Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships
Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships


You want to know more about me, right?

As a happily married woman for more than 24 years w/3 sons, I’m passionate about eliminating stress and practical advice.

Discoveries in neuroscience, functional movement, energy medicine and biology, psychology, and intuition have indicated that there are practical ways to enjoy life more.

I love helping individuals, couples and groups enjoy connecting deeply with their meaningful work and key relationships through sustainable stress management.

More than 10 years ago, I was trained as a life & relationship coach by Tony Robbins and also became a certified fitness & yoga instructor.

Fine art, great books, seasonal changes, astronomy and the astrological cycles inspire me.

Women’s cycles are especially fascinating regarding relationships, health and creativity.

I offer private and group coaching, online programs, + in-person workshops and events.

When I’m not teaching, leading or taking care of my family you might find me dancing at a rock concert or motorcycling through nature’s tree-cathedrals…or connecting with awesome people like you.

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