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Sacred Healing Dance

Sacred Dance

Even though you’re a modern woman, you’re also timeless. You’re a magnetic force of nature, a creatrix of good things, a Goddess. As a professional, light worker and/or caregiver you gotta make self care a priority so you can continue to perform at the highest level. You already know that movement is essential to your health and well being…Why not make it intentional?

Play with:

  • ancient postures & practices that enhance vitality, sensuality and magnetism
  • sacred dance- that’s easy to do, and looks great on you
  • being present in the moment -because you’re having fun
  • intention – for more empowered decisions in every aspect of your life
  • authentic self expression that feels great

A Restorative Sacred Dance Experience will help you:

  • create some intentional movement in your life, thoughts and spirit
  • Reset your energy system for love, peace & sensuality
  • become a stronger, more flexible, luminous woman
  • shake off the stress of everyday life for a while
  • move in ways that’ll make you feel good 

This is much more than just a dance experience.  You’ll give yourself the gift of nourishing your entire system, improving body awareness ,and overall health.  Creating time for this kind of expansion generates new ideas – and then makes space for more blessings of every kind to come in to your life. Oh, and It feels wonderful.

“I really didn’t know what to expect. Jessamina’s loving energy comes through in the dance, in the circle,in the compassion of her smile and the beauty of her healing touch.  A welcome dose of women’s warmth . A delicious, delightful, dancing experience, an opportunity to connect with other Goddesses and explore the Divine Feminine in each of us and in ALL of us. .” -Sister Goddess K.C.

Imagine the strength of your body, whatever that looks like today, coursing through you. You are executing a movement that evokes primal feminine power..and smoothly transitioning from one movement to another, gracefully…..every movement looks like poetry.

Whether you’ve got lots of curves, or little at all, your center of gravity and shape lends itself to the beauty of gorgeous movements and celebrates variety, and diversity in all women.

Get into the goddess-zone. 

The movements in Sacred Dance have their roots in pilates, yoga and non-impact belly dance. Try it once and they’ll be some of your favorite things to do with your body. Even on your least energetic day, you’ll be able to move with more ease and grace. A soul-nourishing experience that feels great.

Sacred dance is an expression of gratitude to your body for all it does. A lovely way to remind yourself that you are worthy of love, self-love and devotion. Being present in the moment helps connect to your body and its wisdom and healing in a new way, so you feel smarter, vital, creative and able to make better decisions for your future.

“What I have always loved about your sessions is how it seems to be a ‘cleansing time’ for me no matter what the content of the class is..Good for my Mental, Spiritual and Physical Self…Better than Therapy!”
–Sister Goddess K.M

Powered by intentional thoughts, divine healing, and empowering language, you appreciate and love your body, just as it is today. You celebrate the sheer strength and vitality that you are offering in the moment. Each time it’s different. When you move your body, you create movement in your life, and ifyou’re ever feeling stuck, you know you need to move!

 Sacred dance event is a spiritual experience. A playful, energetic, physical form of prayer and a moving meditation. All the while, feeling strong, confident, and sexy, like a Goddess. Feel peaceful & powerful in a deep and authentic way.

Join me for the next class. It’s fun! And a necessary part of wellness.