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I have always been an advocate for self care. Being a mom, wife, friend, and business owner, it’s easiest for me to keep my commitment to feeling good by implementing little daily routines. It’s not boring.  It’s a necessity.
The need for Self care’s importance has often been minimized or considered selfish by some…
But you know better.
Spa experiences are such a profound level of nourishment for my Soul …..
Goddess-sister-time spa-adventure at the Waldorf Astoria in Boca Raton, FL was one of my favorites…
Magnificent architecture, grand in every way.
(Addison Mizner designed it to evoke the lush Spanish revival with enchanting medieval touches. ) Classic paintings everywhere, lighted fountains, great lawns with statues, tiles and columns, antique and plush furniture in gorgeous sitting areas all throughout the resort. Inviting us to relax. Stay. Be present with the moment.

And..this palace is Pink!
We booked a Ritual Bath and Massage….before we did anything else. Wow. We enjoyed an attendant helping us undress, and get our spa robes on.

I felt like a princess.

A visit to the Steam sauna, where we traded our robe for a towel and invited to lay down on the hot tiles and relax.
We were called on, by name, and escorted, to an inhalation room made of cedar and scented with Eucalyptus..again, invited to lie down on the cedar bench and relax some more..with cold cucumbers on our eyes, covered with a cold cloth across our foreheads.
The attendant helped us into our robes again.
Ceremoniusly opening the door to the Spa Bathing area.
Our robes were removed and we were each urged into a beautiful deep tub next to each other. Each of the arches in the picture, is a private tub. The water was the perfect temperature.
Once inside I wrestled (with a playfulness I thought I forgot) with the rediculously high peaks of stiff, fluffy bubbles. The attendant slid a marble tray over to me with a special sugar scrub and a loofah, a glass of water, and a lite snack. She sprinkled bath salt over the top of the bubbles and left me to play.
I was so happy.
I was smiling.
I felt like a movie star as I raised up one leg out from the frothy depths and began to gently give myself a sugar scrub…the ball of the foot, the heel, the ankle, the lower leg, the knee…
I took such delight with each body part, as I scrubbed away…Deep sighing, and then a sip of ice water. A giggle for my sister goddess in the tub next to me. ‘Sooooo Nice’ I said to her.
She said nothing.
As I emerged (like aphrodite from the foamy ocean) I was enveloped into a warm towel.
Guided to the swiss shower..where like, 30 nozzles of jet-streamed water pushed and pressed into my skin…I was Enveloped again in a dry warm towel and guided into a personal size whirlpool. Jets were positioned under my feet and at my lower back. A deluge of water was then released overhead and pounded away at my neck, and upper back. Like a powerful waterfall. Guided into the warmth of a fresh towel again, understood the joke I’d heard about this experience, calling it the “Naked Gauntlet” .
She and I soaked in the larger communal whirlpool for a while , and headed up to get a massage before beginning our leisurely day at the Resort. At the end of the day, I found myself thinking that every woman should start her day feeling this cared for, and blissed out…So I called the spa, to book another ritual bath for the next morning.
The delighted ‘Child’ inside me, just clapped her hands together and said, “Yes! Again! Again!”
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