The Goddess Sanctuary


The Sanctuary is a place where you can get support with your healing, connect back to your pleasure and enhance your intuition to know what the next aligned action is. It’s open all day, everyday. Every hour of every night. Private, loving support from me and access to the Sanctuary here.

When I was in the process of moving out of state without all my old routines..I used these practices to connect to my essence, be more mindful and intentional. I created the Goddess Sanctuary for myself and the practices soothed my spirit, called up the strength of my body, and assisted me in creating a more intentional life that I enjoy immensely…Some of these exact seasonal potent practices are in the Goddess Sanctuary, conveniently located in one spot that you can access any time, or right now.

You decide how much time you have, and engage with some of the potent practices inside. Be happier knowing that you made some progress today.   How would you hold yourself in your body, in a conversation, in the bedroom(!) when you feel accomplished?

Wanna find out?


  • Discover what else is possible when your routines and daily practices reflect who you are and who you are becoming.
  • Why having no time for yourself or having too much unstructured time on your hands gets the same crappy results.
  • Get a free pass on any more guilt- Why it’s not your fault that you don’t feel productive.
  • Boundaries. What they are. What they are not. Why they are important, and how to set them without being aggressive or giving ultimatums, so you can enjoy your relationships to the fullest.
  • How to categorize and implement the stuff that’s important and the stuff you avoid.
  • Ignoring, procrastinating and why stuff isn’t getting done.
  • Love what you do, get intimate with what makes you happy and identify your “big why”.
  • Making adjustments when things get chaotic, while honoring your own natural rhythms, energy levels and the seasonal changes too.
  • Easily create systems and routines that don’t feel restrictive or stifle your creativity.

TOUCH YOUR THROAT NOW AND SAY, “I am willing to change”AND THEN SAY, “There is plenty of time for me to do what I want to do.” We can set up a time now to discuss the best way to do this.

It’s finally time!

Get your projects on track and feel more capable.

Do inspired work that is gratifying.

Feel confident about what you need to do each day

Be self-assured when loved-ones (and not-so-loved-ones) try to encroach on your time.

Know yourself, accept yourself and build a system that works for you.

We can do this together and to support you furthur, you get access to the Goddess Sanctuary.

A virtual temple you can access anywhere for your retreat for a minute, 5 minutes, an hour, or more.

Inside are potent practices, mindful meditations, wonderful workouts to keep you stress free, stretched , strong and sexy. Inspired ways of connecting deeper to your goals while aligning to the sun & moon for added power.


As women it’s culturally ingrained to take care of others. This shows up in our relationships, work, health, and the daily choices we make. To be effective, help others, and still create time for yourself and your passion projects without feeling overwhelmed can be a challenge. Fulfilling relationships can feel impossible when you’re overdoing it everywhere else.

Did you know that creating space and time for your well-being can become a rhythmic routine?

Together we uncover and discover the strategic ways to create self-care that’s meaningful for you.

The feminine body, feelings, and mental processes follow the rhythm of the moon and seasons, and when we tune in, we can learn so much.

“The perfect way to balance inspiration, fun, acceptance, relaxation and love”.– Sister Goddess E.P.



I want to share them with you now.

I know how full your life can easily get, and this is a strategic approach to slow it down and accomplish more.

Sacred, conscious practices that get great results with just a little time, with loving yourself more as a direct side effect.

It’s simple:

Get The Key

to the

Goddess Sanctuary

 I learned a ton of hard lessons from illness, disappointment and inspired action.  There are simple preventative and corrective practices.. and none of them are complicated. It’s such a wonderful feeling to be supported by meaningful & sacred potent practices… and it’s like a miracle when you’re looking better and laughing more. It’s a delight as relationships deepen and health is revived.
I was inspired to create more art, programs, systems and enjoy writing again while helping more and more people.
My natural abilities became amplified, and used each day, and I finally allowed myself to really enjoy myself.

“My heart was happy and I had sooo much more energy through today.  This work with you has been such an important part of seeing myself in a new way.” -Sister Goddess M.B

Look Lady, I totally understand how it feels to want to crawl into a deep dark hole and not want come out.. to give up, or pine away at the window for a glimmer of hope and a brighter day. But that day is today and the time is now. 

“It’s time spent treating yourself kindly”- Sister Goddess J.H.

“It was so uplifting and just what my soul needed.”- Sister Goddess B.S.L.

