Depressed or stressed out? The Pleasure Prescription.

Seasonal Affective disorder affects everyone differently. We may have transitioned into spring, but dreary, cold & rainy springtime can feel just as devastatingly drab as winter.

Anyway, it’s a group of seasonal variables that adds up to STRESS….it’s Xtra stress on top of your “regular stress”. You don’t have to let it stop you. The Springtime Goddess Sanctuary is literally..a sanctuary from stress, and can totally help you.

Know that, all stress releases a flood of adrenaline, cortisol and other stress-hormones that disrupt almost all of your body’s processes.

Ancient Egyptian stress relief goddess jessamina

Have you ever gotten that feeling in your adrenal cortex when you hit the brakes in your car real hard, almost fall or get a real jump scare?

The response is totally normal and is supposed to be temporary. Essential to our survival in the scope of evolution to have us learning and adapting.. but a constant state of stress. … is really detrimental to your health.

It’s causing stuff like:

  • Depression– Over 19 million people are dealing with major depression.
  • Anxiety– Over 40 million people struggle with their anxiety disorder
  • Digestive problems – are common to most people on the planet
  • Weight gain – 78.6 million are obese in the US!
  • Heart disease -the leading cause of death in the US
  • Annoying Sleep problems-40 million suffer with chronic sleep disorders
  • Debilitating Panic attacks – 18% of US adults have experienced at least one panic attack
  •  Memory and cognitive impairment– ummmm what were we just talking about?

Oh yeah! This is just a few ways that stress is affecting us all..

As if that wasn’t bad enough, all those things I mentioned have secondary problems, like; destroyed relationships, a damaged self image, bad decision making , crabby outlook on life…nobody wants any of that, either.

Did you know that Feelings of love and pleasure can counteract the stress response?

bellydance goddess jessamina love

The power of healing touch is a powerful remedy for pain and stress. Even just looking at images of: Hugging, sex, massage, cuddling, canoodling, hand holding, and reiki will make you feel better.

Self-pleasuring, self- massage, putting lotion or oil onto your body, putting on makeup and brushing you hair can stimulate a pleasurable response and bring in some oxytocin too.

Exercise and physical activity can raise up endorphin and serotonin levels, and if you enjoy these activities, you’ll have an even better stress-reducing response. Just merely thinking about heading out into the frigid cold to get your workout could send you back to bed…with snacks. I don’t even have to leave my house..My favorite workouts are here.

Self-care usually gets kicked to the wayside and then then winter blues kick you when you’re down… Next, you’re noticing a few pounds of extra padding. The changes in your sleep patterns, create changes in appetite, energy and the moods are swinging wildly. Oh, and not just your moods, Sunshine…the people close to you too! Self care looks different for everyone. You can create a list of the favorite parts of your regular day, and add your favorite special things that you’d like to do. This is a good start. My custom process for helping you in creating magical, meaningful self care rituals is in the Goddess Sanctuary.

jessamina meditation gassho position reiki goddess

Try a Guided meditation, silent meditation, or chocolate meditation. Meditation helps reduce anxiety, depression and pain and when they have a specific purpose, they are even more effective. I’ve created all kinds of meditative journeys. Ones that can clear chakras so they spin with vibrant health, creativity and power, journeys for cutting cords from destructive relationships, habits and people, and ones for simply relaxing and appreciating life. Meditation feels great, and doesn’t require a lot of your time.

‘Positive psychology’ has shown that pursuing pleasure as a means to stave off stress is a successful strategy. Results can last up to a week after indulging in a pleasurable activity. 

…A week! Totally worth your time investment.

Any activity you love can be your pursuit to pleasure. Ritual bathing, reading a brand new book, getting my hair washed, eating raw chocolate, looking at the sea, walking in the woods, hugging my guy, smelling a baby’s head, making candles, painting my nails, dancing in the mirror, laughing maniacally with friends…some of my favorites.
But these “activities” are totally subjective.
The stuff I love may not turn you on at all.
Meaning; a foot rub may be heavenly to me, and just dreadful to you!
It’s a real good idea to have a list of things you love.
A real list. I mentioned this before…but i’m saying it again.
If you are feeling low, pull out the list.

yummy chocolate

One weird thing; there’s something called habituation, which means you derive pleasure from , example: the first bite of chocolate is blissful, but less and less so as you keep eating. Your weekly bath may lose it’s sensual appeal and feel like a chore or a bore. Get it? But having a real list will remind you of some of the pleasures you haven’t visited in while, and you’ll very likely enjoy them more when you revisit them.

Every season is different. The Sanctuary is a collection of seasonal practices designed to delight you. Try some new things .

Try new things:  goddess jessamina spring tulip

You know what’s good for you, but finding the time to actually do it all in can feel impossible. 

The Goddess Sanctuary is filled with Practices to get you feeling good again. FAST…and the strategies to bend time to your will.

In pure delight, pleasure and love, and in service to de-stressing you so you can be awesome…Bright Blessings to you!

PS for a good start ..Check out my free report:
7 Divine Ways to Embody the Goddess 
(when you’re wrung out, tired or uninspired)

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