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Establish Your Divine Presence
and Accomplish your Life’s Purpose as a Healer

Receive a short training..for a simple, yet powerful exercise to instantly feel connected to your divine purpose. (This is an advanced reiki technique!..However, you do not need to be attuned to reiki to use it)
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 Reiki Helps Accomplish Your Divine Purpose if you are:

  • a caretaker
  • a loving lover
  • a parent of young children
  • a parent of grown children that live far away(distance reiki is taught in reiki II)
  • a caretaker to animals
  • a sympathetic friend…
  • or a relative of someone who is in need of healing

You can increase your own personal energy,
preventing you from becoming depleted
Healing loved ones while expanding your current capacity for love  improving all your relationships

If you are already

  • a women’s circle leader
  • healer, nurse, doctor, midwife, chiropractor
  • in the beauty, self care, and wellness industry
  • a doula (click here for more info/articles specifically for birthworkers)
  • a therapist
  • a life coach
  • a fitness leader
  • a meditation facilitator
  • a service professional..

You can enjoy increasing your professional Practice while helping your clients in a more profound holistic way by Adding the Healing Art of Reiki to your current body of work

learn reiki

I believe that Reiki is a part of Evolution…

For my 13th Birthday, I attended a 3 day intensive called The Silva Mind Method, with my Father (who was a Silva Graduate back in the 70’s). As a serendipitous twist,  the program was taught personally by the founder and creator of the program, Jose Silva and his Daughter Laura.

One of the components of the training was Distance Healing & Diagnostics. Even at that tender age, I saw how important and valuable it was to be able to do this kind of work. In meditation, that Very day, I created an adult-future version of myself doing just that.

I continued my studies as a teen under the guidance of my mother with natural energy healing techniques; white magic, herbal, aromatherapy, Goddess and crystal healing. (..and everything I could find related to these subjects!).

My father became a Reiki Master almost 20 years later, and shared his knowledge, training and Mastership with me as well, this was right about the time my mother opened up the Goddess Shoppe in Sayville, NY.

I found it to be a wonderful modality of healing, it did not require any other special trainings, deep meditative states, or hard-to-obtain objects or ingredients. (..doesn’t mean I don’t use everything I’ve learned, though!)

I have children of my own now, and all three of them are Reiki Attuned. They use Reiki so matter-of-factly, I’ve grown to believe that all children should be attuned! I imagine the “hundredth monkey effect” would take place for the next generation…everyone would come into this world knowing how to practice energy Healing, naturally more sensitive to energy fields ..Doing so as a compassionate species filled with love. (homo-luminous? ..maybe.)

Each attunement opens the crown chakra, awakening and activating the pineal and pituitary glands . Side effects include: More clairsentient, clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizant experiences, and a feeling of being conected to everything

..Whatever you call that, my friend,  looks a lot like Evolution to me! 

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‘The Promise of a Developing Reiki Practice’
-from the Advanced Reiki Manual

“People coming to you with many different problems,
difficulties and illnesses, sometimes as a last resort.
Watching them leave relaxed, often radiant with joy and new hope. Seeing them improve over time, watching them grow,
gain confidence and become more trusting of life.
Seeing some make major changes and life adjustments.
Occasionally witnessing miracles.
Feeling the wonder of God’s love pass through you and into another.Sensing the presence of spiritual beings, feeling their touch,knowing they work with you.
Being raised into ever greater levels of joy and peace,
simply by placing your hands on another.
Watching your life grow and develop as your continued immersion in Reiki transforms your attitudes, values and beliefs. Sensing that because of your commitment to help others, Beings of light are focusing their love and healing on you and carefully guiding you on your spiritual path.
This is the promise of a developing Reiki Practice.”

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REIKI  level 1
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or Reach out to me here about your Reiki Level I Spa day Experience, or Red Tent Reiki Level I with Munay-Ki rite of the womb.

Level one Certificataion- The First Reiki Attunement..You will be attuned to the Reiki Ray and will begin using it right away! History, How it works, attunement, the Reiki manual and practice time are included in this workshop..(about 4-5 hours) You may decide to stop here, or continue your Reiki Practice..
Learn the Origin of Reiki
Learn Techniques for Healing and Scanning
the body and it’s Auric Fields
Receive attunement to the Reiki Ray
Begin Using it on yourself or others Right away!
Receive and Give Reiki

distance reiki 2

REIKI level 2
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Reach out to me here about your Reiki Level II Spa day Experience, or Red Tent Reiki Level II with Munay-Ki rite of the womb.

