Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships
Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships

Welcome to the new reality of Aquarius

Your perception is likely to be challenged.

All you thought was real. Meaningful.

This sucks a bunch, but is actually good.

Some of the laws of physics (as we currently understand them) here on Earth, are influenced by space anomalies. Various planetary bodies coming closer or moving away in cycles not seen in generations…+Solar flares..

To understand, you have to remember, we’re all just travelers out here in the cosmos..

You have every astrological archetype within you… A little, or a lot. All of the Aquarius in your natal astrology chart is being activated, triggered and empowered all at the same time now.

The new moon Aquarius is February 8-11 meaning the Sun and Moon + Mars. Pluto and Mercury ALL in AQUARIUS.

The Aquarius symbol is an energy wave ♒. An air sign. (I know, I know, it looks like water.)

There’s that huge level of ‘unseen’ in the Ether. That invisible part of our reality that is very real.

Like your remote control, no need to leave your seat. Phone lines, electricity, and all other types of radiating energy.

Also loving intentions, reiki and other types of energy healing. Vibration, frequency. All of it.

Even cell phones and wireless device transmissions. They connect us, but are negatively impacting sperm count, mitochondria, chromosomal changes AND the entire nervous system (which includes eyes and ALL the nerves)too.

There are lots of tech solutions out there, and many of them are not designed for our well-being. However, I know we can learn to use technology responsibly, and for the good of all.

This is something I’ve been considering and wondering about for years now –as Aquarius rules technology of all kinds –and the big 29 year Pluto transit is here. Right now. Literally, the ‘Age of Aquarius’.

It’s clear that there’s been a disconnect with ethics and technocracy… and it does have the potential to get way out of control during this ‘Age of Aquarius’.

Drone delivery by big box stores. Swarms. Weaponized robot dogs. Who’s the asshole that turned on the Skynet?

Rumor has it Elon musk’s Tesla robot will be mass produced for around $25k and can grocery shop, make you breakfast and fold your laundry…then work around the clock in your factory and office without sleep or wages.

I believe we must get smart about energy waves and our health and the health of the plant life on Earth. It’s time to question the motives of those responsible for protecting the people and the planet (but are NOT) and then find harmonious, maybe unusual, solutions that benefit everyone and everything.

Luckily the Aquarius archetype is a humanitarian & really does want what’s best for everybody.

This timing is telling you to get better at telepathy, intention and thought power. Connecting with people is getting more challenging but we can write some personal letters, emails and thoughtful messages. We can listen to the voices of the ones we trust and love . We can add more love. Hug and stuff. Try not to be a robot.

Another benefit to acknowledging your phone addiction (beep boop ping!), your neck will be less crimped up. That’s just one good reason to start a gentle yoga practice with me (we’ll address that posture and forward head syndrome). Don’t be a slouch.

The Sanctuary space is especially good for getting your neck-nerves de-jangled. Inside, you might try a chakra yoga and energy healing class. You could practice consciously releasing tension and become more flexible as you limber up and soothe your nervous system.

Find your center. Keep breathing.

The new ‘Aquarian’ way will feature experiments of some sort.

Also, something non-conformist, maybe shockingly strange and unorthodox.

Which is one of the reasons why this timing is also great for a do-over.

Art by Waterhouse…. Aquarius Season is January 20- February 17th

Aquarius energy offers you an opportunity to rethink your too-small strategy.

Maybe your vision statement doesn’t excite you anymore. It’s Ok! If you’re restless for more flexibility and freedom, then get some!

While you’re out looking for unusual solutions that are creative, and imaginative, ask some good reflective questions…What good can I do in the world? Am I done being compliant? Am I done deflecting my anger? How can I use the power of my words?

You can be more effective with this kind of expansiveness..and focus your power on these questions and themes in a workshop that’s free for members of the COSMIC SANCTUARY more details here.

I think more people need to emphasize all the good qualities in their unique Genius ….So you can’t keep scrolling through hours of negative bullshit, or tolerating hateful opinions as your daily dose of ‘vibe’, OK???. You deserve better.  I have good intentions for your emergent future!

It’s time for connecting more vortexes of peace & plenty, connecting to sacred practices of the season, at your convenience, of course….Visit the virtual sanctuary that serves as a portal of comfort & joy while you relax or recharge…get you feeling good and connected to your heart again. Fast.

In addition, just like bi-location, modern technology allows me to dance, heal, and journey with you. Whenever you want…Remember, you are in control of your vibration and what you tune into matters. (Like, literally, it turns into matter.)

Uplift your vibration..or change your vibration entirely. It’s up to you.

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