Lovely Libra and how you are loving yourself..   Recently updated !

The nighttime comes sooner now that we’ve crossed over the threshold of Autumn. The moonless star filled sky over the next few nights beckons you outside. The promise and the reward of hope and wonder, the pure potentiality of limitlessness as you ponder the tiny points of light that go […]

Bold, brave, and balanced.. Aries Full Moon

It’s been terribly dry here in the mountains. The leaves on the trees are either showing some colors or frying and falling right off. I found myself musing with a zen tree that was releasing it’s leaves ever so gracefully.   Too often we can become complacent about making changes […]

New Virgo Moon

  My apple tree is just about ready to harvest now that the Autumn equinox is just days away. The daytime is almost equal with the nighttime and there is a palpable shift in my routine too. The times of the day where I feel energetic, the schedule of the children […]

Voyage of the Pisces Full Moon 2017

I’m so happy that mercury retrograde ends September 5th. Enough broken stuff,  call-backs and double-checks to last me a good long while. I was able to stay calm for the inconveniences, disruptions and delays, but I’m done.. and so is this particular cycle. As I’m watching my apples ripen to […]

Eclipse Magic and the New Moon

Hey there, Bright Shining Star! The new moon in Leo is back again! We had a new moon in Leo in July and the ‘Lion’s Star Gate” incident…and now an eclipse is on the horizon. I know it’s weird energy. No one really talks about it. How eclipses can mess with […]