Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships
Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships

Relationship Magic

You know you deserve better.

There are so many things that can come between two people who love each other.

Terrible things like illness, aggravation, lies.

Good stuff like work, your creative projects and children.

If things are ‘good’, or just ‘OK’ but you really want- phenomenal....power-couple level stuff…

Even when you’re feeling angry, ignored, wilted (or dead inside) for a while now….

It’s totally possible to be a successful, spiritually minded person, and still feel disconnected in your relationships.

Just try to imagine your passion and peace in full bloom at the same time.

Growth can feel sublime.

Low drama in your relationship finally allows you to be more relaxed, creative and intuitive so your best work can come through you.

When you’re not using up your powerful energy for fighting, disgruntling, or resenting, you’re inspired to enjoy the fullness of life… with a loving, supportive, understanding partner.

Less overall stress will make you healthier and more effective in every aspect of life. Quickly.

The RELATIONSHIP MAGIC program will also help you clarify what you really want– and what your partner secretly wants.

Even if only you do the minimum in the program

It’s that potent.

Things can be different tonight.

More than 11 years ago I trained and certified as a relationship coach and marriage educator with Tony Robbins. You know him as the original ‘life coach’ that gets FAST results for superstars. He, along with Cloe Madanes, a family therapist whose written multiple books during her professorship and private practice, shared their best techniques and practices with me.

I learned from the best and and I love to learn. I love to share and teach too.

That’s why I think it’s important that you have the skills to do this on your own for ALL OF YOUR RELATIONSHIPS.

I was inspired to create The Relationship Magic program to get to the core issues faster.

Right away I’ll share evidence-based techniques that will help you figure out what’s really going on and solve problems more quickly.

Here’s where you can move through arguments and resentful feelings to get to the heart of the change that you’d like to see. Negotiation that feels liberating and honest and good.

I’ll show you how these new energetics will up a strong trajectory for more growth and happiness..

+More intimacy. +More love for all.

RELATIONSHIP MAGIC is not only a system to create unparalleled intimacy, it creates an opportunity for your best work through self realization.

⭐Discover your personal best self care strategies to get grounded, and relax (which enhances your devastatingly good looks) and improve your intuition (for better decisions and brilliant negotiating with your partner) and confident knowing, and create the stability, love and fun you know is possible.

Less stress is always good for more love and romance…and personal development.

Create customized practices to use especially when you’re stressed. Shift your mood and get a higher perspective- whenever you want. Feel calm, loved, and more loving.

You don’t need a ton of time to be effective.

This work doesn’t have to suck, feel scary or raw.

I’ve tried it that way, and so have you.

These are simple skills and strategies that will help you understand each other.

I’ve learned so much from my own marriage of 25+ years, (and 3 children!) and I want to share with you the fastest path to:

  • Heartfelt understanding with kindness, trust and respect
  • Giving and getting what you truly need in relationship to be happy
  • Reclaiming playfulness, passion and presence
  • Creating alignment for a secure and happy future

The RELATIONSHIP MAGIC Makeover system is timeless.

You can revisit this process during key life changes and new issues- or to use the techniques for other important relationships (family, friends, co-workers, clients, contractors, etc.) as well.

That’s life changing. I have to say it.

It’s a life changing system that’s delivered instantly after checkout. You’ll have the unique-to-you customized blueprint for the highest, hottest, most fun version of your relationship possible at this time.

Personal support? ⭐YES⭐

⭐You get:

  • The RELATIONSHIP MAGIC Maakeover system sent to you right away for results tonight.
  • +VIP Goal setting & clarity check-in audits w/my personal recommendations emailed to you. This is a way to keep on track and strategize changes with grace while getting aligned energetically for your projects, ideas and/or fertility.
  • + My expert astrological insights from over 30 years of practice that highlight your personal strengths and compatibility strategies that feel natural and easy to do. Every relationship is fundamentally different. Loving tactics and sexy tricks that’re customized to YOUR partnership and couple-culture, style and relationship goals in a way that feels authentic (not forced or fake) for you both. You don’t have to figure this out on your own.
  • 6 private RELATIONSHIP MAGIC phone or zoom sessions with you- or both of you. for :

🖤Intuitive, strategic coaching to heal your heart from past hurts and resentment so you can both grow to the next level of understanding and love.

💜Finally seeing clearly your family’s early influence and imprints on your relationships

🖤How to create a self care plan based on your personality and goals

💜Plus uncover your hottest attributes and how to enhance them for each other.

🖤Togetherness and the art of more loving negotiation vs. your most current conflict

💜Learn how to create – and break- boundaries from the past for better intimacy and understanding.

⭐Together, we do all of this with humor, respect, and much love.

The world needs more love in it.

World circumstances have placed great stress on relationships and families.

Forming more loving alliances is necessary for thriving in today’s world.

Married couples, please know that the divorce rate is hovering around 50%. Divorce is expensive and often disruptive to every facet of life. Children need their parents (and models of other successful couples) to demonstrate the power of loving relationships that can be sustained.

Even if you’re not married…More love and understanding can save the world.

I believe that.

I believe in your love.

“You always give great advice and help me to see things from my husband’s perspective so that I understand where he’s coming from….and I’m way less angry!.” 

C.A.H.  West Palm Beach, FL

She {Jess} is able to quickly integrate your story and share practical, non-judgmental powerful recommendations. She radiates Love!

R.F. Harrisburg, PA

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Does my partner have to do any of this? No. You are welcome to share any and all of the content with your partner, invite them to sessions, talk about the practices, practice together…or not.

You’ll see results with your effort alone, and your partner, as a result, will shift and grow as well. When you are clear about your own values, goals and needs -as well as your partner’s… magic happens. This works if your dating too. (See next Q for more)

Q: What if I’m NOT in a committed relationship, will this work? Oh yes. Here’s the thing, Plaaayer…This will give you an unfair advantage in the dating world. Once you know these tricks, you will be the perfect partner. Don’t hurt anybody, Hot Stuff.

Q: What if things are already pretty good? If you’re in love and considering taking the relationship to the next level of intimacy, commitment, or combining forces on some kind of big project (or baby!) -I would recommend this program. Setting you up for a trajectory of growth, connection and understanding will only enhance what you’ve already got. More love is possible. How good can you stand it?

What is your refund policy? If you are serious about creating the best version of your relationship and willing to be open to a new perspective you will get great results.

There is of course free will, and if either of you are set in your mind on dissolving the relationship, then the focus can be put on making everything as amicable as possible through effective negotiation and respect, and moving on.

Remember, these strategies will help with every relationship you are in – IF you apply the principals I share in this workshop. There are no refunds.

But it’s actually also an investment in your ‘next’ relationship, and ALL future relationships as well. (Co-workers, child, client, sibling, in-laws, etc) We can redirect focus the private sessions to get better results for any relationship.

Q: Do I need to know astrology? Nope. I’m going to use my 30+ years of experience with the magic of astrology-psychology to get to the very core of your loving hearts, without a ton of backstory. We save time and get to the good stuff faster in our sesions.

Q: What if we’re fighting all the time, is there hope for us? Yes. You need this now. Things can be different tonight. The Relationship Magic system is instantly delivered. De-stress fast from all that drama and take pro-active action that heals hearts and creates more love.

Q: What if I have other questions that are not here? email me at and ask me or book a complementary 15 minute consultation. and we can figure what’s best for your specific situation.

Your relationship can be more loving TONIGHT.