Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships
Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships

Stress Management must be a priority. 

We’re all bombarded with messages encouraging a lifestyle of doing more, rarely feeling accomplished or relaxed enough to enjoy it.

We have ‘intelligent and smart’ inventions, appliances, and apps that’re supposed to make our lives easier. Yet most are more stressed, sick, overweight and depressed than before.

Stress Management has to be a priority for your optimal relationships, well being and health. 

Especially so if someone ever told you, showed you, or made you feel like -your wellbeing was NOT important.

The practices I want to share with you help you feel like your most relaxed self right away AND boost your miraculous immune system at the same time.. It’s time to care more about your body and believe in a long, healthy, enjoyable life.

Why should you care?

Besides better health, here are two surprising benefits to managing stress:

1. MORE CREATIVITY: Did you know that being stressed out from heath, work, etc. blocks your creativity and personal power?  Expressing yourself effectively becomes nearly impossible.

The negative effect of stress on the mind and cognitive power leads to confusions, misunderstandings, bad decisions and missed opportunities ….affecting the clarity of your great ideas and true brilliance.

In case you forgot, the world needs your good work, your special energy and your creations.

Your unique Divine expression.

2. MORE LOVE: Relationships can become no fun, unfulfilling, overcomplicated, or even destroyed while under stress. Having patience with the ones you love (and don’t love so much) is waaay more challenging when other stressors begin to factor in to the equation..

When you’re making frowning-mad faces and not handling sources of stress for too long, it creates frowning-mad-wrinkles…which might also stress you out. Or make you look like you’re always stressed out.

Stop frowning. I have more to share.

Specifically, 7 of my favorite stress relieving strategies for you to try out anytime.

Your flourishing well being deserves to invite more love and self care in.

You need more self care and love in your life.

We all do.

Flowing with the seasons and cycles of the natural world add a depth to your wellbeing.

This helps you create more meaningful and mindful experiences.

Nature provides a soothing, predicable rhythm than can help you stay focused and calm. The Sun as it flows from dawn to dusk- and back again- delineating your day.

The Moon, shifting phases to full and invisible each month, the rising of certain other planets and cosmic occurrences that correlate with great change. Most people don’t even notice. My love for astronomy combined with ancient and classic art and archeology keeps me fascinated.

The psychological archetypes of mythology teach us about self reflection and encourage personal growth. I write and talk about these themes on my astrology blog along with self care tactics you’ll love.

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