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Stress is epidemic in today’s world.

We have millions of cool inventions, appliances, apps and technological marvels that are designed to make our lives easier, and yet we are busier than ever before. Us wise women know that life is cyclical and working within these cycles and natural laws provide nourishment for our bodies, our minds, and our indestructible spirit. Our relationships, productiveness and creativity can flourish when we take time to eradicate stress.

We are bombarded with messages encouraging a lifestyle of doing more, and not ever really feeling accomplished.

Research by the CDC (Center of Disease Control) has proven that 75% – 90% of illness is caused by or exacerbated by stress.

Then illness causes even more stress to contend with. No thanks.

Stress Management must be a priority for your optimal well being.

Your well being is important.

Stress will affect every aspect of your life if you allow it.

Being stressed blocks your creativity and personal power

Stress in relationships can cause them to be unfulfilling, complicated, or even destroyed

Too much stress can lead to poor decision making and missed opportunities

Work performance and job-related stress is very common and hinders success

Expressing yourself effectively is near impossible when you are stressed

Making good food and health choices are really difficult when you are stressed

Having patience with the ones you love (and don’t love so much) is way more challenging when you are stressed

Frowning, mad faces create frowning-mad wrinkles..which could stress you out too.


Here are 7 simple ways to reduce stress and feel like a goddess everyday this Spring

Get stress relief NOW +

Moon-Goddess strategies

to help you feel great in Springtime

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 to your own well being now

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