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4 rules of limitless reality

Are you steadily moving forward, toward what you want?

Or , are you distracted easily by what everybody else is doing, saying, or wanting?

Do you even know what you want?

Dont quote mom

You could connect to what it is, or that which did not spark joy..  Maybe you had a bad lover, a chaotic home, a soul-sucking job.  Easy to dwell there a long time and get depressed. It’s quite possible that you’ve experienced some sort of disappointment, trauma, or abuse and now you’re jaded, cynical or untrusting. Maybe still mad as hell too. Now your thinking will be coming from that place…Bleehhhhh. This’ll likely get you more of what you don’t want.

What’s the literal opposite? Let’s start going in that direction.

Your mind, heart and spirit are limitless.

So knowing this, it makes sense to connect with positive, forward moving, high vibration thoughts. Imagine it like a thought garden that you are tending.

Rule #1 What you DON’T want doesn’t belong IN your thought garden!

Really. Stay clearly focused on the attributes and results that you DO want. You can work with ‘money’ as a desired result..or a thing, whatever you want.

Let’s use, ‘beauty’, for an example that most women can relate to and want. To feel beautiful.

  • Keeping your thoughts on “beauty”{or desired attributes, results etc.}
  • surrounding yourself with “beauty”,{or desired attributes, results etc.}
  • talking about “what’s beautiful”{or desired attributes, results etc.}
  • imagining what it feels like to be more “beautiful”.{or desired attributes, results etc.}

This creates a fertile ground for more of ‘it’ coming in, for sure….Closer to what you want than the old, outdated version of your life without the ‘thing’ or ‘attribute’. know, when you weren’t feeling very beautiful.

#2 You DON’T have to believe what other people say about the thing you want.

Especially if it doesn’t resonate with the positive, good feelings that you are cultivating about it. Statements I used to hear around ‘beauty’, were, “You have to suffer to be beautiful.” and “It’s dangerous to be beautiful.”..In this case these were adults who were offering an opinion to me, stated as a fact, when I was a child and impressionable. I had to do some serious thought-weeding to get these beliefs out. I had them for years! Maybe you have some of your own stories about what people told you about the ‘thing’ that you desire. Was it judged in a way that made you feel bad for wanting it?

No one can pollute your imagination unless you let them…Keep your ‘thought garden’ flourishing by seeding  more good thoughts and images about “beauty”, and enjoying beautiful people, places, and things. Then Defend your Garden as if your happiness depends on it.

Defend thought garden

#3 DON’T allow your past to dictate what is possible now.

Sticking with the ‘beauty’ example: Inner thoughts like, “Well.. I’ve never been very pretty” or “Kids used to call me ugly” . These types of thoughts are harming your perception of what’s possible. You might even speak them aloud! The past is so over. Don’t spend any more time back there. Getting beyond your outdated concept of yourself and “beauty” (or whatever else!) requires you to leave it in the past where it belongs. Trust that something else is possible.

#4 DON’T let “reality” dictate what is possible for you now.

I’m using “reality” reeeeallly loosely here. Your current perception of what’s going on, or what you see in the mirror is mutable. It’s transient…and always getting better. As long as you believe it is.

If you have people in your life who can hold your vision of ‘beauty’ (or whatever else it is that you want) then get them (or me!) to support you, and help you create it.

If you’re not ready to share your vision that’s OK too strong! Do not waver! Set out to enjoy your new reality, and inspire others with your triumphant story when you’re good and ready. Go plant your garden.

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