Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships
Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships

Self care and Reiki

It’s awesome to take the time for yourself. You know this. Here are some quick practices that gift you huge returns…

Setting aside time for a hand and nail treatment is stellar. How many things do you do with your hands? When I type on my keyboard and see my shiny, well-manicured nails, I feel a burst of delight. Try it. If you are a caretaker and are helping others, it can serve as a reminder of beauty and how you take care of yourself and others…Even if you don’t love nail polish, you can use a luxurious moisturizer. It’s a special treat to to look down at your hands…channeling spiritually-guided life-force energy, (or changing a diaper, or doing the bills) and looking beautiful. Maybe even sporting a sparkling, specifically chosen magical ring… Any act of self care is wonderful for recharging your system with love, and strengthening your magic & vitality…

Rather than going into how wonderful I think it is to enjoy a reiki attunement virtual spa day, or a customized healing experience and really treat yourself to a high quality self care session…

…I’ll just mention that simply going into the shower can be an integral part of your devotional spiritual practice too.. and an opportunity to receive a healing.

Yes, really!

shower head magical reiki in the shower

When you take a moment in your shower to activate your reiki, you can pass your hands over your head and ears easily blessing them while you shampoo and rinse your pretty tresses.

Hold your hands reverently infront of your face for a moment channeling healing light right into your luminous face as you wash your cheeks, nose, eyelids, throat, breasts, and back of the neck with great care.

Passing your hands through the water, and washing your belly, back and genitals with loving attention & more reiki. Beaming down to the feet as you rinse or give an extra-tickly treat with a massaging water wand.

Water amplifies the reiki because it’s a great conduit for energy. It easily carries the frequency of vibration, temperature, and more. Putting your intention of pure reiki healing energy into your shower stream is one of the quickest ways to feel amazingly refreshed and new.

It may be a shower, but I call it sacred bathing.

You are a Goddess! Your self care can be infused with delightful intention,that renews your divine self.

Lakshmi sacred bathing with elephants

If you have Reiki Level II activate your distance reiki symbol and easily face your plams outward and send distance reiki to the 4 directions by spinning in a circle… SLOWLY! Be safe and sure footed, as you imagine everyone in those general directions, receiving reiki..or send it out to the people you care about, or who pop into your consciousness right then.. Bonus for sending reiki above you, to your guides, the cosmos, deity, those clouds outside.. and the atmospheric bubble of protectiveness around the Earth.. below you to the soil, the plant & mineral kingdoms, and core of the planet and then back to your blessed heart. Learn an advanced reiki technique I use every day as a part of my self care. Yet you don’t even need to be attuned to reiki for it to work!

Imagine all the water, that has been with you in the shower, is now returning to the waters of the world, through your drain, blessed and infused with your good, healing, loving intentions. Bless the oceans.

Who knew you could do so much good in 15-20 minutes? Enjoy your next Sacred bathing experience! Let me know how it goes. XO

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