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Your unconscious creative focus under the Strawberry Moon

Focus on the truth while staying open to a new story. 

Sounds contradictive? It’s not.

First off, this Sagittarius Full Moon is encouraging you to be philosophical. To form new opinions about the ways things work & the way they’ve always been… up till now. Your values and integrity need to stay intact, of course. So it requires reflection. Like looking into a mirror with a creative eye. Creative focus.

Next you gotta remember, every bit of your focus is high holy work, and it’s hard with our attention being pulled away constantly. That work you’ve done years ago. It counts .That stuff’s already seeded, activated, and unlocked within you. The knowledge you’ve gained from all your experiences and lifetimes. It’s in there.

What can you do to make sense of the chaos of it all?

Focus your fresh inspiration and ideas for brilliant insight. 

The Gemini Sun until June 20th is a creative whirlwind energy. 

It’s kind of fairy-ish.

Best to just describe it in a Haiku for now:


Fizzing quality,

quicksilver ephemera. 

Lilting on the wind.

art by: Jilipollo

Creative innovation’s just around the corner.

Sagittarius is a fuck-ton of action and fire…and encourages your versatility and expansiveness. Take stock of the inner prompts you’re getting and make a move for your own well being. 

It’s urging you to be open to new inputs and truths.  You can clear out thought patterns that confuse you or disrupt your energy. Replace them with more creative habits or ideas that are more in line with what you really want. 


Unconscious wholeness,

passionately furious. 

A creative storm.


What to focus on

In conclusion, being receptive to an untried, new way could be just what you need. What we all need, actually. Remember, synthesizing the concepts that show up during this transit for you personally will require your focus. 

Be brave, expand in your thinking. I know it can be challenging to begin a path…and harrowing to continue on it… and devastating to walk away from it too. But following through can also make you feel emboldened and liberated. It’s all perspective… and choices.

This is the potential for the greatest shift during this Full moon.  

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