Level 2 Reiki Certification -Access to more of the Reiki Ray,and two more symbols that give you the ability to change habits, work on the emotional field of the client (or yourself) and use distance Reiki, (which can even be used to send reiki to the past and future)
Most practitioners that you meet are at this level.
(I personally bought a table at this point, and moved from “practicing” on everyone who would let me, to setting up full hour sessions with clients) Deep Compassion is an pronounced side effect of recieving these symbols, Which will aid you greatly,  keep you  grounded and committed, connected to source and staying clear, so you may continue your healing work.  (pre-requisite is Reiki I)
healing angel2

REIKI level 3 
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Reach out to me here about your Reiki Level III Spa day experience, or Red Tent Reiki Level III with Munay-Ki rite of the womb.

Deeper understanding of Reiki I & II experiences, working with Healing Symbols and crystals,
Attunement to one Master Symbol and
the benefits of full access to the Reiki Ray
Increasing Personal Power and Confidence
Moving Meditation
Aura Clearing
Crystals for Healing
and more..
(pre-requisite is Reiki I at least 6 months Ago,
practice at Reiki II level and reiki II proficiency)
An Advanced Reiki Training Manual is Included
(called ART..I love this!) This is a pre-requisite for becoming a Reiki Master.  At this level, You are given the full benefit of the Reiki Ray and your guides come closer to you and work with you directly. You will learn advanced techniques for healing, such as psychic surgery and Aura Clearing.  You become attuned to a  master symbol that translates from Japanese,”Great Being of the Universe, Shine on Me, be my friend”. It was after this attunement that I became much more clairaudient and claircognizant (psychic!).  I began receiving channeled messages and healing energy from angels, goddesses and loved ones that have crossed over.  What will unfold for you?

Are you looking to establish your divine presence
and accomplish your life’s purpose?

Receive a two and a half minute video..
for a simple, yet powerful exercise to instantly feel connected to your divine purpose. (this is an advanced reiki technique, however, you do not need to be attuned to reiki to use it)
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Send me the training!

reiki temple

Mastership attunement

at the Spa

This is the Last attunement where you are given another two symbols that allow you to initiate, or attune others to Reiki.
You will learn all the initiations/attunements and the ‘Violet breath’ technique.
At this level you become a Reiki Master Teacher!
The more people know this healing art, the better!

By deciding to take this step, you will have started a process that will exponentially enhance your skills as a healer. Many transformations will take place, some will be very apparent, and some will be just beneath the surface of your everyday awareness, yet will benefit you and those around you. These changes may have already begun, since you’ve been thinking about becoming a Reiki Master.

The nature of this type of study- the development of your connection to reiki evolves continually, healing you on deeper levels and developing your ability to channel ever more refined and compassionate levels of healing energy. This is a joyous path that will continue on as long as you choose to remain a seeker.

Pre-requisites: As an advanced reiki practitioner, you will have practiced on 30-40 clients (with intake form documentation)and proficiency of all previous levels of reiki. You will have received your first attunement to reiki over one year ago.

Your mastership day includes:

  • Shinpiden (the mystery teachings)
  • The violet breath technique for healing attunements
  • a reiki meditation
  • attunement to the remaining two Tibetan symbols, which allows you to pass each of the previous attunements to others
  • Instructions on how to teach a class
  • a sample class outline for each level
  • developing your practice
  • all levels of attunements are discussed, demonstrated and practiced
  • Your master handbook
  •  Your Reiki Master/Teacher Certificate

If you are working towards mastership, please contact me here
I may be able to help you reach your goals with obtaining clients for your required practice time and documentation through work with my own current clients’.

Reach out to me here about your

  • Spa Reiki Mastership day
  • Red Tent Reiki Master with Munay-Ki rite of the womb
  •  Spa Karuna Reiki  or Spa Karuna Master,
  • or Red Tent Karuna Reiki or Red Tent Karuna master with Munay-Ki rite of the womb.
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