Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships
Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships

How Reiki can help the Empath

Being an ‘Empath’ makes you exquisitely psychic. There I said it. You feel many emotions deeply and often. You can read others’ emotions, some aspects of their minds, bodies and/or hearts so well that the interaction creates a moment of embodiment.

But it’s painful for you when you’re around someone as they lie, are acting cruel, or being inauthentic. Embarrassment. sorrow. Anger. Hopelessness. Lust. Rage. Entitlement. Jealousy. Dread. Pity. Compassion…and some that you don’t even have a reference for, because you’re actually channeling the other person‘s emotions. Feeling them as your own.

If someone around you is impatient, worried, depressed, or afraid, you may feel it too. .. and go down a rabbit hole of unfounded emotion and anxiety.

woman falling in a hole

Being empathetic and sensitive….you’ve also likely:

  • Felt a feeling of rejection around others, as if your energy wasnt ‘right’, appropriate or justified..
  • Felt overwhelmed with the injustices of the news, the newly divorced, or how much you give (versus how much they take).
  • You’ve felt sad, despondent, or depressed as if your world was hopeless when listening to someone else’s tragic stories.
  • Felt stubbornly aggravated in a typically chill environment.

Here’s an example of how it could happen… The guy standing next to you, in line, is in your aura. Both of your energy fields are bigger than the space between you. He’s silent, doesn’t make eye contact and is wrapped up in his own racist, misogynistic, angry world. His garbage energy is all up in your sparkle. You don’t even notice this guy. He leaves. But’re walking away from the cashier with your jaw clenched. You’re still in a crappy mood when you get home. Or maybe you just live with an asshole. Or work with one. The proximity to negative humans can be bad for your “chi” (energy).

This energy sharing can happen with people you love too. They are happy, you are happy. They are sad and withdrawn- and you’re worried, concerned and sad too.

Maybe you’ve brought your compassionate good-feels to someone whose really down ‘n out. You want to help. You spend a bunch of your precious energy units on their well-being. Lifting them up. Offering well-meaning advice, and it helped them be a little more optimistic..But now you’re exhausted and can’t even help yourself. Then ‘Down ‘n out’ (or someone else now) needs you again..What can you do?

Enter Reiki.

Reiki is a Japanese, non-denominational form of energy healing. When directed by a reiki practitioner, reiki can lower stress instantly and enhance the body’s healing response. The best part is that you don’t use your own energy.

You become a channel for REI-(universal ) KI-(life force).

So instead of using your “Ki”, “chi”, “prana”, “mana”, “energy” use the Reiki “Rei”, “ray”, “frequency” energy instead. It flows through you like a tube, through your chakra energy centers and out through your hands and/or eyes. This Reiki ‘ray-tube’ acts as protection from lower ‘basic’ energies too. So using reiki to help others is actually helping you too. Side effects are; heightened awareness, deeper meditation and relaxation. Side effects from those are; reduced stress, better immune function and healing.

Learn Reiki with Jessamina

I’ve learned many different healing modalities and every one of them required I raise my energy, and direct it out in some way. So draining! Especially draining if I was emotionally identifying with healing, in my ego, or putting extra pressure on myself to solve other peoples problems. Reiki allows me to channel the ‘universal life force energy’ through me to the recipient. They get just what they need. I’ve taught other healers who said the same thing. When they become attuned to reiki they’re surprised that they learned something so new, different, and effective. The reiki healing energies were way more powerful, and of a much higher frequency than they expected.

This is gold for the empath.

Part of a reiki ‘treatment’ is clearing, repairing, and sealing the aura so your energy is yours again. Perfect. Whole. Complete. Free from the tangles of others. Investing in a reiki healing session is a wonderful thing you can do for your self care. Reiki can not only cure the body’s dis-eases, but dis-eases of the mind as well. A qualified practitioner does not even have to know anything about the person to be healed. They just need the consent to practice reiki on them.

Learn reiki and you can be of even greater service to the world and the people you care about without depleting your own battery. You can be more effective and helpful without getting too enmeshed in drama. You can heal yourself, restore your own chakras, and feel better fast. You can practice self reiki to help you go to sleep, heal, relax or for your own ritual of self care. Click to learn more about group or private VIP reiki training with me.

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