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February Promotions

      Healthy Skin for Him

Give him the gift of confidence this Valentine’s Day! NEW MONAT FOR MEN™ Skincare offers a simple three-step routine designed to revitalize his complexion by reducing the appearance of dull, fatigued skin—creating a fresh, invigorated look.

Market Partners: Spend $50 USD and add the Healthy Skin for Him Bundle—featuring all three MONAT FOR MEN™ products PLUS our bestselling MONAT BLACK™ Shampoo + Conditioner—for only $50 USD!

VIP Spend: $60 USD 

A $155 USD Retail Value! Save 68%!

MONAT FOR MEN™ Essential Face Wash 

An invigorating and luxurious facial gel wash crafted to cleanse deeply while refreshing the skin daily. 

MONAT FOR MEN™ Essential Face Scrub 

A creamy micro-exfoliating facial scrub that sloughs away dead skin cells, helping to prepare the skin for shaving and create a smooth complexion.

MONAT FOR MEN™ Essential Face Moisturizer
A lightweight, non-greasy emollient moisturizer that hydrates and helps protect against environmental stressors. 

MONAT BLACK™ Shampoo + Conditioner
A two-in-one shampoo and conditioner designed to improve the look of hair density while boosting strength and vitality. 

Available in the USA, Canada, UK, and Ireland


While Supplies Last!

Available in the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, and Poland 

Starts: February 2 at 8:00 a.m. EST
Ends: February 4 at 11:59 p.m. EST
Counts as VIP Enrollment.
Order does not count toward Flexship.
Regularly priced products and Healthy Skin for Him Bundle will count toward Purchase +™ thresholds.
Regularly priced products will receive Purchase +™ discounts once thresholds are met.
Healthy Skin for Him Bundle will not receive Purchase +™ discounts.
Promo codes cannot be used with this offer.
More Than a Glow by MONAT™, Product Packs, samples, and marketing materials are excluded.
While supplies last. No limit.

When you look good, you feel good.

Spending a few extra minutes in a day for your grooming and self care can make all the difference. It can easily shift how you feel about yourself. Even gift you a boost of confidence. Then you can use that confidence to wish harder…want what you want..ask for what you require and feel justified in being who you really are. Beautiful. Powerful. A goddess.

If you neglect your body, your material form, you neglect the temple. Your body’s the one possession you actually OWN. It’s yours until the day you die. Up until then it’s your responsibility to honor, protect, love and beautify this physical form of yours.

Self care has many facets.

Grooming is only one of them, but it affects so much!

I’ve partnered with a beauty company called Monat. It’s got a phenomenal organic blend of exotic oils as it’s proprietary ingredient in most of their products. So the actual condition of your hair and skin improves the more you use it.

All the products smell great, (which is a requirement for me and what I put on my body) and I’ve been getting so many compliments on my hair since I’ve been using this stuff.

 scientifically formulated products that combat specific hair care issues such as hair loss, aging, dandruff, and thinning/breakage… all vegan and cruelty free

My sister in law introduced me to the product line with a dry shampoo. I realized the brand I was currently using had PROPANE as an ingredient. It’s a high end brand that I was using for a looong time. Not cool.

So I had to ditch it. Turns out the Monat dry shampoo is sooooo much better than any I’ve ever used before anyway. It smells better, works better and I love getting more days out of my hairstyle. In the past I hadn’t been able to do that. My hair always looked crappy after 1 skipped shampoo. Not anymore.

It’s awesome because when the colder weather is here, it’s nice to not have to get wet if I don’t want to! When I’m rushing to look cute, it’s just a few sprays and I can re-style and look good on the fly.

That’s just ONE product I love. My husband has dry curly long hair and he’s getting great results with nourishing shampoo, conditioner, and products specialized for his curls. Everybody’s different, and this stuff works.

Anyway, I decided to become a Market Partner (MP) because the discount (30-50%) was killer and I could get a giant box filled with great beauty products for my family (and dog) for way less. I don’t even have to sell anything if I don’t want to. You don’t either.

Take this beauty quiz and I’ll make some personal recommendations for your beauty goals.

If you can’t wait, go shop the sales on your own right here. Psst..don’t pay those retail prices listed, go for VIP or Market partner (MP) for the best prices, promos, and free stuff. When you join, I’ll also share with you some of my own beauty tips and rituals I don’t share anywhere else..

But wait! Bonus…for new Market Partners

Go for the Market Partner opportunity and join now with the essentials package (or upgrade). If you’re looking for a beauty goodies to come to your house, showing up like spa-day in a box…you’re gonna love the Bonus workshop I’ve got for you: Celestial Self Care Makeover class +my never shared anywhere else beauty tips.

Not sure what you want? Take the quiz!