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You’re a star with Leo

Royal Greetings..

Access your power during this timing. Leo is a fire sign, ready to burn away all that is not truth or necessary. Making room for your master plan, your wild creativity, or maybe just the bold first step towards your best possible future.

This fiery energy gifts you with the power you need to bravely get it going, or get it done..

Even though the Leo Eclipse won’t be visible to us in the US, the Perseid Meteor showers will be glittering up the sky just for you.  Make your regal desires known to the cosmos as you create your intentions and luxurious wishes,your Highness.

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The new moon in Leo holds you in the spotlight.

Practice your saucy walk while holding your chin up high like Royalty. Feels good, right? Get into character and have some fun with your brave posture, you might even make-believe your way into some truly courageous undertakings.


It’s time to get the show on the road, and this timing offers you confidence on a gold platter. If you’ve been reluctant to take the next step forward, courage is available to you. The lion-hearted are already basking in the can too.

It can be scary to come out, to show ’em what you’re really capable of..but this timing is great for being a bit more ambitious and creating a dramatic display of your awesomeness.

Be careful, though….nobody likes a raging dictator.

Don’t be afraid to want what you want. You don’t have to be a royal pain to get your needs met. Leo energy in it’s higher form is warm, generous and playful. Go for that, it feels better anyway.

If you’re ready to DO something about your stress, or manage your anxiety, bust through the oppressive patterns that keep you from what your REALLY want, or really just ready to even KNOW what you want.. Now is the time. All the good stuff comes to you when you acknowledge your sovereign self in all your glory.

You deserve to feel good, and enjoy life. The Leo archetype flows through you now through August 22nd. Take advantage of this timing.

Start here with the New Moon Intention creator to get some sparkling clarity, and a chance to win an astrology assessment to find out where your true strengths are, and how to activate them.

..and if you’re ready for the royal treatment,  Let’s talk privately, your Majesty..I am an ally in your kingdom, and I want to see you shine.

XO Jessamina

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Cosmic Eclipse with Full Moon Aquarius

This showy Full moon alongside retrograde Mars (the big red sparkling planet in the sky) takes center stage for the next few days. They’ll both be lighting up the night and adding their magical powers to your desires and intentions. Make it count.

So create some time to take a look up in the dark and connect to the wonder of it all.

You’re an infinite being too.

This particular Full Moon is in the sign of Aquarius July 27th -29th while our favorite Sun-star shines in regal Leo.

Lunar eclipse today shakes things up. This is good.

The shake up will help us wake up.

Wake up to the cosmic possibilities that the Aquarian Full Moon wants to implant in your brain. Then the new ideas come into your field as you tune in (turn on, and drop out!) only to find that you are the visionary leader.

That’s what this timings about.

With the combined energies of this eclipse, Mercury Retrograde and the Solar eclipse coming up next month things are going to continue to get ‘interesting.’

Aquarius people are interesting too…

They are great at collaborative efforts and real humanitarians. This is activated in your psyche now too. Specifically where you have Aquarius in your Natal astrology chart.

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The Sun in Leo blesses these bold goals if you want to experiment with them:

  • Get some visibility for a collaborative project that’s meaningful to you
  • Dare to be uniquely fabulous and indulge in some unconventional, rebellious behavior..or swish your hair and just don’t care what they think for once.
  • Use your big heart and send some loving healing energy to all of humanity and the edges of the universe
  • Be dramatic to get your reformist-yet-altruistic point across

Get some help with this and a good dose of clarity with the Full Moon Dream designer. You may even win a Goddess Astrology Assessment and get even more self-care divine-guidance on making your desires a wonderful reality.




Cuddle up with New moon in Cancer

The New moon in Cancer is

The Caretaker.

Feeding you some nourishing soul food with some metaphorical huge breasts.

The Great Goddess, personified by your maternal, empathetic nature.

Somewhere in everyone’s natal chart is the water sign of the crab. So you have this too.

The timing is sending out the call to nurture and nourish…amplified by the Solar Eclipse.

With Moon-ruled Cancer there’ll be a fluid, flowing, emotional ebb and flow that goes along with all of this.

The archetype is the bright mother…and the crab.

