Structuring the master plan to get what you want.

There’s a partial solar eclipse right now, but it’s way on the other side of the world.. don’t expect to see it, just tune in and feel for the next few weeks. Usually an eclipse is symbolic, and something is obscured, and then comes to light. Something’s hidden, and then shows up. Like your determination and discipline to get stuff done.

If there’s no cloud-cover, the night sky will be a dazzling display of stars and planets this wintry Capricorn Season. While you’re out there, Stargazer… it would be wonderful to set an intention, consciously, about making a new start towards what matters to you most. Musing on what actually does matter to you is totally worth your attention during Capricorn season.

Revisit your desires, wishes and most recent manifestations. It’s good to take stock now that we’re at the start of a new year.  Pay special attention to the things that haven’t come into physical form yet. Are they still important? If last year’s unmet resolutions have you beating yourself up for not meeting your expectations…you gotta stop that right now. It might not be easy, though because Capricorn activates your high expectations and ambition. And also discerning & judging what’s good, respectable, and responsible.

It’s a lot of adulting energy. I know. But Capricorn has a good sense of humor (so do you) and can be surprisingly playful. So try to take it from that angle, OK? It just feels better.

  • Plan out 2020 like the goddess you are. Including all the events, projects and people that light you up, & turn you on. Make time and space on your calendar. Plan some fun stuff too.
  • Organize something. Anything.
  • Identify your resistance to change
  • honor your inner authority
  • get a higher perspective on your career, then climb, and advance!
  • learn to love self-loving discipline (say it ten times, fast)
  • get your real estate, home and finances in order
  • Make a commitment to take care of your body
  • plan for success
"A Goal without a plan is just a wish." -Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Click To Tweet

The new moon energy is always awesome for starting new things, venturing towards your goals, and installing new habits. So you’ve got some extra Oomph for that….(add in Capricorn in Saturn, Pluto and Mercury..more of the same energy for powerful planning this whole month.)

Spend a little time checking in with your heart and figure out what it actually is that you want from life. Your rational mind will compare everything you think you want to what it already “knows for sure”.(Which is only a perception). Your primitive mind wants to help you make the choices it thinks will help you survive. Which is important, of course, but might not connect you to those new results you want.

That kind of primitive logic says something like, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll survive. I’m sure of it, because you haven’t died yet! “ It goes on to say, “If you try this new thing, you might fail, lose respect of the tribe, or die!” Dramatic, I know. But it’s a very real stress response, and no one’s immune to it. Especially in winter.

Your mind will search around for any memories of similar scenarios… If you don’t actually have a memory of accomplishing a similar thing, your mind makes up stories about it. Also, if by any chance your mind thinks that other people who have what you want are jerks in some way, it will steer you away from it. Fast. Even though your heart really wants it.

Here’s an example: Old Mrs. Richbitch is a stuck-up judgmental twat-waffle , and just as you’re trying out being more responsible with your own money, or finally making good money, your mind says , ” Oh just like Old Mrs. Richbitch… your mind is so sure that if you carry a designer bag like hers, or live in a house similar to hers, or collect amazing art like she does, you’re a judgmental, stuck-up twat-waffle too… You’ll find ways to sabotage your progress, or regress dramatically, to prove that you are not like that. (Just an example!)

Don’t do that. Check in with your heart and spirit, for real soul-lead desires. Let that brilliant mind of yours work on the logistics and the planning instead. Get the planner for the best year ever.

You are awesome, and deserve all the things.

Time to get that free planner.

Blessings and Big Love, -Jessamina XO

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