Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships
Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships

Thanksgiving Blessings that extend into the next year

Tapping into the energy of Thanksgiving and celebrating abundance, seems fitting now that the year is almost through.

This time of year can feel challenging in a number of ways.

But even if you’ve got a blessed life the seasonal shift can affect your stress response.

This time of year the Sun always transitions into Sagittarius. It’ a fire sign that likes to EXPAND everything.

SO why not take an inventory of all the blessings? it can be a mood-lifting experience that open up perspectives where new possibilities lie. Solutions.

Take a pause.

Give thanks for all the Goodies you’ve acquired.
The Opportunities you stepped into…or merely considered.
The Awesome People you know and the one’s you want to know better.
The Experiences that made you laugh, strut with enthusiasm, or made you feel wildly loved

All of it.

When you reflect on these things-that-already-happened, you’re immediately propelled into the yummy feelings that accompanied them.
When you can remember to focus and acknowledge what you’ve already received,
it coincidentally helps them into your field, right now.  

Expect more of this good stuff!


 It’s wonderful for stress relief.

Your stress management can include a variety of practices that help you set up your celebrations in an energetically congruent way, even if you only have 5 minutes.

You already began. You set in motion a practice that can become a habit..a ritual…

See how this leads to an even better new year?

Monthly cosmic planning practices with the lunar and solar cycles will get you more flow. I created the Cosmic self care sanctuary for this purpose. You’ll find interactive workshops and prompts that promote your growth through self-discovery- while you enjoy more time, success and love. More self-love too.

Because you’ll also find on-demand energy healing when you need an uplift and functional stretches for when you’re sitting too long…there’s even a variety of meditative self-regulation practices that work faster than the dopamine you think your getting from social media.

Guided meditations, sacred dance, yoga..lots more.

You’ll love having access to your own personal sanctuary of stress relief techniques that remind you of your magic, your goodness and your potential. The Cosmic Self Care Sanctuary is here for your wellbeing whenever you need it..

Happy Thanksgiving, many blessings to you! XO Jessamina