Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships
Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships

Better foods for better moods & a healthy body

Fatigue, chronic pain and inflammation?

Overeating and bloating?

Your clothes are tight? (Not the sexy kind of tight…)

You’re avoiding mirrors?

You’re so DONE with that!

This can be easy.

Your health and wellbeing are important.

You can get results so awesome that everybody notices and tells you how great you look.

You can share how much you’re really enjoying your life because you truly feel so good in your body.

Finally, ready for a new way of looking and feeling great?

As a wellness coach and fitness instructor for more than 15 years, I’ve learned what works. I had to go further than my formal training in metabolism and hormones to uncover some amazing research on my own journey to fight and heal my chronic fatigue, pain, and hair loss. The hair loss part was the final straw for me personally.. Everyone is different with what they can and will tolerate.

What was fascinating was that the more I delved into the medical journals, studies and most common diets, a few common threads kept coming up. Some of them are controversial. BETTER FOODS FOR BETTER MOODS AND A HEALTHY BODY challenges the status quo.

That’s OK. because the status quo sucks and you deserve better.

My heart was happy and I had sooo much more energy through today.  This work with you has been such an important part of seeing myself in a new way. 


In this virtual retreat program, you’ll learn:

  • What causes a 23% spike in likelihood to be diagnosed with clinical depression and how to avoid it easily.
  • How to get rewarding dopamine hits from foods that won’t trigger addictive tendencies.
  • Finally, safely reduce cellular inflammation without drugs… which is the biological marker for chronic pain, onset of depression and illnesses of all kinds.
  • How to eat out at restaurants without looking like a weirdo on a special diet.
  • Simple ways to cook delicious food at home for fast healthy family meals & entertaining.
  • How to eat prepackaged stuff and still get great results.
  • Which Binge foods will satisfy your sweet tooth, fatty and salty craves without making you feel bad physically, mentally, or emotionally
  • Experience uplifted confidence after feeling or looking crappy for any length of time. This changes everything.
  • A simple way to empower and heal your body with a special practice you can revisit over and over again. Access anytime and anywhere you need it.

Want more support, healing & customized strategies to enhance your beauty and confidence?

You got it.

Get the simple, safe, self care intel on easily creating new health habits and rituals that feel amazing.

You can get everything in the BETTER FOODS FOR BETTER MOODS AND A HEATHY BODY program above…plus…

SIX private one-on-one healing + coaching sessions with Jess via phone or zoom for:

  • Understanding and uncovering the origins of your pain (physical, emotional and spiritual) so you can truly heal. Your awareness alone is a powerful healer. It can literally shift everything in an instant. When coupled with healing processes that we do together, you get faster results to heal the past without revisiting trauma or feeling disempowered again.
  • How to establish wellness strategies specific for you based on your lifestyle, preferences and your unique astrology-psychology profile. As an avid researcher and astrologer for more than 30 years, I know there are ‘markers’ and clues within your physiology and astrology chart that can map out the most pleasurable ways to get the changes you want to see in your body. Share your birthdate and we’ll make it easy for you this time, allright?
  • Expert, loving help with navigating the inevitable obstacles, self sabotage and/or people who may try to derail your progress. As a your personal coach, I promise to be kind and respectful of your boundaries in your journey towards true wellness.

She’s very knowledgeable and personable. She has a free spirit but at the same time holds space and makes you feel like you are important.


When you choose the VIP Wellness immersion you’ll also get:

  • Email Support– access to a simple check-in process to keep you focused. I will respond to each that you submit (up to six) with personalized guidance, suggestions, and blessings via email
  • Random energy lovebombs. I hold the highest intention for you. My private clients go on my ‘love list’…and as a healing priestess many lifetimes over, I am moved often during my personal meditative practices to share blessings and spontaneous distant healings with you. These are powerful. Expect zings and waves of love over the next weeks.
  • BONUS How to Release (or gain) as much weight as you choose with my healthier twist on a successful proven eating system

Better than therapy!!!