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Magic, mysticism and the Pisces new moon

Where is the magic?

When you look around it’s everywhere.

The Winter yields reluctantly… The deathly skeletal limbs of the trees begin to bud, just a little..and you can hear the singing of the brave birds that have returned before spring.

Wherever you felt dead and lifeless, allow yourself to imagine regeneration. Right now, while the Sun and Moon are in the sign of Pisces….


Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac. A completion of a cycle that will begin again in Spring.

Ideally the Piscean archetype is the culmination of all the learnings and teachings of the other 11 Zodiac signs. Making us all more than ready to break ties with unhealthy parts of the past, and ready to believe in Magic again.

The Pisces archetype is alive and well in each of us, but where? Check your Astrology Chart to find out, if you don’t have it handy, just trust me that it’s in there somewhere, and see how this all resonates for you.

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The Pisces archetype represents the essence of imagination, dreams, fantasy, magic and mysticism.

Pisces embodiment also looks like compassion, selflessness, humanitarianism, martyrdom, and miracles.

It’s important to extend the kindness and compassion to the self, right?

So many people who have Pisces prominent in their chart can’t bear to see others in pain, but will accept so much suffering in their own life, But it’s all changeable, and miracles happen all the time.

Are you ready for some of that?

I hope so, this is where it’s at, right now until March 20th when the Sun will shift into Aries. It’s an opportunity to see where we have evolved, and allow our imagination to run free towards the future of spring.

Here are a few ways you can make the most of the new moon energy with or without your chart.

  • Journal with the intention to connect with your trusted dreamer-self for matters that still need clarification, then leave the journal bedside to record your dreams. See what symbols and themes emerge.
  • Do an oracle, tarot, or tea leaf reading for yourself…or do one for someone else. You are more psychic right now.
  • Meditate and bring some compassion to yourself and others.. wherever it is needed in your life: where have you judged, been unkind, impatient or self-destructive? Allow compassion. Have Faith, now is the time for healing.

  • Visit your nearest body of water and daydream, listen, and receive insightful promptings. If it’s just too yucky outside, use a beautiful bowl filled with water to experiment with water divination for a new/old way of working mirror magic…you can trust your intuition and hunches even more easily for the next few days
  • Are you a channel or medium? You’re like a magnet for the spiritual power of this timing and your readings are awesome right now.
  • Visualization is very powerful now..what would you love to see, feel, experience? (choose some exceptional thoughts to daydream about)
  • Ritual Bathing. AAAAHhhhhhhhhhh. Pisces energy is perfect for magical water rituals..
  • Come to the spa with me. We’ll work some magic together.
  • Drink water infused with good intentions, wishes and love.
  • Re-assess what you really want, and imagine the regeneration of the spirit. Right now, while the Sun and Moon are in the sign of Pisces…. and focus on your true intentions with the New Moon Intention Creator.

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The Last Full Moon of Winter is here

 We’ve almost made it through. 

In the past years of feeling challenged to get through the winter without a battle..I’ve been doing it differently.

Prioritizing my self care and preparing as best as I can for inevitable stress triggers helps,

Being more aware of my own winter tendencies, and knowing my limitations helped me figure out what I  needed to include in the winter sanctuary this year. Every time I need some “me time” ..I find myself there  and am comforted quick. I hope you’ll check it out, see if it can serve you too.

This Moon is Sometimes called The Quickening Moon…or the Worm Moon.

When the snow thaws and the damp Earth becomes visible again, the rains coax the little worms out, and they twist their way through the newly softened soil.

We all begin to feel the subtle shift of creative life beginning inside ourselves too.

The ‘quickening’ is often described as a phase of gestation in pregnancy, when you begin to feel a “flutter” of a tiny movement inside the womb …and inside the earth must be the same.

Worms in the street, and  Crocus popping up bring me hope and delight each and every year.

A Quickening of joy.

The Chaste Moon.

The word “chaste” has a synonymous relationship with the words “virgin and virginal”
and Virgo! The Sun’s sign continues in watery Pisces until the spring equinox and the moon is in the Earthly sign of Virgo for the next few days.

Look for the Virgo symbol (the one that looks like an ‘M’) and the Pisces Symbol In your chart to see which ‘houses’ will be activated for the next few days. This will give you some personal insights on how to best activate these energies in your personal life for this full moon cycle.No chart? No worries…

Pure intentions met with clear action (for the good of all concerned) is the higher purpose of this moon. We also have a chance to balance the creative imaginative right brain with the systematic logical left brain for some powerful results that can surprise you and create the breakthrough that you need before the winter is over. Yes, really.

Watch out for escapism, a negative Pisces trait, could encourage indulgence and even extreme moodiness in everyone until we get to Spring.

Beware of perfectionism, a shadow Virgo trait that can take you out before you even begin. The dark hole of negative self talk is a place you don’t need to be in,. Let’s talk.

To appease both the detail oriented Virgo and the imaginative Pisces within us all, Here are some suggestions for your own personal full moon celebration:

Designate a dream journal, remember to date your entries. Keep recording your night dreams and daydreams all the way up to  the next full moon cycle and see what wants to manifest. You’ll be able to  track emerging patterns and capture insights from your deep psyche, especially now. Or try the Full moon Dream Designer here.

Organize your creative supplies. just moving them around can be therapeutic. Maybe display your instrument in a new place, or gather your paintbrushes in a way that’s appealing and easier to play with…and when inspiration strikes. It will all be waiting for you.

Use your Creativity!!! Creating form out of the formless is a perfect activity for right now. See if you can incorporate some kind of sign or magical symbol or word in your art, songs or poetry.

Can’t do it today?

Plan a creative effort. Sound counter-intuitive? it’s not. Put it on your calendar and you’ll have your playtime scheduled. You need to create time for creative and practice time. Learn more about this in the workshop included in the Goddess Sanctuary.

Too cold to play in the garden..I know I know.

Weed a closet instead. Could it be finally time to get rid of the pieces that make you feel bad?..Worn out sexy shoes, an unpleasant memory attached to that pretty dress, a cute top with a fabric you don’t like, or a color that looks weird on you… it’s a little too big here , and too tight there…just because it’s unflattering on you, doesn’t mean someone else can’t enjoy it. Go ahead and give it all away to your favorite charity box or arrange for pickup.  Let someone else love it. Now you can more easily appreciate the wonderful pieces that do make you happy, and get them front and center for easier styling when you want to look great.

Dream up a game plan for your bee-fairy butterfly garden..Research local organic suppliers, order seed catalogs and check out perennial plant species for your specific area that the bees, butterflies and fairies may like to visit….or maybe just look out the window and designate a corner for some wildflowers this year. Here’s my crocus coming up right now in one of my fairy gardens just outside my door.


Create a personalized ritual that includes meditation on your life’s purpose, how you might serve humanity (Pisces is all about compassionate healing of suffering), and how you can use your practical talents to do it. Virgo is so very practical. Write out something (anything!) that comes forward for you. Now take one aligned action… a baby step if you wish..and watch the magic unfurl for you. If you are not sure of your special talents, let’s talk.

Uncover your heart’s desire, discover the illusions that have kept it from you, and illuminate the way to your dreams with your Full Moon Dream Designer. A potent practice that takes 5 minutes and assists in setting your powerful focused attention just where you want it.

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Potent practices, sacred dances and healing experiences in The Goddess Sanctuary.

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Aquarian New Moon Idealism

Aquarius –  The Water Bearer

There is a partial Solar eclipse on February 15th, the second eclipse of five this year.

The new moon, mercury and sun are all in the sign of Aquarius, adding a little more power to this astrological sign’s tendencies.

What’s this mean for you? Even if you’re not an Aquarius, you have Aquarius somewhere in your natal astrology chart. It will activate each of us a little differently depending on what ‘house’ it’s in. If you’re not sure, ask your favorite astrologer!

