What some women say….

What some women say ….

“When I showed up at the Goddess Experience, I really didn’t know what to expect.  What I experienced was a delicious, delightful, dancing experience. An opportunity to connect with other Goddesses and explore the Divine Feminine in each of us and in ALL of us.  Jessamina’s loving energy comes through in the dance, in the circle,in the compassion of her smile and the beauty of her healing touch.  A welcome dose of women’s warmth in the heart of winter! Thanks, jessamina!”
-Sister Goddess K.C.

“I just wanted to say thank you again for donating your time to our ladies and staff at Outreach today. Everyone was so grateful for your services and your presence allowed our Women’s Day celebration to be filled with such positive spirit and feminine empowerment. Thank you again, it was so incredibly appreciated. I feel very blessed to know you and I hope to see you soon.”
-Courtney March LMHC

“What I have always loved about your sessions is how it seems to be a ‘cleansing time’ for me no matter what the content of the class is..Good for my Mental, Spiritual and Physical Self…

Better than Therapy!”
Sister Goddess K.M Patchogue, NY

“The perfect way to balance a workout, inspiration, fun, acceptance, relaxation and love.
A wonderful place for me to explore myself in such a safe environment.
All of the things I learned will stay with me; I love myself and my body (including my curves!),I look at every woman as a Goddess, 
I can do anything I set my mind to, I feel good when I shake it,I will be forever grateful”
-Sister Goddess E.P.

”WOW NIGHT!!!!”-
Sister Goddess D.L.

“The girls LOVED you. On the ride home they couldn’t believe that you had 3 boys ! They said you looked like a gypsy that just went through life like a wind blowing. One of the girls said she wants to be like you when she grows up ! How great is that. Anyway, I want to pass your info to our girlscout service unit because the girls loved LOVED the class.”

Debra Rotunno, Girlscout Leader 




We are so thankful to have you in our lives….
the class this month was wonderful and I cannot wait to pick it up again… love you Goddess”
-Sister Goddess S.W. Lindenhurst, NY

“I am pretty impressed by your magic! You are wonderfully creative and innovative! And fun!”
Goddess C.H. Bellport, Ny

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“Thank you so much for your entertainment this weekend.  I think a lot of women had a lot of fun learning to belly dance and find their inner Goddess.”

-Nancy Irving, Event coodinator


Sister Goddess R.G.

Had fun and I feel great. [finally] slept like a baby!”
-Sister Goddess E.L.

“Thanks so much for the beautiful Goddess experience last night.
I enjoyed it so much and felt empowered after leaving your doors”
-Sister Goddess C.C.L.

“It was rejuvenating to move my body in a way that made me feel completely alive & at one with the goddess within ~The Ultimate Goal!! ;)”
Sister Goddes R.G.

My body felt amazing and I truly enjoyed myself.”
Sister Goddess N.S.


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