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Consistent progress & the Taurus new moon

Truly it is a celebration of Springtime.
The New Moon in Taurus heralds the
Earth elemental powers of fertility and abundance.
It’s planting time and a celebration of the delightful scents
of healthy soil and heady flowers.
My garden is tilled now and just waiting for my seeds.
I’m listening to the bees,
buried in the blossoms of my apple tree.

When you slow down a bit to indulge your senses in the ways of springtime nature,
you are rewarded with the calm sense of everlasting life, and your connection to all it’s beauty .

What do you Love about springtime?

Tell everyone in the comments.

Besides treating yourself to all the good stuff, My Queen,
this timing is also about planning out your ideal empire,
filled with everything that pleases you.
Taurus energy assists you in making consistent progress,
powerfully moving forward.
 Dig your heels in, don’t give up now,
the stubbornness of Taurus can be a good thing.
If you are finding persistent fear and doubt are keeping you set in your old ways,,
the new moon timing encourages a renewal of faith,
when you need the stamina to keep going.
It’s also an opportunity to release something that will bring you new freedom, and more of what you want. It feels so much better when it’s gone.

This Taurus transit will activate everyone.

Dust off your natal astrology chart to see if you can find the symbol that looks just like a bull. This is  Taurus, and the gist of where you can expect the shifts to happen in your life now.

Before Taurus timing was represented by the bull, it was the sacred cow-Goddess, Hathor.

She is the ancient Egyptian goddess of love, dance, fertility, music, pleasure, beauty and cosmetics.

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus,

and just like the Goddess by the same name, the planet rules over:

relationships, love, harmony and partnerships (business and otherwise)

pleasure, sensuality (noticing the similarities to Hathor yet?)


the arts, beauty in all its forms

financial growth and stability

& refinement

Ask yourself, “Where can I begin to bring more of these qualities into my life?”

If you don’t have your chart handy, Goddess, just know that you can activate, intend, and embody Taurus’s qualities now while the moon is new and wishes take hold easily…

Use the free New Moon Intention Creator for assistance in articulating & reaching your goals and adding some oomph to your deep desires…. give it a whirl. (you could win a Goddess astrology assessment too)

Full Pink Moon

It’s a nature orgy. 

The buds are shamelessly bursting open, pollen is spewing wildly into the air…

It’s almost obscene. The Native Americans observed pink blossoms everywhere, and called this timing ‘Pink Full Moon”. Have you noticed too?

My backyard frogs are singing Bbbdrrreeeeeeeee  (and one other bizarre sound I can’t spell), really loud, all night long. During the day, they’re in the pool cover breeding and looking at me, looking at them, doing their thing.

Procreation is a theme here. So if you are looking to bring more fertile energy to a project, idea or literal conception, now is a powerful time to do it.   Your Springtime Goddess Experience is waiting for you.


Our Sun is in the steadfast, sensual sign of Taurus (Ruled by the planet Venus) helping you appreciate soft touches, fabrics and experiences even more than usual…Really appreciating deep massage, tantalizing tickles, and all manners of tactical earthly delights. Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!!! You are the Goddess of Love.

Don’t forget to grab your super soft sweatshirt or sexy moto-jacket when you run out and look at the Scorpio moon tonight.

Scorpio energy likes to add complex emotional intensity and depth to errrayythanng.

So focus on feeling .  What turns you on, Babe? Your mysterious, risque side? Maybe theirs?  Let it all come up to the surface and see how it feels to activate that energy just like a Love Goddess .

Each full moon creates a polarity of two signs. There is attraction.

It’s an invitation to see where you’re at with your boundaries and perceptions.

Letting yourself really feel into the depths of your pain or desire could be just what you need for the transformation you’ve been after all this time.

It doesn’t have to be dark and scary..

But remember, dear Goddess: not everyone is focused on the positive, high-vibe like you are….

If you have your natal astrology chart, look for your Taurus/Scorpio axis…These are the places where this stuff is going to be activated and in your face no matter what your sun sign is. Want to win an astrology assessment with me? I’d love to take a peek at your chart.

What if you made a power play towards something you really wanted? oooOOh Yeah, Very Sexy.

This particular moon-timing is a chance to delve deeply into your own psyche and learn more about your “rules”, beliefs and boundaries. This is a key for your transformation.  Claim it.

