timing and you can soothe the stress response with these tips

So just be aware. That’s all.

It’s crisp and cold now, but the fire burns warm and bright inside us all.


Not feeling it?

Read on for some ways to spark the fire and fan the flames.

Let’s get to the good stuff

The Sagittarius season is here for your growth. Everyone’s growth.

This full moon amplifies the interesting polarities that make life fascinating. See if you can connect to these themes for the next few days..

Because expansion is the overarching theme, these are some of the essential ideas for this lunar phase;

Clear out patterns that confine your awesomeness. 

Start by admitting you’re so done with doing things the same way, and be open and receptive to an untried new way…It’s the fast track for a breakthrough

Check your thoughts, see if they are in alignment with what you’re really after, and where you want to be going. When you try the ‘cosmic refining process’ you get real with yourself.

Hey, what about that inner voice that says you can’t have it all?

Shhh. Tell it to hush up

Instead, utilize your authentic voice, words and creativity

Singing loudly, chanting quietly, humming, or conscious breathing as a cathartic meditation totally counts. They bring their own awarenesses that feel really good too.

Getting into lively enlightening conversation with some new people opens up worlds. Be aware there’ll be shocking stuff that they(and you!) just blurt out during this timing.

Reach out to the one’s who you want in your life in the next year. Short texts, gifs & funny memes are great…but talking’s fun, and it’s a good way to make deeper connections, even if the conversation’s light and silly -or totally serious and strategic to your needs.

It can be all of these things at the same time.

Letters, cards, and cheeky notes keep things fun and lively.

Get creative by expressing yourself with fun foreign words, flourishing poetry…or haiku.

by Jessamina

The gift of perspective

The ‘Cold Moon’ is an opportunity to connect to some wisdom you didn’t have access to before. It’s good to try to convince your inner ‘know-it-all‘ to be more open- to a wider range of possibilities anyway…that’s when you discover the truth of something big. Check out the mini-workshop available until December 20

spiritual growth is a gift you give yourself


This full moon is a blessing of interesting, out-there, insights with a dose of honest-to-goodness logic… you can have ’em both right now.

It’s so uplifting to have an impartial unbiased objective person to help you find the lighthearted side of a heavy situation that’s been really hurting your heart, or making your relationships hard.

Gift yourself some moments of self care

You have to create those few minutes down-time, it’s busy with the holiday overlay.

⭐Maybe you’ve already done this with my Holiday Delight Workshop?

This is the part of the year where it’s easy to overcommit yourself. Don’t skimp out on your self nurturing, it can be as simple as saying no to something annoying, or an extra little step in your grooming routine that makes you look hot.

Everybody’s requirements are different, yet here the season demands more of your presence. It can be hard to slow down enough to make it happen. Connecting to your inner divinity, that spark of infinite power is worth the effort and encourages your growth.

Make it easy and more fun in the Cosmic Sanctuary, and practice with me.