Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships

Better foods for better moods & health

Fatigue and inflammation. Overeating and bloating. Tight clothes (not the cute kind) and avoiding mirrors. Done with that yet? Planning on seasonal affective disorder to magically go away? Let’s make this easy and get results so awesome that everybody tells you how great you look, and you can genuinely smile because you know it’s true.

Ready for a new way of looking and feeling great? Your health and wellbeing is important. Get the simple self care intel on easily creating new health habits and rituals that feel and look amazing.

A virtual retreat where you’ll learn:

  • What causes a 23% spike in likelihood to be diagnosed with clinical depression and how to avoid it easily.
  • How to get rewarding dopamine hits from foods that won’t trigger addictive tendencies.
  • Reduce cellular inflammation… which is the biological marker for the onset of depression (and illness)
  • How to eat out at restaurants, cook delicious at home (fast healthy family meals & entertaining too), and eat prepackaged stuff and still get great results.
  • Which Binge foods will satisfy your sweet tooth and salty craves without making you feel bad.
  • Confidence in front of a mirror and with others. This changes everything.
  • Release as much weight as you choose while beating sugar addiction.
  • Personal reccomendations for you, your lifestyle and needs
  • Plus+ Access for 1 lunar cycle: the Virtual Sanctuary with all-level sacred fitness workouts, healing energy transmissions, and stress relieving practices on demand.

Want more time, support, healing & customized gifts to enhance your beauty and confidence? Go with the Immersion version. Private time with Jess to discover, uproot and shift self sabotage, navigate potential obstacles and people who may try to derail your progress. Make changes easier, manage your stress, whiole enlivening your passions, projects and relationships.

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