Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships
Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships

Sacred Healing Dance

sacred dance

Healing Ecstatic Dance

Even though you’re a modern woman, you’re also timeless. You’re a magnetic force of nature, a creatrix of good things, what I like to call, “a Goddess”.

You already know that movement is essential to your health and well being…Why not make it intentional?

Fun. Ectatic. Yet….creating a sense of safety, calm, and acceptance. Presence!

Play with:

  • ancient postures & movements that enhance vitality, sensuality and magnetism
  • sacred healing – through gentle dance practices that are easy to do
  • being more present in the moment -having fun and feeling good in your body
  • intentional power towards your specific goals
  • a form of authentic self expression that feels great

Every Restorative Sacred Dance Experience will help you:

  • create some intentional positive movement in your life, thoughts and emotions
  • Recalibrate your energy system for more love, peace & sensuality
  • become a stronger, more flexible, luminous human
  • shake off the stress of everyday life
  • move in ways that’ll make you feel good 

Sacred healing dance is self care

You’re a creative, a professional, a light-worker and probably a caregiver..So you gotta make self care a priority to continue to perform, create and slay at the highest level.

Calm down.

Creating time for this kind of expansion generates new ideas – and then makes space for more blessings of every kind to come in to your life. It feels wonderful.

This is much more than just a dance experience.  As a reiki energy healer and master-teacher I’ve intended in each session, specific blessings and healing modalities for your well-being and personal healing.

You give yourself the gift of nourishing your entire system, improving body awareness ,and overall health every time you practice. 

Imagine the strength of your body, (whatever it feels like today), coursing through you.

Next, you’re executing a movement that evokes primal feminine power..and smoothly transitioning from one movement to another, gracefully…..your fluid movements look like poetry. Do you care? Can more of your everyday movements be more surefooted and less painful? Also Yes.

Whether you’ve got lots of curves, or little at all, your center of gravity and shape accentuates your beauty while celebrating variety, and diversity in all women.

It’s becomes part of your fitness routine

The movements in Sacred Dance have their roots in Pilates, yoga and non-impact belly dance.

As a certified fitness instructor for more than 15 years, I’ve shared Healing Sacred Dance with teenaged girls and great grandmothers as well. Prenatal women and postnatal women. Women with hip replacements. Broken ankles. Back pain. Obesity. Fibromyalgia. Chronic fatigue syndrome and other various dis-ease. Women wracked with grief and raw from stress…

They’ll tell you these movements are some of their favorite things to do with their body and helps relieve their pain and depression.

Experienced dancers and yogis will enjoy your practices even more as you add your vigor and creativity to your healing dances.

Even on your least energetic day, you’ll be able to move with more ease and grace.

It’s feminine functional fitness that helps make all of your movements more efficient and enjoyable.

Sacred dance is an expression of gratitude to your body for all it does. A lovely way to remind yourself that you are worthy of love, self-love and devotion. Being present in the moment helps connect to your body and its wisdom and healing in a new way.

Powered by intentional thoughts, divine healing, and empowering language, you appreciate and love your body, just as it is today. You celebrate the sheer strength and vitality that you are offering in the moment, so each time, your experience is different. 

When you move your body, you create movement in your life.

If you’re ever feeling stuck, you know you need to move!

 Sacred dance event is a spiritual experience. But it’s also a playful, energetic, physical form of prayer and a moving meditation. All the while, feeling strong, confident, and sexy, like the Goddess you know you truly are.

Feel peaceful & powerful in a deep and authentic way.

Join me for the next class. It’s fun!..and a necessary part of wellness.

Your next sacred healing dance is in the COSMIC SANCTUARY.

Here’s what other people say….

“I really didn’t know what to expect.  What I experienced was a delicious, delightful, dancing experience. An opportunity to connect with and explore the Divine Feminine.  Jessamina’s loving energy comes through in the dance.  A welcome dose of women’s warmth! Thanks, jessamina!”-Sister Goddess K.C

Had fun and I feel great. [finally] slept like a baby!” -Sister Goddess E.L., FL

“Jessamina is awesome and inspiring. She has helped me free my inner dancer. ” –Goddess J.B.C., PA

“It was so uplifting and just what my soul needed.”- Sister Goddess B.S.L., Stonybrook NY

“I just wanted to say thank you again for your time at Outreach today. Everyone was so grateful for your services and your presence allowed our Women’s Day celebration to be filled with such positive spirit and feminine empowerment. Thank you again, it was so incredibly appreciated. I feel very blessed to know you and I hope to see you soon.”

-Courtney March LMHC

Good for my Mental, Spiritual and Physical Self……Better than Therapy!” -Sister Goddess K.M Patchogue, NY

“Jess is the absolute best!!! She’s one of the kindest, coolest, most magical women I’ve ever met !! All her classes are totally amazing. ???” Sister K.R.

“I experienced Jessamina at a Sacred Dance workshop. She was kind and encouraging. We laughed and danced and were very uplifted by the end of our time.” Sister L.D., PA

“The perfect way to balance a workout, inspiration, fun, acceptance, relaxation and love. A wonderful place for me to explore myself in such a safe environment. All of the things I learned will stay with me; I love myself and my body (including my curves!),I look at every woman as a Goddess, I can do anything I set my mind to, I feel good when I shake it,I will be forever grateful” -Sister Goddess E.P., VA

”WOW !!!!”- Sister Goddess D.L.

“The girls LOVED you. On the ride home they couldn’t believe that you had 3 boys ! They said you looked like a gypsy that just went through life like a wind blowing. One of the girls said she wants to be like you when she grows up ! How great is that. Anyway, I want to pass your info to our girlscout service unit because the girls loved LOVED the class.” Debra Rotunno, Girlscout Leader

“Jessamina encourages spiritual progression in a way that is empowering, because of the hands on and practical application her lessons have in everyday life. She offers tools for understanding, enjoyment, connection and the wisdom that self discovery and self care are the first steps towards experiencing this beautiful life to its fullest. It is said that a great teacher doesn’t tell you what to see, they just take you to the best vantage point to experience the view. This is where a journey with Jessamina begins. Highly recommend for those who want to joyfully explore and expand their experience here on this pale blue dot our bodies call home.” Rev. April Smith, Church of Ancient ways, NY

“My heart was happy and I had sooo much more energy through today.  This work with you has been such an important part of seeing myself in a new way.” -Sister Goddess M.B, NY

We are so thankful to have you in our lives…. the class this month was wonderful and I cannot wait to pick it up again… love you Goddess”-Sister Goddess S.W. Lindenhurst, NY

“I am pretty impressed by your magic! You are wonderfully creative and innovative! And fun!”Goddess C.H. Bellport, Ny

Jessamina is highly intuitive and a beautiful healing spirit. You will love any experience you have with her !! -Sister J.K., TN

“Perfect!” Sister Goddess R.G., NY

“Thanks so much for the beautiful Goddess experience last night. I enjoyed it so much and felt empowered after leaving your doors” -Sister Goddess C.C.L., NY

“It was rejuvenating to move my body in a way that made me feel completely alive & at one with the goddess within ~The Ultimate Goal!! ;)” -Sister Goddes R.G.

My body felt amazing and I truly enjoyed myself.” Sister Goddess N.S.

Ready to try Sacred Healing Dance?

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