The cool thing is, you can make a clean break with traditions and habits that don’t really serve you anymore with this New Moon Solar eclipse timing. Aquarius likes to innovate for the greater good. The greater good can be for your own good or the good of all. If during the last moon phase you were working with the “best year ever planner” you can revisit your goals now for some inventive solutions for your proposed strategy. If you haven’t connected with your strategy at all, go ahead and do that now!

Connect to:

  • inventiveness
  • freedom
  • out-of-the-box thinking
  • independence 
  • humanitarianism
  • rebelliousness
  • intelligence

Rebelliousness with intelligence??? Sure!

Don’t underestimate this powerful timing..Here are some Aquarian New moon ideas and activities:

  • Work with the element of Air;  incense,  transformational breath, aromatherapy…
  • Expand your vision with your guides, angels, and etheric allies. Tune in and ask, how can my vision and desires benefit the greater good?
  • Uplift your vibration..or change your vibration entirely.

  • creative writing or communication is powerful right now, as Mercury, the planet of communication is also in Aquarius right now. How will you use the power of your words?
  • mediumship & telepathy you don’t have to be a psychic to trust your instincts more now.
  • Play with, explore, learn about or enjoy some new technology. 
  • Enjoy deep Meditation, zen meditation, transcendental mediation, tantric meditation, guided meditation..whatever your favorite practice is..or you can invent your own unusual mindful practice with the aid of the Aquarian energy that’s available to you now.
  • Create a brand new way of doing mundane things. Especially the mundane things you don’t enjoy.
  • Be intentional with your thoughts, and definitely adjust your inner dialogue if it doesn’t support who you are becoming

Try this New Moon Intention Creator.

It’s brilliant for clarifying your thoughts and desires while directing you towards the path to make it happen.

Aaaaand, you could get lucky and  win an astrology reading with me if you check the “yes box”.

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Blue Blood Royal Leo Full Moon Eclipse

The Super Blue Blood Moon is expected to be gorgeous.

A blue moon simply means two full moons in one calendar month. it’s kinda rare, but the 13th moon is especially potent in a magical way. One with an eclipse? Sheesh! The view of the blood moon may have appeared pink or red depending on where you live. HI, CA and australia have the best views this time..especailly while it was eclipsing. This one’s a supermoon too, so 30 percent brighter and up to 14 percent larger than the typical full moon we love.

Actual Lunar Eclipse is Wednesday morning at 5:51 am- 7:06 am (EST).  Even if you don’t get to see it, just know that this energy is going to stick around for 10 days after…and the effects could be way longer.

Eclipses intensify everything and bring about change.

The kind of change you choose and the kind of change that surprises you too.

We knew this in 2012,  We knew that there was going to be a tremendous amount of focus on expanding our consciousness and waking up. that there was going to be blood moons, more retrograde planets, more astrological alignments, and lots of eclipses. 

We’ve got more eclipses coming up in July with this same Leo & Aquarius energy, so let’s pay close attention to whats happening now.  

If you can begin to remember and tune into what you were working on & changing, or what you were trying to work on and change last August, during the Leo Stargate & the Leo Total Solar Eclipse ,you can expect some resolution, final releasing or closure now that we are in a Leo Lunar eclipse.

An eclipse creates a new portal. It’s an integrate the lessons you learned in a holistic way, and allow the change to be a part of the new reality in an integrated way.

Then we can take the best course of action.

Lunar Leo Energy is full of fire and flash, big Love and generosity. The royal sovereign sign of the zodiac that leads with heart and bravery. Lean in,  Let’s Go! Take charge.

Now through January 17, our sun is in the sign of Aquarius, an air sign, which governs over intellect, thought processes, technology, and new ways of thinking, unpredictability & rebelliousness, unique perspectives, humanitarianism, cosmic consciousness and independence.

SO combining these qualities (Leo/Aquarius) in a kind of opposition, (as with every full moon) lets take a look at some of the best practices for this time.



The eclipse is intensifying everything, so keep your thoughts clear and bright around it this.

