Winter Solstice Blessings

Capricorn Sun and Capricorn New Moon

So you’ve taken stock of your blessings this past Thanksgiving..Right?

You are totally grateful for what you’ve experienced thus far..
We getting ready to let go of 2014.
Really stepping into 2015 in a big way..Yes!
Time to plan it. Create space for it.

Get ready for The brand new

The Light is coming!!!!!

We are in a new moon right now.

New Moon energy is awesome for starting new things, ventures, habits etc..



Here’s a New Moon Ritual to help make 2015 your stellar year.

You need A piece of paper, or a note taking program/ mobile device…something to record your thoughts
Capricorn energy likes to plan, be practical, and get your finances in order.
Capricorn also is connected to your home, organization, systems that help you get things done, real estate, your property, and grounded efforts towards the practical things you want to accomplish.
So let’s use this window of opportunity Sunday -Tuesday morning .
Write down:
  • what do I want to feel? (use emotions/emoticons, get specific)
  • what do I really want to accomplish? (skip some spaces and put little bullet points underneath each thing and add the small steps right here)
  • what tiny steps are totally doable? (try to schedule them into your calender)
  • what steps are still mysterious to you? (research/google them whenever you get the chance)

OK. Nailed it!
Now release your attachment to all of it. Sounds ridiculous, right?
But really, detaching will help your creativity to open some new channels of possibility.

Here’s the key…..remember to revisit this list.

Or you could bring it right to me.

I’ll add sparkles to your glorious desires and then help you to birth them.
Dance with them.
You need this!
Do it alone, or you can work with me and we’ll make this year epic for you
Just try to make your list now, in this new moon phase..
It’s a powerful one and you shouldn’t miss it!
XO Jessamina

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