Your Crown.. and the Leo New Moon   Recently updated !

Hey there, Bright Star! The new moon in Leo comes in with some swagger. Confidence comes to the forefront, even if you’re typically a wallflower. The sun will be in Leo from now until August 22nd We can take advantage of the more dynamic traits that can be latent in […]

Full Moon Momentum

    Sun in Cancer/ Full Moon in Capricorn. Cancer is all about the life-giving rains, the relentless giving of the sun’s rays, the fullness and ripeness of fruits, flowers and berries..more sustenance for our survival and well-being as well as nurturing mothering-type energies.. Fertility of all kinds, self-care through sustenance as […]

Setting intentions with the New moon in Cancer   Recently updated !

Just inside the season of Summer.. The New moon in Cancer is signalling a call to nurture and nourish. Cancer is a water sign: fluid, flowing, emotional ebb and flow… The archetype is the bright mother…and the crab. The bright mother is the part of you that knows that life […]

Sun in Gemini / Moon in Sagittarius

Full Moon Exact Friday, June 9th at 9:10 am EST Our family garden is set mostly with seeds this year. There are some established local strawberries though, and some ‘volunteer’ plants from last year’s garden. Today I had the first two homegrown sweet strawberries..not counting the wild strawberries that taste kind […]

Gemini New Moon- Get Inspired

Oh, you WILL be inspired. Gemini will make sure of that…All the way up until June 20th.  The Gemini influence will be magnified for the next few days while the new moon is also in Gemini  Wednesday and Thursday. Take advantage of this time to claim the gift I have for you at […]

Scorpio Full Moon 2017

The Sun is still in earthy, steadfast, sensual Taurus right now (ruled by the planet Venus, the Goddess of Love.)..Helping everyone appreciate soft touches, deep massage, tantalizing tickles, and all manners of tactical delights. Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!!! We find ourselves feeling the sultry stir of those kind of earthly delights even more when the full […]

Are you the May Queen?

Beltaine Celebrating When I pulled into the driveway the other day, I noticed some new blooms that I just knew I’d have to create a few minutes for. I made a mental note that when I had some GoddessTime I’d come back to investigate further. Today,  the fairy gates are […]

New Moon in Taurus 2017

Our  bright Sun is in the sign of Taurus now. You may have even felt the shift from the fast and fiery driving Aries energy to the slow earthy sensuality of Taurus.   We must choose to indulge our senses in the ways that please us the most.. We have to […]

Full Moon in Libra and The Spring Retrograde Cycles

Wow! Big Ol’ Full Moon in the springtime sky! The Aries sun is bursting forth. Warming up the soil, signaling the bulbs to push up, the trees to bud out,  spewing  pollen everywhere… Yeah, it’s on!! Yesterday I was outside puttering around with pansies and looking over the garden beds. Each […]