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Phenomenal Relationships


Today, there aren’t many examples of committed relationships that are vibrant and FUN.

Even if you’ve achieved high levels of emotional strength, financial abundance and/or spiritual resolve, you could still have the frustration of a relationship being less than it could be. Deep, profound, and phenomenally fun.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your commitment to each other…

  • Learn the strategies of wildly successful relationships … (BTW:your partner does’nt have to participate!)
  • Easy techniques to take the enjoyment of being in relationship up to the next level, no matter how long you’ve been together.
  • How to deal with the chaos of inevitable changes and challenges that have already shown up, and will continue to show up in the future.
  • How to nurture and expand the relationship so you both never stop growing and continue to experience greater joy, love and fulfillment together, and when you’re apart..
  • Prevent pain, misunderstanding, conflicts and needless fights when you understand your partner’s personal dynamics and priorities..and they understand yours.
  • Deepen your intimacy, and turn up the fun with simple actions that make a big sexy difference.

Phenomenal relationships don’t happen by chance, chemistry, good luck or convenience. There are skills that need to be practiced and applied. They determine the level of fulfillment that you’ll experience in your relationship or marriage. Here are some of them:

  1. Discover, understand and communicate your own personal needs and intentions. When you can meet your own needs easily, you are less stressed and more creative. You are happy even when independent of your partner.
  2. Explore and recognize the secret needs of your partner and how to meet them. Create an environment of exciting polarity when you know what your partner needs (and how they need it!) for keeping the infatuation fresh and making your partner feel like royalty.
  3. Uncover fun & sexy, fulfilling ways to meet both your relationship needs together. You’ll be surprised to learn the small tweaks that make the phenomenal difference.

 “You always give great advice and help me to see things from my husband’s perspective so that I understand where he’s coming from….and I’m way less angry!.”  Goddess C.A.H.  West Palm Beach, FL

It’s my passionate wish to help bring more joy and happiness to you both, to raise the bar on successful partnerships and help you create a more harmonious, safe, healthy, and hot relationship…while respecting both of your vulnerability, power and privacy.

As a woman whose experienced the pain of betrayal, divorce and destructive repetitive patterns, I am a sympathetic ally. Currently I’m enjoying and loving my husband for over 20 years. We have successfully navigated plenty of shifts, moves, conflicts and confrontations and come out of  them even more devoted to each other than before. We have 3 kids and still make time for hot romance and fun.

I’ve integrated the metaphysical and the practical for over 30 years…So I help you in an integrated way too. Also, I have an intuitive knack for uncovering your truth, beauty and desires . 

“I am pretty impressed by your magic! You are wonderfully creative and innovative! And fun!”
Goddess C.H. Bellport, Ny

I like to use some astrology-psychology to fill in the blanks, and learn more about you and your partner, when you have trouble articulating your feelings…But I love listening to you and understanding your world, and who and what you want in it!

This process can be very pleasurable…and the rewards are great.

“What I have always loved about your sessions is how it seems to be a ‘cleansing time’ for me no matter what the content is..Good for my Mental, Spiritual and Physical Self…Better than Therapy!”
–Sister Goddess K.M Patchogue, NY

Knowing yourself and each other through this process is illuminating, uplifting and enjoyable.  We’ll be able to set up a plan that you can use each and every day, that makes your life more fun, sexy, filled with inspiration, joy and love that keeps you moving in the right direction all the time.

  • Clarification of your needs and a sexy quick fix on the very first call
  •  Unraveling, unfolding, explaining, and healing the past that feels good and navigating any current conflicts too.
  • Expanding your vision to make it even better together, getting what you both truly need in ways that are safe, easy and fulfilling.
  • Exploring the specific things that enhance your personal joy, health and vitality.. and finding the time to implement them too.
  • Identify your themes & patterns and how they play out with conflicts, progress, and coping mechanisms.
  • Addressing communication breakdowns, misunderstandings, and healthy ways to move past it/them.
  • Uncover your values, desires, and true needs with a simple process.
  • Improve your primary relationships.. not just with your partner, but family, co-workers, children, and friends too. These skills work for everyone!
  • Establish “you-time”.
  • Reduce your stress significantly.

We’ll do this together.

The investment is an opportunity to change not only your life, the life of your partner, but everyone you come in contact with! The peace of knowing that you are safe, in a phenomenal relationship that continues to grow is a huge relief from stress. (Resulting in better health, decision making, opportunity recognition, vitality and ability to be present and enjoy life more!) Being an example of a highly functioning, loving partnership is a rare find, and is a blessing to everyone who knows you.

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Facilitated by Jess, a marriage educator and relationship coach,that’s still having fun after 20+ years with her husband and their 3 boys.