Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships
Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships

Reiki Master Directory

This is a brand new feature here.. and is always under construction! As I wait to hear from my Reiki Master Alumni and Advanced Practitioners with their updated information to be featured on this site, here are just a few of the Reiki Masters that have trained with me. I love them…you will too!

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Dhyann Fariaci

Studied all levels Reiki I, II, III, & Mastership with Jessamina

Reiki Master
Tarot/Oracle Card Reader
Studied Levels I, II, III, and Master with Jessimina
“Feel Fabulous in your Shoes”
I have been on this fabulous journey of healing enlightenment since 2003.
I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting Jessamina at my first belly dancing lesson she taught in 2006, and my life changed forever.  Jessamina became my Mentor and Reiki Master. She started me on my spiritual path of being of service to others.
If you would like to “Feel Fabulous in your Shoes”
contact me at 631-617-9866 for pricing and appointments


Karen Quiros

Studied all Levels: I, II, III and Mastership with Jessamina

At age 26 I was diagnosed with systemic lupus, and was determined to heal my body. My healing journey took me back to school where I attained a NYS nursing license, B.S. in Natural Health and Nutrition, and certifications in: Health Coaching, Gemmotherapy, Personal Fitness Training, Usui Reiki Teacher Training, Craniosacral Therapy, Sound Healing, Stress Reduction Biofeedback Therapy, and Yoga. I’m passionate about teaching women how to manage daily stress with grace and ease, and how diet and lifestyle choices influence their health and wellbeing. Please contact me at: Balanced Wellness Consulting – 631-284-9945 – for upcoming Usui Reiki I & II classes.


Terry Lauria-Whalen

Studied all Levels: I, II, III and Mastership with Jessamina

The ancient practice of energy work facilitates relaxation and healing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  As a Master Instructor my purpose is to ensure that each student gains comprehensive in-depth training; and follows the guidelines and philosophies administered by the International Reiki Organization.  These guide-lines inspire integrity in future practitioners and teachers.

Usui Reiki Master, a Karuna Reiki® Master &  Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) Master-Instructor. Private healing sessions and the opportunity to get certified in all levels of Reiki, Karuna Reiki® & IET® is offered. (917) 848-0874 Nassau County, NY


 Alice Zakman

Studied Levels: I & III and Mastership with Jessamina

Once upon a time a woman of a certain age moved to a magical town called Sayville and wandered into a dreamy little place named The Goddess Shoppe. There she learned a new word: Reiki, and her life would never be the same.
My name is Alice and of course that woman is me. Jessamina became my Reiki master and my friend introducing me to my calling, which is healing. I hope to meet you too.
The best way to contact me in
Columbia, MD is:
Light and love,

Jennifer Liebman

Studied Levels II, III & Mastership with Jessamina

I would have never imagined Reiki would have taken me so far in life. I remained a level one for quite a few years to develop the self discipline to continue on my journey. After having improved myself holistically through meditation, self treatments, crystal healing, etc., I knew I had to pass this feeling onto others. So from there I became a Certified Angel Tarot Card Reader and sought out a Master to help me reach future levels.

I had studied with a few Reiki Master/Teachers, but Jessamina was the only one able to connect with me on a level I felt no one was able to accomplish. I enjoy incorporating crystal healing in my sessions, along with chakra balancing, house cleanses etc. My journey over the years has led me to meet so many wonderful people along the way (Jessamina, Louise L. Hay, Doreen Virtue, Ces Cru). And I look forward to what to the future holds.

I’m in New Hyde Park at the Nassau County/Queens border, NY.
The best way to reach me is through email at or on my cell at (516) 688-5380


Catherine A DeLyra 

Studied Levels: III & Mastership with Jessamina

Reiki Master/Teacher
Ordained Minister
Psychic Medium
Spiritual Counselor/Healer
Oracle Reader
It’s been a long journey for me to become all that I am today. Throughout my life I’ve been presented with challenges that have guided me to develop my gifts and strengthen my connection with the light. I believe my purpose is to help others do the same.
I offer classes for all levels of Reiki, couples healing sessions, animal healing sessions, healings using stones and crystals, chakra healing and body tuning, corporate and home blessings, etc .  Call or text for prices and appointments
Located in Suffolk County, NY