Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships


….Because you need magic every day!

24/7 access to more love, peace and clarity so you can slay all the things

The SANCTUARY is a private sacred space you can access anywhere, anytime.

  • Restore and preserve your health with a collection of sacred fitness sessions, practices and healings
  • Stay in flow and focused. Cosmic astrological transmissions of the current available energies you can access
  • Make progress on your most precious goals with a revolutionary, magical elemental process you’ll love
  • Eliminate frenzied stress, resentful anxiety, and negative self talk with uplifting seasonal practices

When my 3 sons were small, I realized the urgent need for efficiency and energy conservation. I learned the hard way how pointless it was to let my valuable health, well-being and self esteem get tossed aside. As an eenergy healer, I couldn’t be of service to anyone if I couldn’t take care of myself effectively. Self care started out as a survival tactic but then blossomed into a conscientious business that’s soothed, inspired and helped thousands.

You’re my practical-magic coach!

M.B. -New York

How the SANCTUARY was developed

THE SANCTUARY was first put together for creating healthy rituals for myself. I experienced some thyroid/chronic fatigue/hairloss/psoriasis horrors that lead me to take better care of my body and stress levels. I had just moved to another state, and all of my previous routines were left behind. I wanted to enhance what was working and be open to new experiences too.

I decided to lean in, harder, on the lineage of my esoteric trainings of more than 30 years. It became obvious to marry it to my love of nature, astrology, herbalism and biology hacks to come up with the most effective strategies for wellness and stress management. These practices are simple, potent and work like magic. Reminding you of your connection to everything.

As a fitness instructor, for more than 15 years, I’ve had the privilege of leading my students towards healthier lives… becoming sexy, confident beasts. Just kidding (kind of)! some of them are really sweet and just want to stay mobile, strong and flexible. I believe, movement for the betterment of the body is a self-loving discipline that takes commitment, and repetition. It can be gentle and easy, or exhilarating and liberating. Every day is different…So is your flexibility, strength and vitality. It’s important to honor that. Some days you’ve got superpowers and some days you’re dragging. It’s OK.

As a certified strategic intervention life coach for more than 10 years, I’ve created magic efficiency practices that can make you even more focused and effective going after your goals. When combined with your unique astrological/psychological makeup and strengths, it’s easier to make better choices that lead to your happiness, fulfillment and clarity. There’s intuitive processes in THE SANCTUARY for this too.

As a relationship coach, I’ve helped countless couples love more, while feeling passionate and secure within their partnerships. But one thing that’s been consistent – is the importance of your relationship to yourself...and self care.

All of this got bundled up and evolved into potent practices I only shared with private clients . Up until now!

In the Sanctuary you’ll find:

Magical potent practices that don’t take up lots of time- so you can feel awesome, make better decisions, and have more energy for people you love, your work and/or art for a change.

Energetic self-care tune-ups for whenever you need a boost in confidence, beauty, magnetism, health, creativity and/or tranquility.

Scientifically proven ways of combatting Depression to get you feeling good and connected to source again.

On-demand energy healings and energy transmissions -so convenient! Get the benefit of distance reiki healings and blessings whenever you need it. I promise only the highest intentions for you, your health and happiness.

Magical Fitness – An alternatives to tedious and boring exercise. Workout with me. Try soothing yoga, chakra yoga and more. Shake it up with healing dances. All levels of fitness for these low-impact cardio and functional workouts. Get more strength , flexibility, and overall health with mini-workouts too. Your body can be the conduit for for feeling good.

My body felt amazing, and I truly enjoyed myself.


Cosmic Planning

  • How to use elemental magic and divine astrological timing to plan and enjoy each seasonal shift.
  • An intuitive way to clarify your desires, intentions and goals– and how to move towards them easily with New Moon Planning and Elemental Magic
  • Celestial energy transmissions to best utilize your time and effort without relying solely on your own precious personal power and vitality.

The SANCTUARY 24/7 access to peace, practices, sacred movement and trainings whenever and wherever you need it.

It’s time spent treating yourself kindly.

J.H. -New York

Easy ways you can keep your vitality & health up, so you can be more effective for your work and art and way more fun to be around.

It was so uplifting and just what my soul needed.

-B.S.L. – New York