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Saggitarius Energy for Everyone

What we focus on expands. Tapping into the seasonal holiday of Thanksgiving and celebrating abundance seems fitting now that the year is almost through. Goodies, Opportunities, Awesome People and Experiences  Expect more of this good stuff! It’s Time to give thanks for all the Goodies you’ve acquired. The Opportunities you stepped into…or merely considered. The Awesome People you […]

Scorpio New Moon – Intentional Transformation

Scorpio Sun AND Scorpio Moon- we are in the season of the mysterious dark.   Scorpio is an intense, emotional, sexy WATER sign. There’s so much water, you may need to light a fire. I did! Here’s a Scorpio Inspired Musing.. No time for poetry? I get it. Things are speeding […]

Potent Opportunity for Change

Full Moon in Taurus Sun in Scorpio Even if you feel like you are coming down  after all the Halloween Festivities, (or was that a sugar coma?) know that the veil between the worlds of the dearly departed and ethereal beings is still lifted and parted. Some love to connect […]

Lovely Libra and how you are loving yourself..

The nighttime comes sooner now that we’ve crossed over the threshold of Autumn. The moonless star filled sky over the next few nights beckons you outside. The promise and the reward of hope and wonder, the pure potentiality of limitlessness as you ponder the tiny points of light that go […]

Bold, brave, and balanced.. Aries Full Moon

It’s been terribly dry here in the mountains. The leaves on the trees are either showing some colors or frying and falling right off. I found myself musing with a zen tree that was releasing it’s leaves ever so gracefully.   Too often we can become complacent about making changes […]