Magical Relationships

There aren’t many examples of committed relationships that are vibrant and FUN, and the divorce rate is about half the people that decided to get married.

Your parents probably didn’t model open communication and passion in their relationship. (If they did, you’d probably want to do it different anyway!)

You already know that having an abundant mindset and leading a spiritual life doesn’t guarantee that you won’t be frustrated with a relationship that’s less than awesome.

It should be easy, right?

You love them, they love you….happily ever after, right?

Yeah, I believe in that too, but there’s a few more steps in between, and the story gets even better than the fairy tales.

Simple strategies for couples who are ready to take the next step in their commitment to each other.

    • Create or rejuvenate intimacy. Easy techniques to take your enjoyment to the next level, no matter how long you’ve been together. You’re a genius for taking the time to learn these!
    • How to nurture and expand the relationship so you both never stop growing and continue to experience greater joy, love and fulfillment.
    • Deepen your connection, and turn up the fun with simple actions that make a big difference.

Phenomenal relationships do not happen by chance, as a result of chemistry, good luck or convenience. There are skills that need to be practiced and applied that will determine the level of fulfillment that you’ll experience in your relationship or marriage. This process can be very pleasurable…and the rewards are great.

Knowing yourself and each other is illuminating, uplifting and fun.  I’ll share strategies you can use each and every day, that makes your lives more fun, sexy, and filled with inspiration. Enjoy even more love and assurance, and way less confusion and aggravation, as you move towards each other in new ways that feel great.

Relationships can evolve if even one of you initiates the shifting.

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XO- Jessamina,

…a marriage educator and relationship coach that’s still having fun after 20 years with her husband and their 3 boys.

It’s my wish to help bring more joy and happiness to couples everywhere. It’s all about LOVE!

I am passionate about relationships, and magical self-care and how they work together in an integrated way.

Also, I have made some massive mistakes, tried making a religion out of people pleasing, lost my cool, and know exactly what it’s like to have no boundaries or an ounce of self respect…So I know that when I see it too, but seriously, I have an intuitive knack for uncovering your loving truth(s), beauty and desires . (Psst..You do too!)

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Send me the secrets for a magical relationship

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