Winter Goddess Experience

As if you could choose to not experience winter..

The bleak cold. The ravishing winds. Bulky clothes.
 Snow. Ice. Darkness.
The sunlight only lasts a short while, then, BANG, back into darkness.
The new Moon times are even more especially dark….
You go within. Deep within. It’s pretty dark in there too sometimes.
Your own unique circadian rhythm determine your waking and sleeping hours, but you might not even be sleeping well!
Time itself seems to get topsy-turvey.

It’s supposed to.

Winter Gets to all of us!

It can be a challenge to feel good, full of vitality, and beautiful in the Wintertime.
Photo-deprivation, winter blues and seasonal effective disorder
I’ve personally had them all.
One particular winter my immune system and adrenals maxxed out.
I was lethargic, melancholy, so stressed and I lost a ton of hair.
It was awful.
I was suffering so much, and on top of it I looked awful too.
Every time I looked in the mirror I wanted to cry and go back to bed.
The outside world looked bleak, barren, cold to me and I wanted nothing to do with it.
I didn’t want anyone to see me like this so I walled myself off from pretty much everyone and became really depressed.

Oh, and My get-up-and-go, got up and went.

I was Tired. Hungry…Hungry, tired.
AND bored AND Stir crazy at the same time!!!!

That winter I learned a ton.

Hours of research, thousands of articles, books, srsly meticulous journaling and tracking…and Patiently being kind to my body, eating different foods, watching my thoughts more closely and learning to extract a sliver of pleasure from the most mundane things slowly became habit.
I was gently moving again, feeling around for the strength I knew I once had.
Finding it.
I allowed myself to dream of being worthy and free and write down the things that inspired change.

I want to share it with you now.

I finally figured out the solution..and it’s not that complicated, although it does take some commitment.
It was like a miracle when I looked beautiful again (my hair grew back better than before too) I lost weight , my relationships improved dramatically, I was laughing more and stopped getting sick. I was inspired to create art, programs, systems and writing again while helping more and more people. My natural abilities became amplified and used each day while I finally allowed myself to enjoy life.   

I want every woman on the planet to know that she has access to this divine nectar of possibility, the divine aspect of herself that is limitless, healthy, happy, and that the power to make changes in your life can spring from delight, and play…
This is what I mean when I say that every woman is a Goddess.

I knew that all of this had to be a part of my daily self care, and I knew it had to become a real priority.

It doesn’t have to take long.

You can fit these Goddess practices in to your day easily.


Stay with me.. I know how full our lives can easily get!

..It’s important to me to lovingly take care of my body, but the truth is, it wasn’t always easy to find the time for myself.

I’ve developed sacred, conscious practices that I can do with little time, all by myself…and now you can too.

It becomes possible to express things physically that are hard to understand mentally or unravel emotionally….and It all feels so good!

There are wonderful potent practices that honor your health and vitality, even on the days you feel not-so-vital.

Being present and loving yourself is a direct side effect.

Here is a solution:

Get The Key to the Holiday Goddess Sanctuary

 I speak from experience when I say I totally understand how it feels to want to crawl into a deep dark hole and not want come out until the Spring. To pine away at the window at the bleak barren landscape and wish for lush summer days.

But I know, and you know, that we can’t wait for that.

Before you slip into a dreadful funk or a full blown despondent state…Imagine with me for a moment:


What would happen if you could withdraw from the unrelenting demands of your external life….just for a little bit this season?

  • Short, potent practices designed to elevate your daily experience of winter
  • Create time to safely go within, in a constructive, curious way to understand , gain a higher perspective, and heal a trauma or long-held wound. This frees up mental space for other things that are important to you and a ton of physical energy. (This is not as scary as it sounds. just Breathe for now. )
  • Small incremental pleasure steps that integrate easily into your day so that you can create your art or passion project that you’ve been holding close to your heart.
  • Plan more effectively and feel clear about your priorities each day. (no more wasting your precious energy) It’s a synergistic approach that includes my private support. YES! (I can’t wait to learn more about your world)
  • Connect to and heighten your intuition while learning more about your core self and what you really want and need with a simple process.
  • Relax without guilt or apology as you honor the restoration of your pure spirit.

The Winter Goddess Sanctuary is a Sweet Retreat

“It’s time spent treating yourself kindly”- Sister Goddess J.H.

“It was so uplifting and just what my soul needed, I loved the experience of being ‘loved back to life’.” Sister Goddess B.S.L.

What does it mean to you to be loved back to life?





Dare I say..sensual, again? It’s different for each of us at different times of the month. It’s great to honor your own cycle within the cycles. I can help keep track and guide you to the perfect practice that will support you best…But you will have access to them all!

