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Using reiki for discerning action and activism.

The news (and social feeds) bombard us with stories of depravity, cruelty and disaster all day long. Accidents, wars, politics. Murder, rape, floods, fires. Disease. Death. Horrifying. I’d be in the best mood, innocently checking for weather (for a motorcycle ride!) and suddenly feeling helpless, hopeless and despondent about the injustices of the world, and the misfortune of others. In the past I’d over-empathize and feel depressed. Terrorized.

Now rather than feel powerless about what’s going on “out there”, or Feeling guilty about “not being able to do anything about it” (except maybe vote or volunteer)or even feeling like,”what’s the use? The world is an unsafe, bad place.”….
I use my reiki.

If a neighbor, a friend, a relative tells me something awful just happened, I can comfort them and give reiki (if appropriate) through the eyes (gyoshi-ho) or through a touch of the arm, hand or hug, or distance reiki if we’re apart… Each relationship is different, and I check in with my intuition for the response that feels most appropriate and compassionate for us both.  

Shifting awareness to gratefully count my blessings helps tremendously when chaos ensues. Gratitude always puts things back in perspective for higher thinking and discerning action.
…and then I send some more distance reiki.  

Reiki serves a dual purpose. I get into the flow of reiki by invoking it,(and now I’m getting some good-vibin’-reiki), then I can send HSZSN (Reiki II distance symbol) to the diffuse awareness of any people affected, (who are actually open to receive help), to the governments involved, to Earth so she can heal, to any families, friends, neighbors, weather patterns, fellow humans or animals that are suffering.

But this simple practice is also practical enough to use for the kids while they lie in bed, my husband as he roars off to work on his bike, my classes, workshops, virtual groups and clients…Distance reiki. So versatile.  

Back when I was preparing for my own reiki training, I had a dream of a beautiful Asian guide in an Oriental silk dress, smiling in my reiki master’s house. Her smile was filled with a sort of compassion and beauty that I hadn’t ever seen in my waking life. I can’t unsee it now... It was unconditional love. I awoke knowing it was a blessing from Kwan Yin, Goddess of mercy and compassion. “The one who perceives the sound of the world”.

Days later, there was two terrible earthquakes in a row in Japan. I immediately remembered the story of Dr. Usui (founder of reiki), when after a devastating earthquake in Japan in 1923 that killed and injured thousands, was overwhelmed with compassion and requests for reiki. He expanded his reiki school and created 16 masters to teach more practitioners, to treat more people.

I took the dream as a sign that I was on the right path…and sent some more distance reiki.

Compassionate healing energy is something that becomes more available to you each time you use it. Shortly after receiving the advanced training, I was practicing reiki on a client and felt the distinct presence of Kwan Yin again. I heard a string of kind words repeating over and over like a mantra. It continued on a loop in my ear (I’m clairaudient). I was feeling shy about saying it out loud, but decided to just whisper the words just over her head, as she lie there.. and I watched her brow soften and her face brighten. This was the first time anything like that ever happened in my sessions. Reiki III gives you access to your guides, your client’s guides, and more benevolent healing energy.

Here’s another amazing thing..If you are attuned to reiki Level II (or higher), you can link up with all of the other practitioners and masters when you use the distance much more powerful than going it alone!   I imagine the light workers all loving at the same time, our sweet, generous planet. Sending healing blessings and compassionate intentions for all.

Go here for the next date of the monthly reiki world blessing for peace.

The Founder of has put into position the World Peace Crystal Grid Program
 The World Peace Crystal Grid program is a way for Reiki practitioners to promote peace on earth. Peace grids have been placed at the North and South Poles of the earth as well as in old Jerusalem. Their design allow Reiki to be sent to them and stored like a battery which is then made available to promote peace on earth. Their placement at the magnetic poles of the earth takes advantage of this tremendous energy source that also functions like the crown and root chakras of the planet. The Reiki energy emanating from the Peace grids is carried by the magnetic field around the planet to heal and balance the earth’s aura. The reservoir of healing energy it holds is available to empower all those working toward world healing and peace.”   How awesome is that? Ready to become a practitioner or master? It would be my great honor to share a practice you can try right now to empower your purpose .... right here: