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Welcome to the new reality of Aquarius

To understand Aquarius you’ll need an entirely new point of reference. Maybe just throw out your old perceptions all together.  I can’t tell you exactly what this is going to look like…but the new way will feature experiments of some sort. Also, something non-conformist, maybe shockingly strange and unorthodox. Which is one of the reasons why this timing is really great for a do-over.

Aquarius energy offers you an opportunity to rethink your too-small strategy. If you’re restless for more flexibility you can break your rusty cage and get some freedom. While you’re looking for unusual solutions that are creative, and imaginative, ask some good reflective questions…

What good can I do in the world? Am I done being compliant? Done deflecting my anger? How can I use the power of my words? You can be more effective with this kind of expansiveness..

Mercury, the planet of communication is also in Aquarius right now until mid March, and if you’ve tried to express yourself and it didn’t work out can try again now that it’s retrograding.

Art by Waterhouse…. Aquarius Season January 20- February 17th

You have every astrological archetype within you… A little, or a lot. All of the Aquarius in your natal astrology chart is being activated, triggered and empowered all at the same time now. The new moon Aquarius is February 10-11. Then you’ve also got the Sun+ mercury+ Jupiter and Saturn ALL in AQUARIUS too for a while. It’ll emphasize all the good qualities of this genius-type stuff and you can

Enhance Aquarianism by :

  • Working with the element of Air; The four sacred winds, incense, wands & lasers, prismatic light, transformational breath, heavy breathing, pranayama, exaggerated sighs, & aromatherapy
  • Expanding your vision with your guides, angels, bird messengers and etheric winged allies
  • Adjust your ideas and inner dialogue if it doesn’t support who you want to be anymore
  • Trying automatic writing ..mediumship..telepathy!
  • Creating a quirky new way of doing some mundane things you haven’t been able to enjoy
  • Being Meditative: Deep Meditation, zen meditation, transcendental mediation, tantric meditation, guided meditation..whatever your favorite practice is..or you can invent your own unusual mindful practice .

Take a peek at your Best Year Ever planner again and see what fresh thinking you can put on those tougher goals that you hadn’t dared to execute just yet. 

Be intentional with your thoughts.

Meditate a tic and see if you can come up with a far-out solution that’s innovating and inventive. What haven’t you tried?

Art by Hajime Sorayama

There are lots of tech solutions out there, and many of them are not designed for our well-being. I know humans can learn to use technology responsibly, and for the good of all. This is something I’ve been pondering a ton during this transit, as Aquarius rules technology of all kinds.

Next, it’s been clear that there’s been a real disconnect with ethics and technocracy lately, and it does have the potential to get way out of control during the Age of Aquarius.

My intention is to use the internet for good.

Creating vortexes of peace & plenty while connecting to sacred practices of the season, at your convenience, of course….A sanctuary that serves as a portal of comfort & joy while you relax or recharge…get you feeling good again. Fast.

In addition, just like bi-location, modern technology allows me to dance, heal, and journey with you. Remember, you are in control of your vibration and what you tune into matters. (Like, literally, it turns into matter.) So you can’t keep scrolling through hours of negative bullshit, or tolerating hateful opinions as your daily dose of ‘vibe’. You deserve better.  I have good intentions for your emergent future.

Uplift your vibration..or change your vibration entirely. It’s up to you. Take the self care quiz to get a new sense of possibility and how to get your ideas for the good of all, into form now.