The Goddess Sanctuary includes:

  • 3 Full Moon energy integrations and healing transmissions, 
  • Winter rituals that feel awesome
  • Full Length Winter Goddess Experience Classes for a great workout at home, Let it snow, you can get a great workout at home!
  • Quick Seated Movement practices for feeling great at your desk, or on low energy days.
  • How to easily utilize the earth, moon and stars’ sacred timings and tips to assist you in all that you do. 
  • Meditations for healing, clearing, opening, and more
  • Easy energetic Tune-up techniques for when you are feeling low or need a boost
  • ways to deeply relax without guilt or apology.. 
  • .. and more

Lots of Potent Practices that take very little time- some of them less than 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes… some are longer, 45 minutes, 1 hour and even a half-day retreat…you decide what you have time for!  

Love your body more, radiate more, and creatively express more with easy practices and processes that are stress-reducing and feel great.





These 2 {potent practices} are my ALL time favorites that may stick with me for the rest of my life…thank you for that!!” 

-Sister Goddess J.K.


“The perfect way to balance: a workout, inspiration, fun, acceptance, relaxation and love.”

– Sister Goddess E.P.

For years, I’ve cultivated these practices and personally use them each day, week, and lunar cycle of the Winter Season. I cherish these as time-tested traditions now.  They have a rhythmic nature all their own and help to create  a momentum that easily carries me through the dark season, while feeling nourished and connected to my goddess self…and creating and enjoying my passion projects.

When I was in the process of moving out of state without my old routines..I used these practices to connect to my essence and they soothed my spirit and called up the strength of my body.

I want this for you too.

Inside the Goddess Sanctuary You’ll have plenty of practical tools to utilize this winter that will assist you in your greatest success, creating your reality the way you envision it as a Goddess ..

Solar, astrological, and Lunar timings are potent opportunities for moving your body in a really pleasurable way.

I’m including healing dance workouts so you can enjoy this on your own and in your own time. If you’ve ever taken my live sacred bellydance classes you have an idea of what this part is about. (If not, you’re in for a treat!) 

The Goddess Experience Workouts:

” I really didn’t know what to expect. What I experienced was  a delicious, delightful dancing experience. An opportunity to connect with the Divine Feminine in each of us, and ALL of us. Jessamina’s loving energy comes through in the dance, in the circle, in the compassion of her smile and the beauty of her healing touch. A welcome dose of women’s warmth in the heart of winter!”

-Sister Goddess K.C. 


” My body felt amazing, and I truly enjoyed myself.” – Sister Goddess N.S.


 You can expect to gain more energy, strength and grace, a deeper, more restful sleep, be less crabby, more fit and beautiful. Side effects may also include :Being irresistibly more attractive, weight loss, better sleep, feeling inspired and on fire,  fitting into your skinny clothes, turning yourself on and being hot in the cold weather. 

A devotional practice that is about all about self-awareness, rather than don’t over think it, or count yourself out if you’ve never tried anything like this before..By the way, it’s also non-impact, so if you’ve got permission from your healthcare provider to exercise at all, you can definitely do this! And if you already have a regular fitness practice, you’ll love this as a supplement to what you’re already doing for lengthening and strengthening muscles in a gorgeous new way!

You already intuitively know that exercise is an important component to warding o

ff those winter blues..but do you enjoy working out? 
I’ve got a sexy solution, so that you can say, “Yes!” and really mean it

  • You’ll learn more about your body mechanics and changing your state instantly with workouts that honor your own personal biological rhythms.
  • Get simple techniques for concentrating strength into your roots and the core of your being, and tap right into the earth’s energy to thrive in the winter months.
  • Learn some specialized movements and practices that help set the perfect foundation for great posture, walking and moving with grace and less pain everyday. Which helps makes you look and feel hot and confident.
  •  You can get a workouts,  meditation jam-sessions, and healing experiences that’ll make you feel good on demand 24/7.  Because S.A.D. shows up at odd and inconvenient times. I’ll include a checklist so you know :”How bad is your S.A.D.(
    Seasonal Affective Disorder)” and you can write your own prescription, or talk it over with me, your Personal Goddess consultant. XO
  • Feel good All the way until the crocus are bravely blooming again. Program runs for three Lunar Cycles.


  • Instantly Reduce Stress, Disinterest & Depression, and Low immunity.  Revitalizing with physical and emotional healing while you re-connect to the highest version of yourself with these Short and Potent Practices.