The Goddess Sanctuary is:

  • 3 months of access to the goddess Sanctuary, with 3 Full Moon integrations and healing transmissions, so you can embody the energy and heal that shadow stuff that shows up during these timings. We get to work together for 3 lunar Cycles, so patterns emerge and are easier to identify and work with.
  • Feel awesome and get de-stressed  fast with of Potent Practices that don’t take up lots of time .
  • Personal Mooncycle trackingMoontime release ceremonies and blessings to help heal ; bad relationships, situations, insensitive lovers, sexual trauma, dis-empowering or frightening medical procedures and programmed beliefs. So you can have a greater experience of love, authentic sexuality and self-loving sensuality that feels great and stays with you everyday.
  • Get a great workout at home or anywhere, anytime you want with full length Goddess Experience Classes on demand. These are healing ritual dance workouts you can enjoy on your own and in your own time.  It becomes possible to express things physically that are hard to understand mentally or unravel emotionally ….and It all feels so good!  Exercise becomes a devotional practice that is about all about self-awareness, rather than don’t over think it, or count yourself out if you’ve never tried anything like this before..or you don’t usually enjoy your workout. All movement is non-impact, so if you’ve got permission from your healthcare provider to exercise at all, you can definitely do this! You’ll love these specialized movements that help with great posture and moving with grace while making you look and feel hot and confident even on the days you don’t workout, or feel like everything is tedious.

“I really didn’t know what to expect. What I experienced was a delicious, delightful dancing experience. An opportunity to connect with the Divine Feminine” . -Sister Goddess K.C. 

“My body felt amazing, and I truly enjoyed myself.” Sister Goddess N.S.

  • Quick practices for feeling great at your desk, even on low energy days.
  • How to easily utilize the earth, moon and stars’ sacred timings and tips to energize your creations
  • Easy energetic Tune-up techniques for when you need a boost
  • Process and heal persistent hurts, grow past them or release, and excavate the treasures of past experiences and open up to more love with loving, supportive, private transformation sessions with me.

Just Breathe . We do this together. We could even do it at the spa.

I’m a strategic self-love and relationship coach as well as master energy healer & teacher. So it’s important to make our time together strategic as well. Connect to and learn more about your core self, and what you really want, and need, with simple processes.

Each of our private sessions are structured to take you through a process …but You may choose to focus on or schedule one of your sessions for any of this kind of stuff too:

  • Assisting with your creative plans and articulating deep desires
  • Questions about specific Goddess Practices or workshop (s)
  • Mooncycle/Hormone/Mood tracking and strategies for keeping stress down
  • Supportive, non-judgemental spiritual counsel
  • Relationship/Love Goddess Coaching and identifying your sexiest aspect(s)
  • Tarot, astrology and oracle Reading(s)/Teaching/Techniques for developing your intuition furthur
  • Help designing your own potent practice (s), routines and meaningful Self care strategies
  • Healing session(s) remotely or in-person (central PA)
  • Optional Spa Day*
  • New moon/Full Moon personal intention feedback and practical steps
  • Movement Therapy session (s)
  • Help you plan more effectively and feel clear about your priorities each day.
  • Ask me (almost) anything

Support and nurturing care for your healing and emotions in a safe container..

You’ll enjoy connecting to your good, sweet, healthy, sensual wholeness again… You are the Goddess, and I respect you as such.

It’s a synergistic approach that includes my private support for all the real tender stuff. Like your own private Red Tent.

Get workouts, meditation practices, energy transmission sessions, and healing experiences that’ll make you feel good on demand 24/7.  Because feeling disconnected and dissatisfied shows up at odd and inconvenient times.

You are supported.  You can always talk it over with me, your Personal Goddess consultant, by phone, zoom room, skype, text or email…or at the spa.

In addition to the Spring Goddess Experience,  24/7 Goddess Sanctuary & private sessions….

You get BONUS Stuff too:

Bonus #1

  • Workshop training: Lila with Lakshmi – for the evolution of your prosperity and abundance. More info here

Bonus #2

  • The Stress-Less Holiday Goddess Experience- How to enjoy the holidays even more and nurture your sparkly self  More info here

Bonus #3

  • Workshop training: Embody the Love Goddess-How to release energetic cords from past lovers and/or experiences, chakra clearing, and open the heart to greater love. More info here

Bonus #4

  • Workshop training: Nourishing Food for Better Moods– so you can enjoy life more without stress, lose some excess weight and have more energy

More Awesome Bonuses and Goodies:

  • Workshop training: 30 day plan(s) to create something great- this practice is extremely practical and assists you in getting what you really want.
  • Workshop training: Time Bending and Strategic Self care – How to Prioritize your creativity,  understand your values, identifying the stuff you love and finding the time and motivation to actually do it!
  • Personalized surprise gift(s) from me
  • Opportunity for a private Spa day with me

Want to ask me a question, see if this is right for you, or just say “YES! ” to this?

I want to talk with you too!


All 5 workshops listed above
Access to the Goddess Sanctuary for 3 Lunar Cycles
Full Length Goddess Experience Workouts
Potent time-stamped Goddess Practices that nourish your body, mind and spirit
3 Full Moon Energy Transmissions
Astrological activations
Private sessions with me plus priority text and email

Stop feeling alone.  

Support is here and available to you now.

Reconnect with your joy, your open heart, your beautiful body and your life’s purpose
Still reading?..maybe means you have more questions.
So Let’s set up a time to answer your questions now.