The bright mother is the part of you that knows that life is a miracle and a privilege. Where your deep desire to provide all the loving, creativity, protectiveness, and encouragement that is needed for thriving in this complex world. The sensitive, erotic, sublimely attentive lover and the domestic goddess all rolled into one.

The crab, represents the hard-shelled part of your psyche that really doesn’t want anyone to know about that soft underbelly. Sometimes this comes off as passive manipulation, but it’s really just insecurity, fear and distrust. (is that all?) The truth is, Cancer is so exquisitely sensitive, that even a hint of displeasure or rejection is sensed, and sooo hurtful. You’ll need to walk this world with just the right amount of self-protection and still be able to share your gifts with the world.

There are some not-so-nurturing things you and everyone else, may experience the entire time the Sun’s in Cancer.., Now-July 22nd .

If you have your natal astrology chart, pull it out and see what house it’s in. That’s where you’ll be especially activated.   If you don’t have your chart handy, it’s allrighty darlin’, you can win a Goddess Astrology Assessment and we’ll look at it together.  Here’s some good stuff now.

So even if it’s not typically your strong suit or tendency, you can more easily try out how it feels to:

Nurture others and yourself in meaningful little ways with words, deeds, or a special meal.  Connect to the water element for a delightful swim (or just a quick dip) and some fresh water in a beautiful sentimental glass pitcher. Try on a more kind, encouraging, inner dialogue with yourself. You deserve this and more. I can help

Be protective of yourself. If there’s a place where you’ve been exploited or taken for granted you can retreat…  Tune in to your emotions, connect with your belly and your true needs:  ..Breathe. It’s so freeing to know what your needs are. Then it’s easier to be straightforward for a change! I know that can be scary. learn more

Get comfortable… feather your nest, fluff your pillows. Cuddle up and get mushy with someone. Send a sweet email or text. Another real effective way to get comfortable and feel secure is to tune into your finances. pay the bills, balance the books, count your money, and save a little more for the stuff that makes you feel good.

I have a simple process to figure out what your true needs are. If you feel unfulfilled or frustrated then it’s time to finally figure that out, My Dear, Let’s talk it out.   

Do you have any idea how much easier life is, when you know what it is you reeeally need?

Personally, I have a bunch of natal planets in Cancer so tend to “mother” everybody. I want everyone to get their needs met. I’m very interested in your health, your stress-levels, your healing, your body, your fertility, your cycles, in creating a safe comfortable space to be open and receptive to what’s good for you.. and then having a deep desire to put a cool hand on your forehead and let you know it’s gonna be allright.

Love you bunches.


Ramp up your self-care with the Summer Sanctuary.  Jam-stuffed with goodies for your sweet self.

Strategic Self care and the Capricorn Full Moon

Blessed Full Moon.

Totally enjoying the beauty all around. Dippin my feet in the pool with the swimming kids, and motorcycle riding through the fragrant green mountains. Nothing like hydrotherapy on a hot day and a wafting nose full of honeysuckle at high speed!

The full strawberry moon happens during the nurturing sign of Cancer…. all about mothering-type energies, the fullness and ripeness of fertility, self-care through sustenance and well-being. How we take care of ourselves can evolve into a kinder, more caring way to engage with the world now through July 21st. 

Are you feeling a little more sentimental and nostalgic? This timing can have you looking through old pictures and reminiscing with your old friends.

There’s a softer touch, even if you’re typically kinda tough.. a little sweeter, affectionate and sympathetic now..

If you’re looking to improve a romantic relationship, now’s the time for that too.

Get the free report for magical relationships here.

Keep in mind that emotional fluctuations are likely. If you’re a water sign, (Cancer, Pisces, or Scorpio) you’ll feel this more, but this transit will cross over your chart one way or another, and if it doesn’t hit you hard, it’ll probably affect someone else in your sphere. So try not to let emotional upsets get the best of you.

Cancer is a receptive, water sign that is really intuitive.

Do you feel like you know how everyone is feeling right now?

Depending on your astrology chart, this can all show up in different areas of your life, in lots of different ways. (BTW; Some of them may be challenging. It’s OK, this is the perfect time to work through it)

I love reading into your birth chart and the one’s you love as part of my private consulting and counseling. It gives valuable insights that are very helpful when you want to understand why you (and others) do the things they do. You can win an astrology assessment with the Full Moon Dream designer below.

