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It’s always right timing to connect to the rhythmic nature of the seasons,

the cycles of the sun and moon,

and your own feminine energy cycles are all intertwined.

There are ways to work within these varying energies to keep your stress down

and nourish your passions, projects, health and relationships at the same time.

Each of these areas of your life must be consistently protected and gently encouraged to flourish anyway…

 It’s easier than you think. 

Inside the Free Planner you’ll find ;

  • A process to explore your goals in relation to these areas: Family & Relationships, Financial, Reputation, Health & Wellness, Charity & Volunteer Work, Business Vision,Spirituality & Awareness.
  • Honoring what you’ve accomplished and where you’re already naturally headed
  • Identifying your inspiring vision in long and short term timeframes
  • Creating your personal ‘year at a glance’ to keep you focused on the bigger picture
  • Which strategic tasks to implement first for best results
  • Determine what is still needed in your success formula and how to find the missing pieces

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It would be my honor to gift you with a few simple and effective strategies to use anytime that will naturally keep your heart’s embers glowing, and your creative sparkling-self happy.

Here are ways to create an enlivened environment that makes it easy for you to remember that you are a goddess.

Whole and perfect.

..And how take advantage of some natural auspicious timings to really add some vitality to your creations.

AND even a chance to win an astrology assessment!

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