Here’s some more potent ways to blend and engage this Full Moon Energy:

  • Be a bold Queen and take a step into the spotlight or get some visibility for a project that is important to you. (Why have you been hiding out, anyway?)
  • Create something. Use the word experiment or play if it makes you feel less self-conscious about producing a masterpiece.
  • Allow yourself an opportunity to be quirky, interesting…. or weird to express your individuality.
  • Explore the strange, cosmic side of the odd-ish stuff that peaks your interest
  • Take some action on something that’s been idle. There’s been quite a few planets in Retrograde for a long while..everything is DIRECT for a change! Yay! Mars also went into Sagittarius on Friday, (another fire sign) and will assist in moving forward with your ‘big picture’ in mind.
  • Dare to be unique with your expression: like, the way you talk, dress, or decorate
  • Send some healing energy to humanity.

  • Get some freedom from an oppressive situation, person or policy with an unusual never-tried-before-by-you tactic.
  • Be prepared for quick intuitive flashes that require fast action.
  • Indulge in some unconventional, rebellious behavior..or just watch someone else do it, and support them.
  • Be dramatic to get your true intentions across.
  • Tune into how to be more expansive and broad-minded with your goals and personal routines and be open to some new unusual ideas to actually make them work. Try this free planner.
  • Express your quirky, wonderful originality
  • Claim your Goddess-hood..your cosmic crown. Are you feeling ready to lead? Serve your people? Declare your sovereignty? Maybe just finally stand up for yourself?

Try this Full Moon process for initiating change

If in the past you tried to initiate change, were disappointed ,disillusioned, or heart-broken as you watched everything fall apart…maybe been too tired to even try again, you might need a trusted confidante to straighten your crown, Goddess.  Let’s talk privately,..I’ll remind you of your majestic power, and together we can heal the past and make it happen this time.

-XO Jess

Capricorn New Moon for Powerful Planning

Capricorn New Moon.

The no-moon winter night sky is a dazzling display of stars.

Reminding us all of the vastness of the universe and all the infinite possibilities that we can dare to imagine.

Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities.

Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.

-Gloria Steinem

Capricorn is an earth sign ruling over structures, systems, the body(specifically the skeletal system and teeth), and material things. Capricorn attributes are authority, caution, discipline, humor, and old fashioned values…

We all have Capricorn somewhere in our Astrology chart.

These attributes are even more influential during this particular transit because the Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn & Pluto are ALL in Capricorn right now! So……

This highlights the perfect timing for:

  • Planning out 2018
  • Organizing anything
  • Creating Systems and implementing them
  • Upleveling your Daily routine and procedures
  • identifying your resistance to change
  • setting new boundaries and rules
  • honoring your inner authority
  • self-loving discipline
  • anything to do with real estate, your home and property
  • getting your finances in order
  • taking practical steps towards what you really want
  • take care of your body
  • make a commitment for success!

Time to plan something new! Create space for it. The new moon energy is always awesome for starting new things, ventures, and habits. (Wishes and desires too).

 A goal without a plan is just a wish. -Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

I’ve got a fantastic new free planner for you.

It’s Presented in a way that actually feels good to implement, and will keep you moving forward towards your higher ideals and goals in a strategic way. Get it for free now .

Inside you’ll find

  • A process to explore your goals in relation to these areas: Family & Relationships, Financial, Reputation, Health & Wellness, Charity & Volunteer Work, Business Vision,Spirituality & Awareness.
  • Honoring what you’ve accomplished and where you’re already naturally headed
  • Identifying your inspiring vision in long and short term timeframes
  • Creating your personal ‘year at a glance’ to keep you focused on the bigger picture
  • Which strategic tasks to implement first for best results
  • Determine what is still needed in your success formula and how to find the missing pieces

Get it here.

Seriously! This winter can be one of discovery, pleasure, movement and inspired action. This can be the season that your relationship with yourself (and your significant others) gets next-level-awesome.

Allow this to be an uplifting time for you… A new start. A rebirth!

So get the planner and let’s use this window of opportunity to connect and talk about you, your challenges, visions and goals and make 2018 the Best Year Ever.  
Bright Blessings!