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Your Rebellious brain and the Leo Full Moon

Aquarian timing requires neuroplasticity.  The magic of your brain that grows new neurons in response to a need. Humanity needs more loving, good vibes. Love for the Earth, plant world, animals and seas. Collective human consciousness affects the entire global & galactic information field.

Finding Meaning

We must find meaning in our lives. Hope, positivity and optimism boosts the immune system as does giving what we have to contribute to the world. For me, creative writings, dances, and devotional practices are deliberate acts of adaptive resilience… as a form of self care. Keeps the head on straight and contributes to a more empowered experience of life. It’s also a guiding light towards truth and right action.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” – Carl Jung.

The cosmic report

Now Aquarian energy is encouraging freedom from oppressive situations, beings and policies. You knew that there was going to be a tremendous amount of focus on expanding mass consciousness and waking up to the divine within your body and planet.. That there was going to be cosmic upgrades, downloads…alignments and alliances.

Now through February 17, our sun is in the sign of Aquarius, governing over intellect, thought processes, and new ways of thinking. There’s a sense of unpredictability and brand new perspectives. Nanotechnology that can ‘reprogram’ our cells requires moral culpability. You said you were ready for an evolutionary upgrade…But maybe that’s not what you had in mind?

“There are three classes of people; those who see, those who see when they are shown and those who do not see”- Leonardo Divinci.

Independence and human rights come right up to the forefront of collective awareness. You up for all this? That’s a rhetorical question ’cause you knew you were up for this before you incarnated as a blessed emissary of God/dess.

Read the energy

If you can begin to remember and tune into what you were working on & changing, or what you were trying to work on and change last August, during the Leo Stargate ,you can expect some deeper understanding with the Leo Full Moon.

The cold grey winter is kinda bleak, but fire sign, Leo, makes it’s own heat. Big Leo moon’s going to kindle all the fire in your natal astrological chart and gives you courage for some unconventional, rebellious behavior… Leadership comes easier when your big, courageous heart is leading the way.

You can also use the fire power to just create something. Use the words experiment or play if it makes you feel less self-conscious about any pressure to produce a masterpiece. Impossible ideals set by someone else’s standards are no fun anyway. Don’t judge yourself while you do new stuff. Dare to be expressively unique, interesting…. or weird! The Earth needs your unique perspective, and your alignment with it. Even if just for a while during this transit.

Lunar Leo Energy is full of fire and flash. Passion and generosity. The royal sovereign of the zodiac encouraging great bravery, challenging the status quo. Lean in to your self-hood. 

Stuff you can do:

  • Explore and research the stuff that peaks your interest. It can lead the muses to pay you a visit. Be prepared for quick intuitive flashes that require fast action.
  • Try being more demonstrative or dramatic to get your point across. Express your wonderful originality. There’s no one like you.
  • Tune in to the pulse of the Earth, the universe, and ethereal realms for even more inspiration. See if you can feel the universal love coming back to you.
  • Be more broad-minded with your goals (and personal routines) and be open to new life that’s trying to come through you. You could get this free planner to help map it out.
  • Are you feeling ready to serve your people at a higher level? Maybe just finally speak up, stand up or walk out? Get some support for yourself in the Sanctuary Let someone serve you for a change..with a collection of cosmic practices that fire up your genius-self 24/7.

If in the past you tried to initiate something meaningful, and were disappointed ,disillusioned, or heart-broken …maybe too tired to even try again, you might need a trusted confidante to straighten your crown. Take the self care quiz on the sanctuary page and I’ll do my best to remind you of your majestic, awe-inspiring power.