Right now through late Friday evening, we encounter the Full moon in Capricorn.

Capricorn’s an earth sign, goal oriented, and ambitious in nature..

You can combine the nurturing nature of the Cancer Sun with a responsible no-nonsense approach of Capricorn for reliable changes that last. You can have higher standards and gift yourself the self care you deserve. Capricorn is one of the most determined signs out there, so tap into the hard-working aspect of yourself that really wants you to make disciplined changes that are for your own good and well-being. Check out my workshop “Time Bending and Strategic Self Care” and other strategies here in the Goddess Sanctuary.

If you have a goal in mind, this would be a perfect time to take charge and make some real progress towards it. Planning and plotting the best, most self-honoring path is easier today through Friday.

You can get even more momentum when you take the time to use the Full Moon Dream Designer.

It’ll give you clarity, ways around obstacles and personalized next steps..

..and a good chance to win a Personal Goddess Astrology Assessment.

 xox Jessamina

Gemini New Moon Magic

Gemini is a Mutable Air Sign.  This means they are kind of like chameleons and changeable. Do you have any Gemini friends? They’re great talkers and probably make you laugh a lot. They change their minds all the time and come up with lots of interesting ideas and stuff to do….they get really edgy when they’re bored and can “stir the pot” and whip up some trouble …just for fun! During this transit we are all a little more like the Gemini persona, and can tap into these qualities easily.

Gemini energy is everywhere right now. Look for the symbol above in your astrology chart to see where the opportunity for activation is going to be for the next few days. It’ll be intensified during the new moon, but will continue all the way to  the summer solstice. Don’t know anything about your astro-chart? That’s allright, you can enter to win a Goddess Astrology Assessment with me by trying out the New Moon Intention Creator Here.

After you’re done with that, let’s focus on all that can go right, right now.

Here are some suggestions for making the most of Gemini influence:

Make wishes– the new moon phase now is always great timing for that. Again, try out the intention generator to get clear on your real desires.

Start something new-allow yourself to get curious about something interesting, expand your mind.  Then write it down for later or just apply it to your life right now before you get inspired or distracted by something else .

Draw, doodle, sketch, scribble- use a fountain pen, fancy colored pencils, kids crayons, permanent markers, oil paint, pastels or a stick in the sand. Don’t take yourself too seriously, try a coloring book.

Travel- try out a new route to grab some ethnic food, get into light conversations with new people, even a day trip taking the back roads can be stimulating and enjoyable.

Laugh- It’s good therapy. Make plans with your funny friends, see a comedy, find a way to perceive the humor in a dark situation. Make up a ridiculous blues song to express your woes.  Take a serious problem and force yourself to laugh about how attached you are to the outcome, or imagine you are a villain that has a plan to turn it all around. Bwaa haaa haaaa. Mwaaa haa aaa.

Disney’s Ursula from the little mermaid

Write Something- Go on..write a Haiku, a story or a poem. I dare you to share it in the comments

Journal – ask a deep question at the top of the page and write until you get a cramp.

Get social- have fun, get into conversation, go out, meet interesting people…twitter away on social media. Friend me on facebook, like my page.

Plant some flower seeds for the bees– make wishes over them.

Commune with the winged messengers- look to birds, bees, fairies, angels, and winged Goddesses for intuitive messages.

Jessamina – by Liza Lambertini

Record your night dreams and daydreams-  allow inspiration to have it’s way with you. Ideally you want to write it all down. This way when you get the chance to ground this energy into something that’s actually tangible, you will have your brilliant ideas all ready.

Communicate-  Share yourself in your favorite way. Be understood.  Sometimes you say the same things and react the same way and don’t get the results you want. You can learn new ways of expression that really embody the way you feel. I love love love this kind of stuff. Let’s talk.

Breathe new life into solving an old boring problem by creating your inspired intention with the New Moon Intention Creator here and engage the magic of the Gemini New Moon today.. your custom empowered intention will be sent to you ASAP. (it’s free..and awesome.)

xo Jessamina