Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships

Your views, your targets and the Sagittarius new moon

Knowing your target.

This timing is an opportunity to widen your vision for the future the way you’d really like it to be- Your relationships, habits, the way you spend your time..they all play a part in your vision. 

Some of my visions come in Haiku:

Swelling and aching

The forces of the universe 


Your input is needed.  The eclipse will last a few days. 

It’s OK to want change and not have a clue on how to make it happen. Gratitude and the yummy feelings that accompany what you already love, are precisely what you want to explore even more.

Focus and Perspective. 

Easier while the Sun, Moon and Mercury are all in Sagittarius. Right now.

Goddess Diana

 Hit your target, make your mark, achieve your goals and keep that spark.

time to keep your thoughts real clear New moon Mercury Transit’s here.

What will you be focusing on?