  • No more wasting your precious energy! Lethargy is so common this time of year, and I know nothing is as inspiring as your cozy sheets folded back, just so. PJ’s might be your fashion statement, a great effort is extolled to even get wet and get in the shower..I get it. Let’s just discern our real priorities, deep feelings and get some real satisfaction from the stuff that DOES make us feel good. Don’t worry, there’s a process to make it simple..


  • Turned on solo-pleasure practices that spill over into all aspects of your world, making everything juicy again. and you’ll feel turned on and hot..I feel like I said that already…but my solo potent-practices were so important to my personal healing experience, the way I related to myself, and how I related in relationship too. Each take only minutes!


  • Have a calm sanctuary everyday, anytime of day where you can gift yourself time for renewal, clarity and revitalization in just minutes.

You also get 6 x 45 min Private Sessions with me

I’m a strategic self-love and relationship coach and It’s important to make this work for your needs and schedule. We may decide to re-allocate the session times for 3 x 90 minute sessions instead, or an intensive virtual VIP day with planning and follow-up calls.

Although most of these calls are structured and have a definite goal (that we set together),..

sessions can also be used for:

  • Assisting with your plans and desires
  • Questions about any Goddess Practice
  • Mooncycle/Hormone/Mood tracking and strategies
  • Spiritual Counsel
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Get a ‘Goddess Prescription’ for  your winter blues
  • Getting answers to burning questions
  • Tarot or Oracle Reading(s)
  • help designing your own potent practice(s)
  • Healing session (s)
  • New moon/Full Moon intention feedback and 30 day plan consultation
  • Movement Therapy session(s)
  • Astrology reading(s)
  • Compatibility
  • Relationship Quick fix (es) or sexy tips
  • Help creating meaningful Self care strategies
  • Ask me (almost) anything! ((You will also have priority email/text access to me 5 days a week.)) 

Stop feeling alone.  support and nurturing care for  your healing and emotions in a safe container that has open arms for you.. You’ll enjoy private time coming together with me to feel good, sweet, healthy , sensual and whole again… You are a Goddess.  It’s my belief that we all have something powerful to teach…. and we all have something to learn. You may even choose to teach or share in my community! (more on this later, let’s talk.) 

” You made me feel so comfortable, and break down everything so that it’s easy, but throw in a challenge..So perfect.”

-Sister Goddess R.H.

“My heart was happy and i had sooo much more energy through today.  This work with you has been such an important part of seeing myself in a new way.”

-Sister Goddess M.B

In addition to the Goddess Experience Winter Workouts and the 24/7 Goddess Sanctuary filled with lots of potent practices & 6 private sessions/calls:

You get BONUS Stuff too:

  • Workshop training: Recognizing stress triggers/SAD/Winter blues stop beating yourself up with negative self talk and make more strategic decisions to feel good now.
  • Workshop training: Nourishing Food for Better Moodsso you can enjoy life more, lose some excess weight and have more energy too.
  • Workshop training: 30 day plan(s) to create something great- this practice is extremely practical and assists you in getting what you really want.
  • Workshop training: Time Management for the Wintertime- identifying the stuff you love and actually finding time to do it!
  • Surprise gifts sent to your door
  • Take Action and say YES before 12/21 and get the Holiday Goddess Sanctuary for FREE

 Want to ask me a question,

see if this is right for you,

or just say YES! to this?

Lets chat soon

Just want access as soon as possible?

Your investment  is $1997 Be a Winter Goddess!

All 4 workshops listed above
Access to the Goddess Sanctuary for 3 Lunar Cycles
Full Length Goddess Experience Workouts
Potent time-stamped Goddess Practices that nourish your body, mind and spirit
Powerful guided Meditation journeys
3 Full Moon Energy Transmissions
Astrological activations
& Private sessions with me.

Don’t forget…your 6 private sessions are for the custom processes we discuss and/or: 

  • Assisting with your plans and desires
  • Questions about any Goddess Practice
  • Mooncycle/Hormone/Mood tracking and strategies
  • Spiritual Counsel
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Get a ‘Goddess Prescription’ for  your winter blues
  • Getting answers to burning questions
  • Tarot or Oracle Reading(s)
  • help designing your own potent practice(s)
  • Healing session (s)
  • New moon/Full Moon intention feedback and 30 day plan consultation
  • Movement Therapy session(s)
  • Astrology reading(s)
  • Compatibility
  • Relationship Quick fix (es) or sexy tips
  • Help creating meaningful Self care strategies
  • Ask me (almost) anything!

((You will also have priority email access to me 5 days a week.)) 

Stop feeling alone.  Support is here and available to you now.

Reconnect with your joy, your heart, your body and your life’s purpose this winter.
Still reading..maybe means you have more questions.
So Let’s set up a time to answer your questions now.
Or Just say YES!