Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships

*The Sanctuary*

More love, peace and clarity will grow your confidence and faith so you can evolve, level up and make progress on the stuff that’s important to you right away… 24/7 access a collection of practices, trainings, and transmissions that get you feeling healthy, and ramping up your self care.

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Know that you ARE worthy of self care…

Managing your time better is key. Your busy, and potent, efficiency practices can tak ethe pressure off and so you’re even more effective. When you know and value what’s really important to you, you make better choices that lead right to your happiness and fulfillment.

In the Sanctuary you’ll find:

  • Magical potent practices that don’t take up lots of time- so you can feel awesome, make better decisions, and have more energy for your work and/or art.
  • Energetic self-care tune-ups for whenever you need a boost in confidence, beauty, magnetism, health, creativity and tranquility.
  • Ways of combatting Depressionto get you feeling good again.
  • How to plan and enjoy the season with less stress
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  • Rhythmic check-ins to clarify your desires, intentions and goals– and how to move towards them easily with New Moon Planning and Elemental Magic
  • Get a transmission from the celestial energies to best utilize your personal powers and a healing lunar transmissions from Jessamina
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You’re my practical-magic coach.

Sister Goddess M.B.
  • Learn self care strategies specific for you. This is gold.
  • Magical alternatives to tedious and boring exercise. Healing ritual dances, low-impact functional workouts for you to do at home or anywhere, anytime you want to improve health-  Access pure celebratory energy, sensuality, strength AND express the stuff that’s hard to understand mentally or unravel emotionally- healing in the physical form. All levels. Your body can be the conduit for for feeling good .. BTW: All magical fitness classes are non-impact, easy, yet powerful! You’ll love these specialized playful sacred movements that help your posture, grace and mobility, making you look and feel sexy and confident.

My body felt amazing, and I truly enjoyed myself.

Sister Goddess N.S.
Access to peace, practices, support and trainings whenever and wherever you need it.
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It’s time spent treating yourself kindly.

– Sister Goddess J.H.

The Sanctuary is an online temple. You decide how much time you have and what you need. There are quick potent practices, intensives and everything in between. Releasing stress and balancing your time to include strategic self care. Learn to create time…

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I learned a ton of hard lessons from illness, disappointment and inspired action. Studying with the masters of neuroscience, NLP, strategic coaching, more than 30 years of study into natural law, biology, nutrition, psychology, medicine, herbalism, energy healing modalities, and various arts of intuition, astrology and more…I learned that there are simple preventative and corrective practices.. and none of them are complicated. It’s such a confidence boost to have meaningful & sacred potent practices available whenever you need them… and it’s like a miracle when you’re looking better, creating and laughing more. Relationships deepen, vitality revived, and things just seem to go your way.. with less effort.  

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  • Self-loving discipline that feels great with feedback, accountability and/or customized quarterly seasonal planning.
  • Design specific potent self care rituals for your optimal well-being.

A safe place…

{Jess is:} Very knowledgeable and personable. She has a free spirit but at the same time holds space and makes you feel like you are important.”

Sister Goddess A.F.
  • Connect to your Moon-cycle, and/or your partner’s. Hormone mood tracking strategies for keeping your stress down, and you and your loved ones happy.

An opportunity to connect with the Divine Feminine. 

-Sister Goddess K.C. 
  • Red Tent- Moon-time releasing, womb ceremonies & blessings, and on-point practices to help heal: bad relationships, damage from insensitive lover(s), sexual, gynecological or birth trauma(s), dis-empowering medical procedures and programmed beliefs from society, parents, religion and more… clear this stuff away and reveal the more empowered & healed God/dess within. Yeah you.
  • Discover your secret needs and get clarity on your deep desires when you’re feeling uncertain or low.
  • Process, heal and grow – or release, and excavate the treasures of past experiences for your higher perspective and purpose.

My heart was happy and I had sooo much more energy through today.  This work with you has been such an important part of seeing myself in a new way. 

-Sister Goddess M.B
  • Easy ways you can keep your vitality & health up – for being more effective at your work, art or practices and way more fun to be around.
  • How to identify your sexiest, powerful aspect(s) and how to use them for your success and more love.
  • Assistance with your creative plans, productivity or goals.

{Jess is}An authentic, inspiring and enlightening leader and counsel.

– Sister Goddess D.P.

I’m a kind, non-judgmental strategic self-love and relationship coach – as well as master energy healer & teacher. I’m trustworthy and have the best intentions for you. I want you to get what you want…So it’s important to me to make our time together powerful & truthful. Together we’ll learn more about you, what you really want, and need, with simple processes.

Better than Therapy!!!

-Sister Goddess K.M.

It was so uplifting and just what my soul needed.

– Sister Goddess B.S.L.