Stress is the epidemic.

Life is cyclical. Honoring the cycles and natural laws provide peace- for your body, your mind, and your indestructible spirit. Helps you flow & prepare for what’s important. The shifting seasons along with the Sun & moon’s Astrological phases keep your relationships, productiveness and creativity flourishing when you know how to tap in to their energies.

We are bombarded with messages encouraging a lifestyle of doing more, and not ever really feeling accomplished. We have cool inventions, appliances, apps and technological advances, but are we using them responsibly? They’re designed to make our lives easier, and yet we’re more stressed than before.  These 7 sacred ways make it easy in modern day life.

Look: Stress Management must be a priority for your optimal well being. Your well being is important. (Especially if past relationships taught you otherwise.) These practices will assist you in feeling like your most relaxed and radiant self right away.

Stress will affect every aspect of your life if you allow it.  Research by the CDC (Center of Disease Control) has proven that 75% – 90% of illness is caused by or exacerbated by stress. An illness can cause even more stress to contend with. That sucks! Being stressed blocks your creativity and personal power, big timeStress in relationships can cause them to be unfulfilling, complicated, or even destroyed. Expressing yourself effectively becomes impossible and makes you act all “drama” and not like yourself. ..leads to poor decision making and missed opportunities….Then what? No awesome YOU? We can’t have that. The world needs your special energy, your creations, your love. Practice one of these 7 stress relieving things every day and feel great. Enter your address and i’ll send it over to you.

P.S. When you’re stressed, having patience with the ones you love (and don’t love, so much) is way more challenging. Then you’re making frowning, mad faces that create frowning-mad-wrinkles…which could also stress you out. Or make you look like you’re always stressed out.

You need more beauty and love in your life! We all do. Your flourishing well being deserves a strategic magical experience, more often, to invite more beauty and love in. Enter your email address and it’s on it’s way with a loving energy transmission… so prepare to receive!