*Work with me*

Get some confidence and make progress on the stuff that’s important to you right away…Private, loving, personalized support, and 24/7 access to the Goddess Sanctuary, a collection of practices, trainings, and transmissions that get you sparkling.

“Better than Therapy!!!”

-Sister Goddess K.M.
  • Get clarity on your deep desires when you think you don’t know what you want, and assistance with your creative plans and productivity,
  • Moon-cycle/Hormone/Mood tracking strategies for keeping your stress down, and your vitality & health up -so you can be effective and more fun to be around.
  • Love Goddess Coaching to identify your sexiest, and powerful aspect(s) and how to use them for your success.
  • Get a higher perspective, process and heal persistent hurts, grow past them or release, and excavate the treasures of past experiences.

“An opportunity to connect with the Divine Feminine” . 

-Sister Goddess K.C. 

This is way more personal customized support than any program I’ve seen anywhere else. and includes private, scheduled sessions and unlimited text, email and/or messaging. Plus Goddess sanctuary access 24/7 for 3 lunar cycles. (3 months)

In the Sanctuary you’ll find:

  • 3 Full Moon integrations and healing transmissions. You can Easily embody the current celebratory energy power and heal that shadow stuff that shows up during these timings too. Your patterns emerge and are easier to identify to work through
  • Magical practices that don’t take up lots of time so you can feel awesome, make better decisions, and have more energy while getting de-stressed fast
  • Energetic self-care tune-ups for whenever you need a boost
  • Processes for greater experience of love, authentic sexuality and self-loving sensuality that feels great and stays with you everyday
  • Moon-time releasing, womb ceremonies & blessings, and on-point practices to help heal: bad relationships & situations, the damage from insensitive lover(s), sexual, gynecological or birth trauma(s), dis-empowering or frightening medical procedures and programmed beliefs from society, parents, religion and more… clear this stuff away and reveal the more empowered & healed Goddess within.
  • Bi-Monthly check-ins to clarify your desires, intentions and goals- and how to move towards them easily, with the most pleasure and self care built right in. I give you my feedback, suggestions and customized plans to get you there even faster. Accountability too, when/if you need a nudge.
  • On demand healing ritual dance workouts for you to do at home or anywhere, anytime you want –  It becomes possible to express things physically that are hard to understand mentally or unravel emotionally ….while burning calories and feeling good.  A magical alternative to tedious and boring exercise… BTW: All movement is non-impact, and easy, yet powerful! (So if you’ve got permission from your healthcare provider to exercise at all, you can definitely do this.) You’ll love these specialized movements that help with great posture and moving with grace while making you look and feel hot and confident even on the days you don’t workout.

“My body felt amazing, and I truly enjoyed myself.” Sister Goddess N.S.

The Goddess Sanctuary is a place where you can get support with your healing, right away. Connect back to your pleasure.  Enhance your intuition to know what the next aligned action is…and then have the confidence to take it!  It’s open all day, everyday. Fast, magical healing practices that help you thrive, feel purposeful and release stress.

These practices are truly potent, energy-shifting experiences of the divine feminine. Releasing stress and balancing your time to include strategic self care can be one of the critical components that’s missing from your plan.

“It’s time spent treating yourself kindly”- Sister Goddess J.H.

It’s kinda like self-care insurance.

together drinking coffee

Optional Spa day

I’m a kind, non-judgmental strategic self-love and relationship coach as well as master energy healer & teacher. So it’s important to make our time together strategic as well. Connect to and learn more about your core self, and what you really want, and need, with simple processes, and a little astrology…it’ll be fun.

{Jess is}”An authentic, inspiring and enlightening leader and counsel.” – Sister Goddess D.P.

I’ll help you design your own specific potent practice (s), daily rituals and meaningful self care strategies for your best life ever. Get some self-loving discipline that feels great.

You’re my practical-magic coach.” Sister Goddess M.B.

You’ll enjoy connecting to your good, sweet, healthy, sensual wholeness again..Sometimes it’s hard to make yourself as important as you actually are… You are the Goddess, and I respect you as such.

About Jess: “Very knowledgeable and personable. She has a free spirit but at the same time holds space and makes you feel like you are important.” Sister Goddess A.F.

It’s a synergistic approach that includes my private support for all the real tender stuff. Like your own private Red Tent/Moonlodge too. Your sanctuary.

Look Lady, I totally understand how it feels to want to crawl into a deep dark hole and not want come out.. to want to give up, or pine away at the window for a glimmer of hope and a brighter day. That day is today and the time is now. 

I learned a ton of hard lessons from illness, disappointment and inspired action.  There are simple preventative and corrective practices.. and none of them are complicated. It’s such a wonderful feeling to be supported by meaningful & sacred potent practices… and it’s like a miracle when you’re looking better and laughing more. It’s a delight as relationships deepen and health is revived, and things just seem to go your way with less effort.  

“My heart was happy and I had sooo much more energy through today.  This work with you has been such an important part of seeing myself in a new way.” -Sister Goddess M.B

You get to decide how much time you have, and engage with some of the potent practices inside. Then be happier knowing that you made significant progress on the things that matter to you most.   How would you hold yourself in your body, in a conversation, in the bedroom(!) when you feel accomplished?

Wanna find out?

I know how full your life can easily get, and this is a strategic approach to slow it down and accomplish more. Even though this is a lot of info..just know it’s laid out so simply and you get results right away! Sacred, conscious practices that get great results with just a little time, with loving yourself more as a direct side effect. Get The Key to the Goddess Sanctuary    

“It was so uplifting and just what my soul needed.”- Sister Goddess B.S.L.