 It’s an opportunity for real lasting change . Especially if you’ve been working at it for a long time.

Steady, practical steps make consistent progress. Be tenacious (like a bull!)  towards your intentions now.  Engage your sensual self in a potent way to get exactly what you need with the  Full Moon Dream Designer  


Feisty Beginnings – New Moon in Aries


OoOooOOO it’s finally happening!

The signs of spring are showing themselves everywhere.

Yesterday, I took my morning walk in my big winter coat.

In the afternoon when all the kids got home they were sweaty and thirsty from the heat.

After dinner, it was still light out (yay!) and My husband and I headed out for our first motorcycle ride of Spring.

That delightful dash through the mountains was just what I needed. 

Here we are in a “stellium” of concentrated Aries energy.

Mercury , Uranus, Moon and Sun are alin the warrior sign of Aries right now.  

Aries encourages us to take on challenges that we were too timid (or tired) for before…

To be spontaneous where we were rutted deep in the groove of the same-‘Ol same’Ol…

 To jump in with real enthusiasm and say yes to something 

If you wan’t an idea on how to use this energy most effectively, check out where Aries appears in your Natal Chart. This is the area of your life where, right now you’ll be more; tough, assertive, feisty, sexy, fearless
and ready to make movement, take action and get stuff done.

Don’t have your Astrology info handy? Hakuna Matata. (It means ‘no worries’)  you can win an astrology assessment with me when you set a new moon intention with the cool-creator-tool at the bottom of this post. 

You can be sure that the urging of Aries will be felt by everyone right now.

This is a wonderful opportunity to take some steps toward your new reality.

Even if you’re not sure,

Even if you make a mistake..just proceed in the general direction of your new intention.

This is an opportunity to create an intention with just enough of a challenge to turn you on.

Once you’re savvy to your true desires, this potent timing can jack up the intensity of your purpose.
Allow the Amazon Goddess inside you to emerge as you dare to stop for a hot minute to set an intention..a new moon wish that gets set into motion….Do it now, in this simple exercise, right here.

And if you’re already ready to take on some more action and fire up those desires..Imagine your Spring Goddess Experience, your own Goddess Sanctuary and having me as your trusty confidantcheck it out..I dare you!


Mercury Retrograde Spring 2018

Maybe your call dropped mid-sentence, right after you forgot to mark your calendar with an important appointment. Now your computer is making a funny noise and every file you try to open takes for-ev-er. Later on, you mis-measured and frigged up your own favorite cookie recipe.

Just me? Probably not. Because you’ve had more WTF moments lately too, right?

Even the season seems to be moving retrograde… Spring. Snow. . Snow..Spring??

Lotsa Retrograde energy.

Each one of these retrograde planets offers up an opportunity to RE-evaluate what’s not working and practice discernment,  or RE-visit what was working in the past.  Do you need help with this? We all do.

Jupiter the king of expansion, retrograde in Scorpio until July: affecting luck, ways we want to grow and spread our wings, and what we are trying to develop. 

Saturn the taskmaster, maker of rules and regulations in Capricorn, goes retrograde on April 18th until September: Affecting our boundaries, structures, organization and how we respond and relate to responsibility…

Sheesh. It’s a lot. of. Re-evaluating.  

Ok. One more…

Mercury the messenger, retrograde in Aries  Until April 15th:

Affecting our communications and even how we interpret what’s happening. 



During this time, instead of focusing on what could go wrong with

  • wonky, slow, weird or broken technology
  • losing stuff (that typically shows back up after the retro cycle)
  • detours, traffic, delays
  • What mail? or forgetting to pay a bill, mis-filings and wrong-document-type-stuff
  • What card/note/message? and various other miscommunication follies.

This should keep us all entertained and wondering if we’re crazy, or if everyone else is.

Yes. That’s the short answer.


Don’t get upset..

Sometime’s we need to be reminded that we cannot control everything.

Sometimes a delay is perfect timing.

Sometimes it’s really helpful to double-check the details…

..or do something a 2nd time..or just go back and finally finish it, once and for all.

It’ll all go smoother if you are willing to  “RE-consider” the following during all these retrogrades:

RE-new your vows: the ones you made to yourself, your partner, your art.

