Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships
Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships

Your Philosophical Views expanding for a fresh perspective under Sagittarius

Freedom from the tyranny of negativity opens you up to new possibilities.

Don’t believe me? When you think of someone or something wonderful that happened to you, for you or around you, what are you associating with it? A feeling? A thought? 

Time to expand your philosophical views.

Think of creating big space as you draw the bow (of your focus) back. Expanding your heart. Taking aim. Using your breath.

But gratitude first.

If you can acknowledge anything you’ve already received or experienced…specially stuff that even remotely looks like the things you’re still wanting and desiring- this will help you hit the target.

Focusing on your gratitude and any past successes opens and encourages things that you want to expand in your life …The alternative often looks and feels like anger, self-doubt or disappointment.

180 degrees from that is compassion, forgiveness and wisdom. They’ve all got a way of growing in your heart as you face your own darkness….creating irreversible deep understanding on more and more levels. Makes you ripe for healing too.

Healing is a part of your adventure whether you realize it or not.

You’re healing past impressions, stuff you’ve decided to believe -from your family, teachers or mentors.

Healing also from self inflicted wounds, stuff you’ve carried for others, and etheric troubles that you’ve allowed into your sphere. 

The daring is in the releasing. 

What’s your target anyway?

This timing is an opportunity to widen your vision for the future the way you’d really like it to be- Your relationships, habits, the way you spend your time..they’re all a part of your vision. Your perspective too.


The forces of the universe 
swelling and aching

It’s OK to want change and not even dare to know how to make it happen.

Two gifts of Sagittarius season are focus and perspective. 

Concentrated while the Sun, Venus and Mercury are all in Sagittarius. Right now.

Sagittarius season is also all about freedom and expansion.

The forces of the universe are swelling with possibility and asking for your input.  

When you expand your ideas & philosophies about yourself to include what you’d like to become– then magic happens.

Enjoy the self care practices that will take you further, faster and feeling better when you need it.

Tune into a fresh perspective on your goals anytime in the COSMIC SANCTUARY.