Divine Candles

Ready to Change your Environment?
 Set your Intention?
Improve your mood?
Improve your appearance instantly? 
Get these Aromatherapy Candles Now.   Part Science, Part Alchemy…all Magic
  • Ecologically Resposible These Artisan Candles are carefully created  with love and good vibes in very small batches. They’re  made with natural soywax which s a Sustainable and renewable Resource   No paraffins – not a petroleum product!
  • Pure Essential oils and Natural Botanicals only are transformed into synergistic magical perfumery that greatly benefit your health and balance emotions through the subtle, yet powerful channel of Aromatherapy.
  • not lab-created fake fragrance oils..ever!
  •  Organic Cotton Wicks…
  • Poured with love..
  • Infused Wax that is sung to, chanted over, and Blessed 3 ways to Sunday
  • Created for specific intentions to enhance life and enchant everyone in the room.
  • Candlelight is flattering to everyone, so you look better in the mirror…. and dare I say,  that it can improve the relationship you have with yourself and your beauty…and even your intimate friend is easier on the eyes now, making the connection even more loving and open.
  • Get back in touch with the primal force of Fire! Everyone needs this at some point for balance of the elements. Wise women know all about the elemental forces of creation and know the passionate, seductive, protective, enlivening, brazen power of the fire realm.
Each of my formulas are carefully and specifically
created originals designed to uplift, inspire
and promote well-being. .I grew up w/my mother as perfumer and aromatherapist.. and I’ve honed my own skills over the years, with hundreds of different grades and brands and synergies of essential oils, and 100s of books, periodicals and studies, there’s so much information!
There is a LOT of misinformation out there too.
Find out more in my special Report
I become inspired very easily by essential oils, all variety of herbs, flowers and  plants of all kinds. My dad’s a master gardener, and there was always home grown veggies, fruits, flowers and botanical blessings being shared all the time. I have a special sense for choosing pleasing alchemical combinations..Synergistic deliciousness is a sense that I’ve developed. I’m “clairalient” which means I get psychic impressions through scent.  
So  when I swoon, I write it down!
I create custom blends based on your intentions, whether it be emotional; like feeling beautiful, peaceful, creative or calm.. or physical; like increased fertility, or easing stress, headaches etc.
I’ve enjoyed creating exclusive wholesale collections for a few different spas, metaphysical gift shops, and even a handbag designer!  I get to ‘play’ an inspired game where I am the alchemist..In the end I’m the one who ends up under a spell..swooning! 
Find out more about a custom candle potion created just for your business or your personal intentions by contacting me at info@jessamina.com

Limited Edition Seductive Cinnamon Candle Collection seductive cinnamon limited edition
this one is sultry, spicy and warm. 
Perfect for :
  • setting the mood for an interlude (alone or partnered)
  • feeling sensual, sexy and lusty
  • creating prosperity and passion for life

Kit includes: Set of 3 handcrafted candles , intention system and guided meditation for $60


Very Limited Edition Glorious Beauty Candle
glorious beauty peacock
This luxurious blend of jasmine, geranium, and rose will assist you in
  • feeling and believing in your own beauty
  • ease PMS and menopausal symptoms
  • open your heart to love,  forgiveness and the beauty of life

 Kit includes: handcrafted candle, intention system and guided meditation for $60


Limited Edition Enlivened Pine Candle Collection
enlivened pine- elegant silver
This delightful blend of evergreens and peppermint will:
  • encourage feelings of cheerfulness, and hope
  • help generate the energy you need to move through your day
  • assist your focus

Set includes: 2 large and 1 small handcrafted candles,  intention system and guided meditation  for $100