Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships
Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships

Stress is the epidemic.

We are bombarded with messages encouraging a lifestyle of doing more, and not ever really feeling accomplished. We have cool inventions, appliances, and apps that’re supposed to make our lives easier. Yet we’re more stressed than before.

Stress Management has to be a priority for your optimal well being. 

Especially if someone ever told you, showed you, or made you feel like your wellbeing was NOT important. These practices help you feel like your most relaxed and radiant self right away and boost your immune system at the same time.. You need that.

Did you know that being stressed blocks your creativity and personal power?  Relationships become no fun, unfulfilling, overcomplicated, or even destroyed. Expressing yourself effectively becomes impossible. You don’t even know what you want. Stress leads to bad decisions and missed opportunities….

When you’re stressed, having patience with the ones you love (and don’t love, so much) is way more challenging. Then you’re making a frowning-mad face that could create frowning-mad-wrinkles…which could also stress you out. Or make you look like you’re always stressed out.

The world needs your special energy, your creations, your love. Practice any one of these 7 stress relieving strategies anytime and feel great.

Connect to the astrological timings to feel in flow with the seasons and cycles of the natural world.

You need more self care and love in your life!

We all do.

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