Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships
Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships


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Self care is 100% your responsiblity.

How you feel affects your work, your relationships and your health.

Access: Healing ⭐ Peace ⭐ Vitality

….whenever you want.

Feeling stressed? The COSMIC SANCTUARY is an online sacred space you can access anywhere, anytime .

A space to align your body to the frequencies of pleasure, strength and health through functional, magical fitness, healing, meditation and MORE.

Calming ways to self realization with contemplation exercises and intuition practices that align with the seasons and the solar and lunar cycles.

A place to powerfully focus & plan with the cosmic timings and your own biorhythms.

Blessings, encouragement and upliftment when you need it most.

Why is stress management this important???

Well, you’ve got your own reasons, here were some of mine….

I figured out that the despondency and anger of being abused and betrayed in a crap relationship is not sustainable.

I learned that the constant deadlines in a backstabby work environment leads to overworking and/or burnout.

Stress lowers immune function, so I learned how scary and disruptive it can be dealing with illness.

Although I’m a mom of three wonderful boys, happily married and healthy, life still has it’s challenges.

Even good things- like a residential move, a financial win, a new baby, business, partner etc.. cause ‘positive’ stress.

Here’s what I noticed.

Most self development systems, trackers, and frameworks don’t allow for your individuality…As if your particular situations, energy levels and preferences didn’t matter.

Well, they definitely do.

Your personality enjoys a particular motivation, specific inspiration and a unique type of energy to get momentum. These can fluctuate throughout the seasons and cosmic cycles as well.

I promise you safety AND convieince, as you peel back the layers of untruths to reveal the beautiful magic of your spirit.

Of course you want to birth your special ‘projects’ and feel ‘good’ in your body and enjoy being in your relationships…. so you can make the world better too. Right?

What about when you require rest, calm or a nurturing space to even get a good idea on what to do next?

You could try powering through, keep doing what you’re doing.. but it’s not sustainable.

You already know that.

Because you might accidentally sacrifice your health- and risk being resentful, in pain or ashamed of the way you look, feel or respond.

You might ignore the sacredness of time and the ones you love -and just try harder with longer hours.


If you’ve pretty much given up on your goals and creativity + let ‘everything and everyone else’ be more important. I hear you.

Life’s no fun without cultivating greater meaning and growth.

Your relationships would definitely suffer.

Your body wouldn’t be as cooperative, sexy and vital as it could be.

You might never accomplish goals that mean anything.. or feel good or worthy of them even when you ARE achieving.

Your negative self talk could be an unforgiving tirade -opening you up to more self abuse of all kinds. Even when you do create success, you woudn’t have the energy to even enjoy it once you got there. WTF??

It doesn’t have to be that way.

You deserve so much better.

I’ve developed a system that takes away the struggle with stress that you can access anytime.

You can literally go from stressed out to serene in minutes.

Even when you start out confused you can get clear in a way that honors your magic, your unique genius and truth.

You need magic every day.

Magic is the flowering of the human potential.

You already decided to evolve.

You’re already helping others….the way you take care of yourself is in direct correlation with what you are capable of at any given time.

Potentiality varies.

Every day is different.

Feel lazy, limited and uninspired? Simply login. You’ll be guided to choose from a variety of effective strategies that feel natural and easy to implement with the energy level that you do have.. Boom-you’re a rockstar again.

Maybe just need to calm down fast? Each practice is designed specifically for your upliftment and relaxing the nervous system…so that even the ‘action taking’ parts of life feel more aligned and easeful. You’re calm, cool, and collected.

You’re my practical-magic coach!

M.B. -New York

I’m a married mom of three boys so I know the value, and urgent need for efficiency and energy conservation.

As a healer, coach, and instructor for more than 15 years, I learned I couldn’t be of service to anyone if I couldn’t take care of myself effectively.

So for me, self care actually started out as a survival tactic, and then a system I replicated with phenomenal success. Now it’s blossomed into a conscientious business that’s soothed, inspired and helped thousands.

I know what you’re thinking. Maybe you don’t have any time for this.

Your life is already full.

Right! Most of the practices in THE COSMIC SANCTUARY are short, potent practices designed to move the needle and get you feeling powerful again- in minutes.

However, I do have to come clean and tell you that there are some longer workshops, workouts and practices too. Any and all of which are under an hour and worth your time for what you gain in wellbeing and clarity.

Or not.

You get to choose what works for you and when. That’s the beauty of it.

You connect with what you need, when you need it most.

My body felt amazing, and I truly enjoyed myself.


If you think it couldn’t be this simple, let me assure you, some of the best solutions are the ones that also simple and feel great to your body, mind and spirit.

It was so uplifting and just what my soul needed.

-B.S.L. – New York

A sacred space for you including:

  • A variety of magic practices and meditations that Eliminate stress, anxiety, and negative vibes + uplifting seasonal prompts that don’t take up lots of time- so you can feel peaceful, make better decisions, and have more energy for people you love and your work/art.
  • Magical Fitness – An alternatives to tedious and boring exercise. Workout with me. I’ve been a specialized fitness instructor for more than 15 years. Try soothing movements, gentle yoga and more. Shake it up with healing dances. All levels of fitness for these low-impact cardio and functional workouts. Get more strength , flexibility, and overall health with mini-workouts for foot fitness and back health too. Your body can be the conduit for for feeling good even if you’re sitting too much , have injuries, or certain physical limitations.
  • Make progress on your most precious goals with an ancient elemental process you’ll love. Important tracking measures that gently focus your aims towards your truth and heart’s desires.
  • How to activate your intuition to clarify your desires, intentions and goals– and how to move towards them easily with gentle reminders and potent practices for better focus..
  • Stay in flow and focused and enjoy each seasonal shift. Activate the archetypal frequencies to help you access specific helpful, gifts and qualities as we pass through each sign of the zodiac, month to month. It’s a delightful path of cosmic evolution and self knowledge.
  • On-demand energy healings and energy transmissions -so convenient! Get the benefit of distance reiki healings and soulful blessings whenever you need it. As an ethical conduit for non-denominational healing and more love, I promise only the highest intentions for you, your health and happiness.


bonus*A mini workshop on

Scientifically proven ways of combatting depression and low energy to get you feeling good and connected to source again.

  • How to feel creative, happy and get moving in the right direction when you’re feeling low.
  • Identify exactly what’s stressing you out
  • how to manage stress without negative coping mechanisms.

Ready for that UPLIFT?

The COSMIC SANCTUARY is 24/7 access to peace, practices, sacred movement and trainings whenever and wherever you need it.

It’s time spent treating yourself kindly.

J.H. -New York