Your dreams? RE-evaluate them.

Re-Do it. Your pet-project, the plan. Yeah, really.  or just tweak it. Make it better!

Re-Fresh your look, your desk, or your perspective .

Re-Decorate a room, maybe just move some ornamental stuff around or take down those heavy curtains. (CAUTION:If you decide to buy new stuff right now, you may have to  RE-turn it when the cycle ends.)

Re-Organize your desk, closet, or pocketbook…but maybe stay away from moving computer/mobile files until this is all over.. just in case

Re-Vamp your daily routines, make them serve you! It’s great to RE-visit how you run your days and nights now that winter is really over and spring is here… Check out my new Workshop in the Sanctuary for more details.

RE-store your health. Do what you need to RE-charge your batteries.

Re-Vitalize – your workout routine, your self care, your relationships, your skin. Meet me at the spa!

Want even more ways to REvitalize your self care and REnew your commitment to your inner goddess?

Check out the Springtime Goddess Experience a place you can RE-late, RE-lax and RE-joice in revving up your RE-lationships while RE-fining and RE-viving great love for yourself. 

Love you! XO Jessamina

Or start here, with these 7 simple ways to RE-Fresh your Goddess spirit now


First Full moon of Spring

It’s a cyclical thing.

At the Spring equinox the Sun transitioned into Aries.

A fiery go-getter of a sign that doesn’t take no for an answer.

A bold, consequences-be-damned attitude that inspires the meekest ideas to have a voice.

The herald of spring is the transition of the darkness into more sunlight and new life.

There is balance of night and day, and then we tip over to the lighter side of things when the bulbs start popping.

This full moon is all about Balance, though.

Where you can look and see what you need more of… Or less of.

What you need to do..and stop doing. What’s fair or unfair.

But go slow, we are in a Mercury Retrograde cycle, also in Aries ….Might be making you feel like being blunt, argumentative or act quickly without thinking it through.

Here’s the wonderful thing about the Libra’ll  help to keep you balanced no matter what’s coming up.

Even if you are headed for a big change right now..Libra assists you in not getting in over your head,  when the Aries wants to go headfirst. (Aries rules the head.)

Libra Full moon is ruled by Venus and will offer her grace, beauty and fairness to everything you do.

Then you can move confidently!

Wherever you feel inspired to uplevel, shift, or just not tolerate something will be coming to the forefront now.

If you’ve been avoiding  change for whatever reason, you can be assured that when you feel that impulse to tear it all down and start over, there’s a balanced approach that can feel just right when you open up to it.

The Libra full moon offers a chance for harmony .

One of the other interesting things about this energetic Aries/Libra conjunction is that it will highlight the incredible dance between the self and others.

Perfect time for reflection and noticing how you are relating, presenting, and acting or reacting to your world and your personal relationship to both:

  • indecision – decision
  • autonomy – partnership
  • self care – selflessness
  • masculine roles – feminine roles
  • conquering – surrendering
  • blind raging – vulnerable loving
  • controlling – willingly giving
  • autonomy and doing it all yourself – partnership and sacred collaboration

Your key relationship(s) can be even better now too. There’s also a dynamic in creating enough polarity to keep things interesting and adventurous while honoring your true nature. Relationships can be a real joy and  I want you to have the best of everything. You deserve all that and more.

As you choose to care for yourself in new beautiful ways, even your daily routine can provide a perfect catalyst for creating more time…(what?? yup. You can have it all.) There’s a connection between how you care for yourself and how you care for others too. Totally worth it.

Try The FULL MOON DREAM DESIGNER  for a deeper awareness of what’s coming up for inspired change in your life right now, and how to make it happen. Allow this Full moon energy to empower you. The retrograde cycle is an opportunity to RE-evaluate what’s not working and practice discernment,  or RE-visit what was working in the past or even RE-designing everything for a brand new start.

Uncover the potential pitfalls and navigate them like a brave warrioress. Find the fastest path to take you there with this helpful, free & easy tool.

You may even win an Astrology Goddess Assessment just for playing along!

XO Jessamina

If you’re looking for some extra potent celebration-creation-energy Let’s talk during this full moon-time. Collaboration for the highest good of all is one of my favorite things.